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The 1st infantry Division Post 13 Jan Edition

  1. 1. HOME OF THE BIG RED ONE THE 1ST INFANTRY DIVISION POST  FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2012 Vol. 4, No. 1  FORT RILEY, KAN. Wounded ‘BRO’ Soldier continues to serveIN BRIEFCorrection: In the Jan. 6 1st Inf.Div. Post, in the story, “Morethan 50 Soldiers pass WarriorLeadership Course” on page 3, the By Mollie Miller Pfc. Kyle Hock-ceremony’s speaker was incorrectly 1ST INF. DIV. PUBLIC AFFAIRS enberry, 4thidentified. Command Sgt. Maj. Sqdn., 4th Cav.Aaron Alexander, 601st Avia- Love can make people do some Regt. got a tat-tion Support Battalion, Combat crazy, unusual, heroic things. A dance too just weeksAviation Brigade, 1st Infantry outside in a rain storm, a midnight before deploy-Division, was the speaker and was flight across the country, a dash into a ing to Afghani-pictured along with the story, not burning home – none of these are out- stan. He wasCommand Sgt. Maj. Matthew side the realm of what people will do injured June 15,McCready. for those they love. 2011 when a For one 1st Infantry Division pressure plateCuster Hill Bowling Center will Soldier, his love for his Family and IED explodedbe closed Jan. 16 due to a water his country led him into an Army re- near him inoutage as two fire hydrants are cruiter’s office, onto basic training, up Afghanistan.replaced. It will reopen Jan. 17 at the road to Fort Riley and around the The blast costnormal hours. For more informa- world to Afghanistan. him both legstion call the Custer Hill Bowling And then that love led him right to and his left arm.Center at 785-239-4366. death’s front door. Pfc. Kyle Hockenberry, 4th Squad- Mollie Miller ron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Heavy 1ST INF. DIV.Custer Hill Golf Course will beopen from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Brigade Combat Team, 1st Inf. Div., “I always wanted to serve my coun- “Being a Soldier was all Kyle ever ing in January 2011 and was assignedupcoming holidays, Jan. 16 and joined the Army in the fall 2010, after try, protect our freedom, to keep the talked about, even when he was little,” to the “Big Red One’s” 4th Sqdn., 4thFeb. 20. a summer full of friends, dirt bikes and life that all the ones I love live safe,” the Kathy said of her youngest son. “I still Cav. Regt., the “Pale Riders.” The Pale post-high school graduation parties. 19-year-old said recently. have all his G.I. Joe guys that he always Rider team was already busy makingThe Tricare Service Center will Joining the Army was the realization of Hockenberry’s enlistment wasn’t used to play with because he didn’t final preparations for a deployment tooperate under new hours. The a dream for the young man from Mari- much of a surprise for his parents, Chet want me to get rid of them.”center will be open from 7:30 a.m. etta, Ohio, he said. and Kathy Hockenberry. Kyle graduated from basic train- See HOCKENBERRY, page 6to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.For more information, call 785-239-7000Starting Jan. 17 the referral man-agement office and the appoint- Post COVER ME honorsment line at Irwin Army Com-munity Hospital will close at4:30 p.m. Please plan accordinglywhen calling the referral manage-ment or the appointment line.The Geary County Fish andGame Association is collecting 2 fallenreal Christmas tree and wreathsto be used for wildlife habitatsin the area. Collection continuesuntil 9 a.m. Jan. 14. Trees and Soldierswreaths, without decorations, can 1ST HBCTbe dropped off at any time at theintersection of 14th and Jackson The 1st Infantry Division andstreets. Fort Riley honored two fallen Sol- diers – Sgt 1st Class Dennis R. Mur-A warrant officer recruiting team ray and Sergeant Ryan D. Sharp, bothfrom the U.S. Army Recruiting with 2nd Combined Arms Battalion,Command will be at Fort Riley 34th Armor Regiment, 1st HeavyFeb. 7 to 8 to conduct briefings. Brigade Combat Team, 1st Inf. Div.Briefings will be at 10 a.m. and – Jan. 5 in a memorial ceremony at2 p.m. in Building 8388 on Ar- Morris Hill Chapel.mistead Street. For more informa-tion, call Chief Warrant Officer 3 DENNIS R. MURRAYMichael A. Grinter at 502-626-0458 or michael.grinter@usarec. Sgt. 1st Class Dennis R. More information also ray, 38, died Nov. 21 in Kandaharcan be found at Province, Afghanistan, of woundsmil/hq/warrant. sustained by an improvised explosiveApplicants must submit an essay device.on a topic that is posted at www. His home of record is Red Applications Springs, Tenn.must be turned in to a commissary During the memorial service,by close of business Feb. 24. Murray was described as simply lov- able. He was admired and honored byThe garrison commander will all that had the chance to meet him,host sensing sessions to offer gar- according to his comrades.rison employees an opportunity He served as platoon sergeant forto speak directly with the com- the TAC Security and for 1st Platoon,mander about areas of concern Delta Company, 2nd Bn., 34th Ar-and work-related issues. No priorregistration is required. Sessions See MEMORIAL, page 7will be from 1 to 3 p.m. Jan. 9 forfirst and second line supervisors;and from 10 a.m. to noon Jan. 11for non-supervisory employees.Both sessions will take place in theauditorium in Patton Hall, Build- Tax Center preparesing 200.Fort Riley