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Sales wrokshop

  1. 1. Workshop: Selling OpenERP & Lead Generation
  2. 2. Selling OpenERP• OPW: – Securing quality for partners and users – Adressing a real need of customers and partners in terms of bug fixing and migration services• SAAS: – How to set up local hosting at partner premises with the assistance (ready to pay) of OpenERP• Be pigeon holed because of the « Free software » -> go for value discussion towards costumers based on flexibility, functional richness, … of OpenERP
  3. 3. Suggestions• More communication about success stories and references• On existing references: more information like size of company and used modules• Have an open document about Benchmark/comparision• Clear document about the positioning of OpenERP -> specific OpenERP sales training?
  4. 4. Lead generation• 2010 – No qualification – Only one mail send – Only 400 – 500 leads a week• 2011 – Qualifying through DMC – 9 mails send over 8 months – 1500 – 2000 leads a week
  5. 5. Lead Generation• What do you think about the contact form – Partners want to skip contact form when they are downloading on our website• Are leads now qualified – The leads are qualified – Too few leads comming through• Do you prefer 10 qualified leads per month or 100 which you have to qualify – We would prefer to qualify ourselves leads
  6. 6. Suggestions• Working through partner portal – Duplication of leads in to partners OpenERP – Real time update lead information and merges – Real time updates on projects (avoid doing the same work twice)• Improving contact form – Have a membership login (dont fill CoFo every time) – Updating your profile till qualified criteria met