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5-star linked open council decisions



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5-star linked open council decisions

  1. 1. 5-STAR LINKED OPEN COUNCIL DECISIONS #LBLOD Veronique Volders Katrien De Smet
  2. 2. #LBLOD HOT TOPIC “Alle structuren rond intercommunales moeten in kaart gebracht worden. #publipart – Liesbeth Homans 12/02 06:08 Source: “All intermunicipal structures need to be mapped out. #publipart 12/02 06:08
  3. 3. WHY #LBLOD we do this Better Public Service
  4. 4. HOW #LBLOD we do things
  5. 5. HOW #LBLOD we do things What have we learned? - Local authorities have the same needs - The technology of linked data offers a solution - A publication standard for local decisions is a prerequisite
  6. 6. #LBLOD #LBLOD
  7. 7. #LBLOD #LBLOD “Open” project in three ways: - Methodology: Open & Linked Data - Transparancy: Research results are published and available - Co-creation: all stakeholders involved
  8. 8. ‘Ite ad fontes’ #LBLOD
  9. 9. ‘Ite ad fontes’ #LBLOD ‘Back to the source’: - Data closest to the source as possible - Closest to the real life process of decision making - Data needs to be useful and simple
  10. 10. #LBLOD #LBLOD
  11. 11. #LBLOD #LBLOD End to end & User Centric Approach = • We take the users through the process and ask them which data are relevant in the process of decision making • This ensures that we build a data model that is based on relevant information for the user
  12. 12. Website VlaVirGem Start: Who resides in the Council? Create Local Decision Action: Modify counselor Use of a standard model Data Set By: Machine- readable decisions Or Human readable Website VlaVirGem Result: Overview Decisions Searchable Repository Overview: Local Decisions Preparation documents Agenda Deliberation Minutes Creation Publication Archive #LBLOD PROOF OF CONCEPT
  13. 13. WHAT Qualitative & re-usable data containing information from local decisions: - Raw Data - Web Services - Human Readable Data we deliver #LBLOD
  14. 14. #LBLOD Analysis Def. Service Design & BA Semantics (OSLO) Architecture Change and communication OO Technical Realisation FA & development services and application Set-up infrastructuur & MAGDA-services Roll-Out Pilot Local Elections 2018 Installation Meeting Full Roll-Out Real-timedatabase mandates OnecentralSearchableRepository foralllocaldecisions Interface Admini- stration Council Decision Models PROJECT TIMELINE 2017 Research Phase Interviews POC Workshops Domain Model
  16. 16. 2nd CHALLENGE Start to build an application that re-uses the data Explain to which societal question/need it provides an answer Indicate which data you will re-use Indicate which data are missing #LBLOD 20 mins
  17. 17. DELIVER A 30- SECOND PITCH #LBLOD & For , that by unlike Mantra target group / persona job to be done category is the only service name outcome (customer benefit) unique characteristic traditional solutions / currently dominant competition this service main differentiator PITCH who this service A mantra is a powerful slogan, word, group of words, sound, visual that brings you back to the essence of your service and keeps you focused on the job to be done and on your customer.
  18. 18. YOUR TOOLS Go to Where you will find: • Data set • Searchable repository for local decisions • Website VlaVirGem • Publish as a service (Local Source) • Examples of (linked) decisions #LBLOD
  19. 19. #LBLOD 23-06-2017 “Free Hands-On 5-star Linked Open Data” Workshop @Ghent Address Register & Local Decisions as Linked Open Data Please subscribe at SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEXT EVENT
  20. 20. LET’S GET IN TOUCH #LBLOD Program Manager veronique.volders Project Manager LBLOD More info? local-decisions-linked-open-data