residents and person-nel are reminded to call 911 in to openthe event of an emergency. TheMilitary Police number, 785-239-MPMP (6767), should only beused in non-emergency situations. Amanda Kim Stairrett | 1ST INF. DIV. Jan. 19 Pvt. Ryan Molaskey talks to a crew flying an A-10 above the Smoky Hills Air National GuardSAFETY HOLIDAY Range near Salina Jan. 4, after the aircraft targeted “enemies” on the range Molaskey iden- tified. Soldiers with Co. C, 1st Bn., 28th Inf. Regt., were at the range with airmen from theAs of Thursday, Jan. 12, 10th ASOS as part of Close Air Support training.023 By Pamela Redford ‘Black Lions’ learn to integrate fire support 1ST INF. DIV. POST Soldiers, Family members and mili-days have passed since the By Amanda Kim Stairrett tary retirees can have their taxes pre-last vehicular fatality on Fort pared free of charge with the Fort RileyRiley. With 88 more, the post 1ST INF. DIV. PUBLIC AFFAIRS Tax Center.will celebrate with a safety The tax center will open its doorsholiday to take place at each SALINA – Two A-10s cut through the air high above as the Jan. 19 in Building 7034, at the cornerunit’s discretion. of Normandy and Bullard streets. ground Soldiers strained to find them in the afternoon sky. The center is provided by the In- The Soldiers and crews already stallation Management Command un- The next USAG Resilience had communication via handheld der the supervision of the Office of the Day Off will be: radios, known as Multiband Inter/ Staff Judge Advocate in order to pro- Intra Team Radios, but it seemed vide assistance to eligible individuals to be more fun catching a glance with the preparation and electronic fil- JAN. of the aircraft that spectacularly ing of 2011 Federal and State income dispensed of targets with dummy tax returns. 20 Amanda Kim Stairrett | 1ST INF. DIV. bombs and live 30mm rounds. An A-10 passes by so Soldiers with Co. C, 1st Bn., 28th Inf. “We have designated and set up Regt., can get a closer look Jan. 4 on a range at Smoky Hills the building and hired and trained our See BLACK LIONS, page 6 Air National Guard Range near Salina qualified tax preparers,” said Elizabeth See TAX CENTER, page 4
  2. 2. 2 | JANUARY 13, 2012 HOME OF THE BIG RED ONEFort Riley fitness facilities can help post keep resolutions This is the first in a series of ment. session is $20, or workout with • Work out three times a FITNESS CLASSESarticles highlighting Fort Riley Pinpoint a current fitness a friend and split the cost of a week for at least 30 minutes,services available to assist Sol- and body status with an as- $30 hour-long session. For those • Spinning: A group cycling class that puts you in control including participating in a car-diers, Families, civilians and re- sessment of body composi- who want to feel more comfort- diovascular exercise. of your intensity level. The low-impact ride builds cardiotirees in meeting their 2012 New tion. Assessment sessions are able with what they’re doing in and strength and burns hundreds of calories. If possi- According to Spencer, get-Year’s resolutions. for both the new exerciser and the weight room, they can elimi- ble, bring a sweat towel, water and a heart rate monitor. ting into shape is not about any • Total Body X: An hour workout that challenges all the seasoned fitness individual. nate the guess work and get the one thing, but rather a combina- major muscle groups. Your choice of weight inspiresBy Pamela Redford The session will involve body most out of their time with a tion of exercises. Aerobic fitness you to get the results you came in for and fast.1ST INF. DIV. POST composition, cardio endurance personal trainer. – cardio, strength training, core • Rowbics: Rowbics combines the best of rowing and testing and flexibility testing, as • Warm up to warm up. exercises, balance, flexibility and aerobic fitness standards to give you a completely Anyone who has a govern- well as muscular strength and It might sound funny, but strength training should be in balanced workout, including cardio and weights. Greatment-issued ID card can access endurance testing. Strictly body those planning to exercise for any fitness level, but be ready for a challenge. a repertoire. Not all of the ex-any one of Fort Riley’s five fit- composition testing also can be should warm up before they • Zumba: A fusion of Latin and international music that ercises have to be done in oneness centers. And, if their New scheduled with the fitness staff. stretch. Dynamic movement, creates a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness workout, but it is beneficial toYear’s resolution has anything to To register in advance, call 785- walking or doing an exercise at workout. try to mix it up as much as pos-do with health, the fitness ex- 239-3146. low intensity for five to 10 min- sible, he said. • TRX: Suspension training is a type of body weightperts and programs available on exercise in which a variety of compound exercise • Create a routine and con- utes should come before static • Set long-term fitness goals; movements can be performed. These are done topost can help them set goals. sider a personal trainer. stretching, and then the work- think about more than just im- develop balance, flexibility, strength and joint stability Fitness Coordinator Vincent According to Spencer, utiliz- out. Spencer also recommends mediate weight