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May 2012 1ID Fort Riley Monthly News Update


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Please find attached this month’s 1ID and Fort Riley monthly news update*. For your convenience it will be posted to the following link in the next few days:

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May 2012 1ID Fort Riley Monthly News Update

  1. 1. 1ID and For t Riley Monthly News Update Moving Your Kids during PCS Season May 4, 2012 Calendar of Moving to a new area can be hard on you, but it can be Events: especially hard on a child. The stresses of leaving friends, changing schools, and moving to a new place  May 5 - Fun in the are common. The Military Youth on the Move website Sun 10:00am ( address at the bottom of article) has advice and tips for kids, pre-teens, teenagers, and parents. This De-  May 11 - 2/1ID partment of Defense (DoD) website has a page written Change of Com- specifically for each age group and offers advice for all mand 10:00am stages of a move.  May 13 - Junction City High School Packing. Getting packed can be a lot of hard work and frustrating at times. The Mov- Graduation ing section of this website has tips to keep organized and make the packing process smooth for your kids. 6:30pm  May 22 - Fort Riley Saying Goodbye. Saying goodbye to friends is one of the hardest parts of moving. By Combined making goodbyes special for your child and his or her friends, it will make the move Graduation easier and more memorable. Ceremony 1:00pm On the Road. If youve ever moved before, you probably know how boring traveling to your new home can be. Be sure to brainstorm activities with your child to keep them  May 24 - 1-18 IN entertained. Change of Com- mand 10:00am Staying in Touch. The Staying in Touch section lists several ways kids can keep in  May 25 - 28 - touch with their friends. Division Training Holiday Be sure to guide your child through the moving process. Advice on how parents can help their child move is also included on this website. Resources are also available to  May 30 - Volun- ease the process for you as well. teer of the Quar- ter Ceremony The Military Youth on the Move website extends the moving process past the physical 6:00pm move. Visit the website to explore articles on leadership, money, getting involved in your community, healthy habits for kids, and much more. (Source: Military Youth on the Move, See pages 11 & 12 for more calendar updates. To All Our Big Red One Mom’s!1
  2. 2. Women’s Health Week “It’s Your Time” Obama Executive Order Safeguards Military from National Women’s Health Week is a weeklong health ob- Predatory Schools servance coordinated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health. It brings to- gether communities, busi- nesses, government, health organizations, and other groups in an effort to promote women’s health. The theme for 2012 is “It’s Your Time.” National Women’s Health Week empowers women to make their health a top priority. It also encourages women to take the following steps to improve their physical and mental health and lower their risks of certain diseases: Visit a health care professional to receive regular checkups and preventive screenings. President Barack Obama, who traveled to Fort Stew-  Get active. art, Ga., to unveil the new executive order that is de-  Eat healthy. signed to crack down on bad actors who prey on ser-  Pay attention to mental health, including getting vice members and veterans considering higher edu- enough sleep and managing stress. cation, called it vital protection to brave men and  Avoid unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking and not women who are often bombarded by schools that provide false or misleading information about things wearing a seatbelt or bicycle helmet. like interest rates on loans, credit transfers, and job placement programs. More information at The order, he explained, will make it easier for military members and veterans to make informed decisions about financial aid and paying for college and also Roth TSP Updated Information takes a number of steps to fight deceptive practices by some institutions. The Defense Finance and Accounting Obama recognized the sad truth that some unscrupu- Service (DFAS) will begin processing lous people are “less interested in helping our men Roth Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) elections and women in uniform get ahead and more interested for its civilian and military customers in making a buck.” They game the system, he said, using a phased approach beginning in bombarding potential students with high-pressure June 2012 and continuing through Octo- tactics and steering them toward high-interest loans and misleading credit transfers and job placement ber 2012. programs. As a new choice for retirement invest- To read more of this article visit http:// ment planning, the Roth TSP will give service members the option to contribute after-tax wages into TSP ID=116123 for the first time. Both the contributions and the earnings will be tax free when withdrawn, as long as the Internal Revenue Service (Courtesy Military Homefront) (IRS) requirements are met. The phased implementation will ensure taxable wages and TSP contributions are computed accurately. According to DFAS offi- cials, the schedule will provide time to complete and thoroughly then all Department of Defense (DoD) civilians, test the complex changes needed to the various civilian, active as well as other civilians serviced by DFAS in duty military, and reserve component payroll systems. The com- July 2012, to be followed by the Army, Navy, and plex changes address the unique and Air Force service members in October 2012. multiple pay types in the pay systems Look for more specific deployment dates Roth including the different requirements of the TSP elections coming soon on For Army, Navy, and Air Force and the active more information about the Roth TSP, see duty and reserve component require- ments. Implementation will begin with Marine (Courtesy National Military Family Association) Corps service members in June 2012,2
