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Syleam warehouse


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Syleam warehouse

  1. 1. WMS Warehouse Management System in OpenERP Christophe CHAUVET SYLEAMCD 2011 13/04/2011
  2. 2. WMS Physical and Virtual Warehouse Virtual warehouse may have a physical parent Virtual Virtual VirtualPhysical Warehouse
  3. 3. WMS Restrict products per WarehouseProduct 1 Warehouse 1Product 2 Warehouse 2Product 3 Warehouse 3
  4. 4. WMSRestrict customers and suppliers per Warehouse Supplier Warehouse 1Customer 1 Warehouse 2Customer 2 Warehouse 3
  5. 5. WMS Burst process on receipt or picking order● Use barcode reader to scan all product quantity (or enter manually)● Merge all quantities for the same product● Reconcile with original picking● Manage automatically backorder for the missing product or quantity
  6. 6. WMS Cross-DockingCross-Docking process affect temporary location when product isattendee on picking order and receipt order that containt this producthave been done.
  7. 7. WMS Inventory● Manage inventories per warehouse● Inventory product per lot and/or tracking● Partial or Global inventory● Launch compute inventory in the background
  8. 8. WMS Scenario engine● Compose scenario per warehouse● Use Wireless Barcode Reader Screen display Shortcut Numeric Keypad OpenERP Scenario Wireless Engine Base
  9. 9. WMS Picking Wave● Generate wave from many pickings● Retrieve the same product on several picking in one time● Print the wave and affect picking in one click
  10. 10. WMS Round● Associate picking to a round● Round define on Address and/or Partner● Permit to prepare pickings in the same round● Wave can be generate since a round
  11. 11. WMS WMS module● in 5.0, no port for 6.0 yet
  12. 12. WMS Others modules develop by SYLEAM Available on Launchpad● Messaging (RabbitMQ interface) (available 5.0)● Import/Export (complex structure) (available 5.0)● JasperReportJasperBI Server (Available 5.0 and 6.0)● crm_timesheet (Available 5.0 and 6.0)● Extranet (originaly known as portal) (Available 6.0)● crm_intervention (Available 5.0 and 6.0)