loss. simultaneously. Excellent for any fitness level.Spencer recommends the fol- ing one of Fort Riley’s nine per- doing static stretches right af- Avoid the yo-yo. Whatever • Interval Boot Camp: Combines three-and-a-halflowing tips to jump start focus- sonal trainers to help is a great ter a workout as part of a cool a person’s goals are, they should minutes of cardio drills with one-and-a-half minutes ofing on fitness in 2012. investment with considerable down. Mobility prevents liga- strength-conditioning exercises. Modifications • Request a fitness assess- returns. A 60-minute individual ment injury See FITNESS, page 7 provided for all fitness levels.Rules restrict political activity by DoD personnelBy Donna Miles whether they serve on active That’s not to imply, how- career civil service employee, ment. Although he was wearing however, cannot involve fund-AFPS duty, as members of Reserve ever, that military members and political appointee or a member his uniform, the Soldier was not raising. components not on active duty, civilian employees can’t partici- of the career Senior Executive in an active status at the time, Civilian employees also WASHINGTON – With as National Guard members in pate in politics. In fact, DoD Service, officials said. Maj. Angela Wallace, an Army are permitted to manage cam-election activity steadily picking a non-federal status and mili- has a longstanding policy of en- Military members, for Reserve spokeswoman, con- paigns, distribute literature,up, defense officials are in the tary retirees. couraging members to carry out example, may attend politi- firmed. write political articles or serveprocess of issuing regular elec- Additionally, the Hatch the obligations of citizenship, cal meetings or rallies only as Wallace emphasized that as a spokesperson for a party ortion-year guidance to remind Act applies to federal civilian officials said. DoD encourages spectators and not in uniform. the Soldier “stands alone in his candidate.military and Department of employees and employees also its military and civilian mem- They’re not permitted to make opinions regarding his politi- There are, however, excep-Defense civilians they’re subject are subject to widely published bers to register to vote and vote public political speeches, serve cal affiliation and beliefs, and tions to this, including, butto rules regulating their involve- DoD guidance that discusses as they choose, they said. Both in any official capacity in par- his statements and beliefs in no not limited to senior executivement in political activities. participation in political cam- groups can sign nominating tisan groups or participate in way reflect that of the Army Re- service. This issue – one the depart- paigns and elections. petitions for candidates and partisan political campaigns or serve.” While the do’s and don’t’sment regularly addresses during These rules are designed to express their personal opinions conventions. His chain of command is concerning political activityelection periods – came to light prevent military members’ or about candidates and issues. They also are barred from aware of the issue and is consid- may vary, the basic tenets holdearlier this week after an Army federal civilian employees’ par- However, officials empha- engaging in any political activi- ering appropriate disciplinary true for all DoD employees.Reserve Soldier in uniform ap- ticipation in political activities sized, they can do so only if they ties while in uniform. action to take, she said. The bottom line, officialspeared endorsing a political that imply, or even appear to don’t act as, or aren’t perceived A combat engineer assigned Most civilian DoD employ- said, is they should steer clear ofcandidate. imply, official sponsorship, ap- as, representatives of the armed to the 416th Theater Engineer ees, whose political activities are any activity that may be reason- Several sets of rules help proval or endorsement, officials forces in carrying out these ac- Company potentially violated governed by the Hatch Act, are ably viewed as directly or indi-to protect the integrity of the said. The concern, they said, is tivities. these rules Jan. 3 when he permitted to be active in and rectly associating DoD or thepolitical process, Department that actual or perceived parti- Beyond that, the list of do’s stepped onto a stage at Ron speak before political gatherings military with a partisan politi-of Defense officials said. DoD sanship could undermine the and don’t’s differs depending Paul’s headquarters in Ankeny, and serve as officers of political cal activity, or that “is otherwiseDirective 1344.10 applies to legitimacy of the military pro- on whether the employee is a Iowa, during the Iowa Caucus parties or partisan groups, of- contrary to the spirit or intent”members of the armed forces, fession and department. member of the armed forces, to offer a personal endorse- ficials said. These activities, of the rules described.Leaders say US military will stay No. 1 Cruise On In HOUSE FILL ADBy Karen ParrishAFPS smaller, but it has to be agile, it has to adaptable, it has to be thority, the chairman noted. One point that may have nent that has learned a lot over the last 10 years,” Dempsey TO THE CLASSIFIEDS flexible, quickly deployable, been underemphasized, he said. “What we’re trying to do WASHINGTON – The and it has to be technologically added, is that the military has is break the template and thinkDefense Department’s new10-year strategy will ensure the advanced. That’s the kind of force we need for the future.” “learned an enormous amount over the last 10 years about about different ways of accom- plishing the task to give more 222 W. Sixth St. • (785) 762-5000U.S. remains the world’s stron- The department’s plan calls how to wage war.” options to our nation’s leaders.”gest military power, Depart- for priority emphasis on the Dempsey said the military The geopolitical and eco-ment of Defense leaders em- Pacific and the Middle East, has developed strengths un- nomic challenges of 2012 de-phasized in recent interviews. while maintaining a presence foreseen a decade ago, noting mand a shift in military power, In an interview with Bob elsewhere, Panetta said. its capabilities in special opera- the general said.Schieffer that aired Jan. 8 on “The bottom line is, when tions, intelligence, surveillance, “What we’re trying to do isthe CBS news program, “Face we face an aggressor any place reconnaissance and cyber. challenge ourselves to respondthe Nation,” Defense Secre- in this world, we’re going to “What we’re looking to do to that shift and to react to thattary Leon E. Panetta and Joint be able to respond and defeat here is not constrain ourselves strategic inflection point,” heChiefs Chairman Army Gen. them,” he said. to a two-war construct, but said.Martin E. Dempsey said the The chairman also said a rather build a force that has Dempsey said his concerndepartment is changing to re- popular misconception about the kind of agility the secretary is in light of changing strategyspond to a new global reality. the new strategy assumes the mentioned, that is a learning and budget issues, some will The strategy announced nation’s forces will no longer organization that will adapt see the U.S. as a nation and aJan. 5 outlines defense priori- be able to fight more than one itself to what it confronts,” he military in decline.ties for the coming decade and conflict at a time. said. “Nothing could be furtheremphasizes trimming the force “In fact, we were pretty ada- The military has seen a from the truth,” the chairmanwhile investing in intelligence, mant that we must be able to decade of high demand, and asserted. “That miscalcula-surveillance and reconnais- do more than one thing at a defense leaders are working to tion could be troublesome …sance programs, combating time, and by the way, not limit ensure the force size remains it could cause even our closeanti-access technologies, coun- ourselves to two,” Dempsey adequate and adaptive to fu- partners to wonder, what kindtering weapons of mass de- said. “The threat and the en- ture missions, he said. of partner are we? So what I’dstruction and prevailing in all vironment in which we find “We do have a … signifi- like to say right now is we’redomains, including the cyber ourselves in this decade of the cant, capable (National) Guard the same partner we’ve alwaysworld. 21st century suggests to us that and reserve component, and been and intend to remain that “Clearly, we face the con- it’s likely to be more than two.” we do have an active compo- way.”striction of having to reduce The strategy aims to buildthe budget by almost half a a force capable across the mili-trillion dollars,” the secretary tary operational spectrum withsaid. “We developed a strategy the leadership, manning andthat said (the military) is going equipment to provide optionsto be leaner, it is going to be to the national command au- Family owned business since 1983 Assemble Your Troops and Assault the Outlet Today Exciting educational opportunity in the baking industry for those seeking a career as The Soldier’s Store ProducTion SuPerviSor HOurs: MOn-Fri 9 - 6 & sAT 9 - 5 785-238-2050 • 785- 238-3497 (FAX) • 722 n. WAsHingTOn AIB International School of Baking will offer the course: Baking Science & TechnologyGuidons, February 2-May 23, 2012 This 4 month course will help prepare you for a positionUnit Crests • embroidery • sCreenprinting as a Production Supervisor in the commercial, wholesale 601 and industrial baking industry. Experience in the food service industry a plus - but not required. Financial Aid is available and tuition is available D through the post 911 GI Education Benefits bill for those who qualify. For course and enrollment information contact: Ken embers 115 e. 7th st., downtown JUnCtion City 1-800-633-5137 sCreen mAChine sports AIB International School of Baking 785.762.3081 1213 Bakers Way Manhattan, Kansas
  3. 3. HOME OF THE BIG RED ONE JANUARY 13, 2012 | 3New SOP helps inspector generaladvance Mayville’s No. 1 priorityBy Melony Gabbert breadth and depth of what and to ensure deficiencies have been1ST INF. DIV. POST how we look at things.” effectively resolved. The IG office recently de- “Commanders are held ac- One of the top priorities of veloped a new standard oper- countable,” Robinson said.the 1st Infantry Division and ating procedure to meet the “The follow-up briefings areFort Riley commanding gener- commander’s intent for the the magic that make it all is the Organizational Inspec- program, according to Robin- We now have a regimentedtion Program, according to Lt. son. SOP approved by the (com-Col. Jessie Robinson, inspector In the past, units were left manding general).”general. to use the information as they MacWillie oversees the pro- “As the IG, we are the co- see fit, but the current SOP has gram, Robinson said, sittingordinators for it,” Robinson better follow through and en- in on briefings and coaching,said, adding the IG plans the forcement – the new pieces that teaching and mentoring unitOrganizational Inspection Pro- give the program teeth, he said. commanders.gram, synchronizes it and helps “The IG (shop) has devel- “He’s the hammer,” he said. Sgt. Keven Parry | CABensure it gets executed. oped an ever-evolving SOP Twenty working days after Soldiers with Co. F, CAB, undergo training on the Gray Eagle UAS at Fort Riley. Co. F “The IG is used as a tool that now includes account- the inspection, the battalion will officially become a CAB unit in fix ourselves,” he said, and ability,” Robinson said. “Gen. commander sits down with CAB welcomes new unit, aircraftalso is an extension of the com- (William) Mayville said what MacWillie to detail the currentmanding general’s eyes, ears, he wanted; Gen. (Donald) status of any concerns raisedvoice and concern. It evalu- MacWillie told us how to pro- through the program’s reportates, assesses, conducts formal ceed, and I refined it.” provided by the IG. Details toinspections, reports on and Mayville serves as 1st Inf. have the issues resolved within By Sgt. Keven Parryfollows through on any issues Div. and Fort Riley command- 45 working days must be de- CAB PUBLIC AFFAIRSraised in reports. ing general, and MacWillie is tailed. After that time, a final The 1st Inf. Div. has always the deputy commanding gen- briefing takes place, and the The Combat Aviation Bri-had one of the most intense eral for support. battalion commander is held gade, 1st Infantry Division isand aggressive inspection pro- The IG provides a detailed accountable. Findings are then planning on adding a new com-grams in the Army, Robinson assessment of a unit’s systems verified by the IG and provided bat strength to its capabilities insaid, especially when it comes and provides feedback to the to the commanding general. March with the addition of anto unit inspections. commander, in more than 68 “This system is efficient unmanned aerial system com- “This is generally acknowl- areas with more than 45 inspec- because the commander under- pany.edged by the Department of tors who are subject matter ex- stands he is being held account- Soldiers with Company F,the Army’s IG, and by the Unit- perts from the division, instal- able,” Robinson said. CAB, will contribute to theed States Army Forces Com- lation and IG’s shop. And now, The unit and the IG’s shop brigade’s mission by flying themand,” Robinson said. “We with the newly refined SOP, partner throughout the pro- Gray Eagle Unmanned Aerialhave always been exceptional Robinson said, deficiencies cess, Robinson said. The IG’s System. Although Co. F is al- Sgt. Roland Hale | 1ST INF. what we do. What makes identified through inspections ready operationally part of the A Gray Eagle UAS makes its way down an airfield atthis program so unique is the are now consistently monitored See IG, page 7 CAB, its official stand up oc- Camp Taji, Iraq, before a surveillance mission in the curs this spring. Baghdad area. Co. F will become an official part of the Co. F will provide the CAB CAB in the spring, adding its capabilities to the with long-reaching unmanned strength of the CAB.CSAH thanks Purple Heart aerial support through the abili- ties of the Gray Eagle. Some of the Gray Eagle’s key features advantages to troops on the battlefield, Stokes said. “There’s a lot of different ways that we can team up with “The biggest thing I think their attack helicopters,” saidSoldiers with $500 checks are the ability to stay airborne longer than other manned and unmanned platforms, the abil- ity to integrate with CAB attack we bring is the fact that we can Sgt. Richard Kinney, Co. F stay in the air for a long time,” UAS operator. he said. Apache pilots not only have According to Co. F UAS the ability to communicate vo-By Pamela Redford San Antonio; Veterans Affairs to service members severely helicopters and the ability to operators, the Gray Eagle can cally with UAS operators, but1ST INF. DIV. POST Medical Center, Long Beach, wounded in operations Iraqi engage targets on the ground. provide nearly 24 hours of cov- they also can see the payload Calif.; Balboa Naval Medical and Enduring freedoms – more “It’s a multiple asset that erage while in a reconnaissance the Gray Eagle is carrying. Thirty-five of Fort Riley’s Center and the Army Com- than 24,000 cases to date. the commander can use for configuration. This ability al- And with the introduction ofmost severely wounded Sol- pany B Warrior Transition Bat- The Secret Santa Program many different situations,” said most quadruples the flight time the Apache Block III aircraft,diers and their Families were talion, both in San Diego; and is intended to help severely Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jeffrey of the Shadow, a similar UAS. scheduled to reach the CAB inshown gratitude for their sac- Fort Riley’s WTB. wounded Soldiers enjoy the Stokes, Co. F commander. In addition to the reconnais- March, pilots can actually takerifice when the Coalition to CSAH, a non-partisan, holidays and buy presents for Stokes said he has seen both sance configuration, the Gray control of the payload, KinneySalute America’s Heroes pre- nonprofit 501(c) (3) organi- their children. The funding the strengths and challenges Eagle can be configured to be- said.sented them with $500 checks zation founded in 2004, was comes from private donations that Co. F has faced during the come an asset to aircraft over “We can have a much largerat a catered dinner Dec. 18 at created to “provide a way for from individual citizens, cor- process, including finding suffi- the battlefield. impact on the battlefield,” saidthe Warrior Transition Battal- individuals, corporations and porate donors and founda- cient air space for training and Stokes said Gray Eagle op- Spc. David Walsh, Co. F UASion in partnership with the lo- others to help severely wound- tions - money straight from adapting to software updates erators have learned how to in- Army Wounded Warriors. ed and disabled Operation the American people, said Patti for the Gray Eagle platform, teract with aircraft pilots from Ultimately, Gray Eagle op- Hundreds of $500 Christ- Enduring Freedom and Op- Walker, AW2 advocate at Fort which has kept Co. F Soldiers all branches of the military in erators will have the capabilitymas checks went out to service eration Iraqi Freedom veterans Riley. in a constant state of learning order to provide support. For to acquire and engage targetsmembers across the nation in and their families rebuild their “Big Red One” Families and training. the CAB, these interactions can on their own, according to theDecember as part of the Co- lives,” according to the nation- came together at the Soldier Despite the challenges, Co. provide helicopter pilots with needs of the ground troops oralition’s Secret Santa Program al website. Family Assistance Center for F Soldiers know they provide additional options. the ground commander.for those severely wounded in Millions of dollars in fi- a holiday celebration and din-combat, including Soldiers at nancial aid and support ser-Brooke Army Medical Center, vices have flowed from CSAH See CSAH, page 7 EDUCATION SERVICES TRAFFIC REPORT CLOSURES Friday, to facilitate Trooper/Henry: 24/7 Estes ACP closure. Rifle Range: 5 a.m. to Estes Access Control 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 to 8 Point is closed for about ACP HOURS OF p.m., Monday to Friday, 12 to 18 months for OPERATION closed on federal major construction. holidays Traffic will be re-routed The Directorate of Estes: Closed to Four Corners on Emergency Services 12th Street: 5 a.m. to 7 Vinton School Road. would like to bring p.m., Monday to Friday Rifle Range Access attention to the Grant: 5 a.m. to 7 p.m., Control Point is open available access control Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. from 5 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. points for normal and to 5 p.m. Saturdays, and from 3:30 p.m. to 8 federal holiday hours. closed Sundays and on p.m., Monday through Four Corners/Ogden/ federal holidays. TELL US HOW WE’RE DOING Pamela Redford | POST Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Colvin Bennett Sr. gives incoming Soldiers his view on the importance of education during a new Soldier briefing Jan. 4 at Education Services, Building 217 on Main Post. USAG Fort Riley Public Affairs is conducting a survey about its command information products. Please visit the link above to provide your input. Presents: FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, We provide NOW • FedEx • Copies ENROLLING • UPS • Stamps • US Mail • Mailbox Rentals • Western Union • Packing Supplies • Fax • Boxes for Box NShip SPRING 2012 ! Geary County January 21, 2:00 PM 112 N. Washington • Junction City, Kansas CLASSES BEGIN Phone: 785-238-SHIP (7447) Fax: 785-238-7448 Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–6 p.m. • Saturday 9 a.m.–1 p.m. January 18, 2012 Campus A-$11 |M-$9 |S-$6 Richard Holmgren brings his family •Flexible schedule with day, evening, & online classes friendly comedy and juggling show •Scholarships and Financial Aid available to the C. L. Hoover Opera House. So •Assistance for active military, spouses & veterans bring the kids and enjoy the show. Call us today to get started! It’s just flippin’ fun! Sponsored by: Eyewear Junction City’s FULL-SERVICE campus! Junction 631 Caroline Avenue • Junction City Home Lumber 710 N. Washington 785-223-6700 Box Office: 785-238-3906 8825 E. Highway 24 785.238.8010 • Manhattan, KS 66502 Online classes also available! 785-537-7447 135 W. 7th Street | Junction City
  4. 4. 4 | JANUARY 13, 2012 HOME OF THE BIG RED ONEInfluenza vaccines still available FACES OF IACH Irwin Army Community Hospital’s goals are to provide health care for warriors, military Families and retirees; support theBy Melony Gabbert zan, Army public health nurse, children under 2; adults 65 Department of Health and deployment of medically ready forces; and1ST INF. DIV. POST however, people who have not years and older; pregnant wom- Environment, Bazan said, an remain agile to meet diverse requirements. One IACH employee who assists in received a flu vaccine should en; American Indians and Alas- average of 5 to 20 percent of accomplishing that mission is spotlighted The typical flu season in still get one. kan natives also should receive the population gets the flu an- each week.Kansas peaks in February, ac- Flu vaccines are still avail- vaccinations. nually. More than 200,000 arecording to Dr. (Lt. Col.) Paul able at Fort Riley. Tricare ben- Flu and pneumonia have hospitalized from flu complica- Capt. CAPT. COLLEEN McMANAMAN McManamanBenne, Chief, Department of eficiaries can get the vaccines in consistently been included tions. DOCTORPublic Health, Irwin Army their medical homes or through within the 10 leading causes of The vaccine allows those Hometown: Parker, Colo.Community Hospital. Tricare authorized pharmacies, death for all ages, according to vaccinated to build immu- Start date at IACH: Nov. 13, 2011 Flu vaccines should be ad- Bazan said. the Centers for Disease Con- nity, which typically takes twoministered annually and prefer- Everyone 6 months of age trol, and, when combining all weeks. Years in area of specialty: Four and a half years.ably early to allow a chance for or older should be vaccinated, age groups, it is the eighth lead- On average, 21,000 toimmunity to build up before she said, also adding that high- ing cause of death, with more 24,000 vaccines are adminis- What do you like most aboutthe flu circulates in the environ- risk groups, including children than 56,000 deaths in 2008. tered annually at Fort Riley, she working for IACH? It is a small community hospital. The staff isment, said Capt. Samantha Ba- 5 years and younger, especially According to the Kansas said. friendly and helpful. What should patients know about you? I enjoy being a Family physician. I treat every patientIACH encourages annual appointments equally and with respect. How are you dedicated to wellness and inspiring trust? I will try to help my patients as much as possible and to the best of my ability.By Katherine Rosario lifetime, one in eight women expect to find anything on their When women move to an-IACH PUBLIC AFFAIRS will be diagnosed, according to mammogram, have had a mam- other installation, it is impor- the American Cancer Society mogram 12 months prior to tant for them to remember to The New Year brings aboutresolutions, including eating Breast Cancer Facts and Figures for 2009 to 2010. their exam, have not had breast cancer previously and have a take their mammogram results with them, Darroch said. IRWINFORMATIONhealthier and losing weight, but In Fall 2010, IACH’s mam- provider to receive the report. If “Mammograms are not partit also is a good time to look at mography department began they have an off-post provider, of the medical records and need “My doctor said I need to address your medicalhealth and make a resolution to self-request appointments that they need to sign a medical re- to be transferred to a patient’s to see him in the next four needs. A referral also maysee a doctor for yearly checkups. allow patients to make a mam- lease to have their results sent to new medical facility when they weeks, but the appoint- be granted if a doctor is Irwin Army Community mogram appointment without their doctor. leave,” she said. ment given to me is five not able to see you withinHospital encourages retirees, having to be seen by their pri- “Women are learning to Women who fail to receive weeks away. I asked for a the access to care standards.Soldiers, spouses and their de- mary care manager first and ob- be more proactive rather than a mammogram by their 42nd referral to be seen off post, For a routine appointment,pendents to make yearly physi- tain a referral for the exam. reactive, and that’s what we as birthday are considered delin- but they said no. Why?” access to care standards iscal exam appointments and get About 79 women were seen providers are trying to get the quent and will be sent a notice. seven to 28 days. If anothertheir eyes and hearing checked. before the end of the year, and population to practice,” said “We send out notices quar- Referrals to be seen by doctor in your medical Women over 40 years are in 2011, about 647 women Melissa Darroch, condition terly to let our patients know a doctor off post are only home is able to see you forencouraged to receive mammo- used the self-request option to management nurse. that their birthday is coming given when the hospital a follow-up appointment,gram screenings each year. obtain a mammogram screen- Women are encouraged to up and we’d like to see them does not have the specialty then a referral will not be A woman’s chance of getting ing. have a breast exam every three to ensure they are not a risk for doctor or service required granted.breast cancer increases with Women who want to self- years, between the ages of 20 breast cancer,” Darroch said. If you have a question for IrwINformation, send it toage. By age 40, one in every request a mammogram must be and 39 – usually done during To make a mammography or call 785-239-8414.69 women will be diagnosed at least 40 years old, be asymp- their annual Pap test – and ev- appointment, call 785-239-with breast cancer, and in a tomatic – meaning they don’t ery year starting at 40. 7911. 0-0-1-3: A new approachTAX CENTER Continued from page 1Thurston, installation tax at- IRS software, tax center experts million. Walk-ins are always wel- to responsible drinkingtorney, Legal Assistance Office, will e-file all returns, ensuring a Each unit at Fort Riley will come, Thurston said, but for U.S. ARMY PUBLIC HEALTH • 1 - One drink per hourOSJA. “We have been busy for turnaround of seven to 14 days. appoint an officer from each those who prefer an appoint- COMMAND – amount of alcohol the liverthe past couple of months, and And, every return is reviewed by battalion-sized element to serve ment, they can make appoint- can process in one hour.we will be ready to start filing a second set of eyes, Thurston as unit tax adviser during tax ments either in person or by A program called “0-0-1- • 3 - No more than threetaxes.” said, so if, for any reason, there season; they will provide infor- calling the front desk at 785- 3” is an alcohol abuse preven- drinks of alcohol per outing. Anyone with a military ID is a mistake on a return the tax mational briefings to their units 239-1040. Saturdays are for tion program that promotes 0-0-1-3 is based on sciencecard can take advantage of the center prepared, they will help regarding the services provided walk-ins only; there will be no making responsible choices and is defined as “responsible,free service. with the amendment process. at the tax center. scheduled appointments on with regard to alcohol use. It periodic drinking” by the The tax center will prepare On average, single Sol- “We will have a mix of clients that day. supports the National Preven- National Institute of Alcohol2009, 2010 and 2011 federal dier can expect to save at least with scheduled appointments “As we welcome a new year tion Strategy to have a healthy Abuse and Alcoholism andtax returns. They also will pre- $180 using the post’s tax center, and then walk-ins,” Thurston and new beginnings, the fur- and fit nation, by improving the National Academy of Sci-pare state tax returns as a cour- Thurston estimated. For Fami- said. “So we’ll have half our staff thest thing from our minds is linkages between substance ences. 0-0-1-3 became a com-tesy when completing a federal lies, that savings will likely ap- doing scheduled clients who’ve taxes … for many members of abuse, mental health, juvenile munity standard for underagetax return; however, the tax cen- proach $250, she said. called in and made an appoint- the Fort Riley community, fil- and criminal justice agencies drinking and for responsibleter is unable to prepare state tax The facility saved Fort Ri- ment, and the other half will ing taxes can be a positive expe- to develop and disseminate use of alcohol among adults.returns only. ley service members more than just be seeing whoever walks rience netting them a tax refund effective models of preven- People might not follow this The service is free, Thur- $1.6 million in preparation fees through the door.” to help pay for all of the holiday tion. standard, but they will at leastston said, and the staff won’t last year, according to a report The tax center will operate cheer. We strive in excellent cus- In 2004, Warren Air Force start counting their drinkstry to sell other financial or generated by OSJA in April from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday tomer service and look forward Base developed the 0-0-1- and comparing their habits totax products, like preparers off 2011. Total refunds from last through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to serving you this tax season,” 3 program to address alco- the may attempt. Trained on year amounted to about $17 to 1 p.m. Saturdays. Thurston said. hol misuse as a result of a In order to follow 0-0-1-3 basewide survey that found and be able to compare one’s the average airman thought drinking habits to the stan- unsafe drinking began with dard, we need to know the eight drinks or more. Within size of a drink based on alco- the first year of implementing hol content. 0-0-1-3, alcohol-related inci- What defines a drink? dents declined by 74 percent; A standard drink is equal there were 81 percent fewer to 13.7 grams – 0.6 ounces – cases of underage drinking; of pure alcohol or: and 45 percent fewer cases • 12 ounces of beer of drunken driving. The U.S. • Eight ounces of malt li- Naval Academy also imple- quor mented the program in 2006. • Five ounces of wine The 0-0-1-3 program has ex- • 1.5-ounces or a “shot” of panded from the Air Force to 80-proof distilled spirits or li- schools, colleges and commu- quor (e.g., gin, rum, vodka or nities nationwide with a goal whiskey). of decreasing alcohol-related Most people know drink- incidents. Several states have ing alcohol can be harmful. implemented -0-1-3 in order It can affect a person’s health to curb underage drinking. and well-being by causing ill- The 0-0-1-3 program em- ness and injury. It also can af- phasizes personal responsibil- fect a military person’s career ity and is a way to also help by causing them to be passed change the drinking culture over for promotion or cause in the military. Think of 0-0- loss of time from duty. 1-3 more as a way of life. It The 0-0-1-3 program is gives people a tool they can about making responsible use when they do consume choices about drinking al- alcohol. cohol. It is not an excuse to So, what does 0-0-1-3 ac- drink every day. If you’re un- tually stand for? derage or driving, don’t drink; • 0 - Zero drinks, if you’re if you are of legal age to con- under the age of 21. sume alcohol, be responsible. • 0 - Zero DUIs – driving Think 0-0-1-3 before you under the influence. drink. Adventures and knowledge abound when you read! HOUSE FILL AD THE DAILY UNION. 222 W. Sixth, Junction City 762-5000 23rd ANNUAL WE’RE HERE WHEN YOU NEED US. 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