  3. 3. Top Army General: “Victim of DFMWR to Host Online Imposters” Softball Tournament Fort Riley will General Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, took to kick off the soft- Facebook to warn folks that he’s being impersonated ball season with online, most likely for profit. One of the most common the Spring Fling iterations of this scam is when a scammer poses as a soldier, using pictures and details lifted from social media, Softball Tourna- to trick lonely-hearted women out of their money. Scam- ment. mers have impersonated average Joes and top officials. The double- General Odierno states: elimination tour- nament is set to “There are numerous instances of impersonation fraud on begin at 8:00am, the internet. Often these consist of criminal elements im- May 12 at Sacco personating military personnel for financial gain. I myself Softball Com- have had individuals attempt to impersonate me online in plex. order to prey on the goodwill of individuals. My online presence consists ONLY of this facebook page, my twitter "With most of the brigades back home, I am hoping for account (@GenRayOdierno), my blog on Army Live, and 30 teams," said Renee Satterlee, intramural coordina- my Pinterest page (Ray Odierno). If anyone is being con- tor, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and tacted through any other type of account, such as Skype, Recreation. it is most certainly an imposter. Below is the link to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which you can use as a The tournament will begin two hours earlier than last resource. Army Strong!” years tournament, which had 24 teams participate. Teams also may be separated into divisions based on There are several scammers out there, be cautious when skill level. hearing peoples stories. Take the time to verify informa- tion before ever sending anyone money or personal infor- The Spring Fling Softball Tournament originated more mation. The link for the Internet Crime Complaint Center: than 25 years ago at Fort Riley. (Courtesy of the Army Times) "Events like softball tournaments help promote well- ness by alleviating some stress," Satterlee said. "This is important to our military community because deploy- Beware of Financial Services Scams ments are a stressful time, whether for a Soldier or a Family member." A scam to solicit money from Service members and Depart- Intramural softball begins May 7, with community life ment of Defense (DoD) civil- softball starting two days later on May 9. ians has been identified. The SCAM letter purporting to be from ALERT Both leagues are expected to grow from last year. DFAS asks the fiancée of a Satterlee said she expects about 50 teams in the intra- Service member to register in mural league, up from 28 last year. "our system," entitling the fian- cée to benefits in the event of "Softball is probably our No. 1 sport," Satterlee said. the Service members death. "We get the most participants out for it." The letter even uses the DFAS logo. DFAS does not The intramural regular season is set to end Aug. 1. send unsolicited email mes- The community life league will play until July 18. sages with attachments or let- ters asking you to send money For more information on the Spring Fling Softball Tour- to pay for some benefit. This letter is a typical phishing nament or intramural sports, visit or scam used to obtain personal information and often times, money. For more financial tips, please see: http:// call 785-239-2813. (Courtesy AUSA)3
  4. 4. Poll: Preferred Project for the Spending of the 2011 Army Community of Excellence Award Fort Riley received $250k as the winner of a Bronze award in the 2011 Army Community of Excellence (ACOE) competition, and we want to hear from you on how it would be best utilized. On www., please pick your top choice of these three: 1. Provide upgrades to Barlow Theater 2. Install drinking fountains and bathroom services at Moon Lake 3. Consolidate Outdoor Recreation Services at Camp Funston, to include Rental Center, Paintball Field and Boat and RV Parking all in one location. Vote now, on Post changes local, short-distance Volunteer Opportunities moves policy on Fort RileyEffective June 1, Fort Riley will no longer fund EVENT: ICW Matchthe cost of short-distance, local moves of Who: DFMWR Recreation What: 10household goods from off-post to on-post volunteers for Ticket takers, parking as-housing, and vice versa. sistants, servers, doormen, setup and tear down, other duties as assignedAccording to the Joint Federal Travel Regula- When: Friday, May 18, 2012 from 1700-tion, Chapter 5, government-paid short- 2300 Where: King Field Housedistance local moves of household goods incident to moving to/from Miscellaneous: Jeans or appropriatelygovernment or privatized housing made to accommodate a mem- long shorts, closed toed shoes. Recreationbers personal situation, convenience or morale is prohibited. will provide shirts The POC for this posi-Military Families are eligible for one government-paid move when tion is: Catie’ Kendrick @ 785-239-(permanent change of station) to the Fort Riley area, however, 8990 Email:unless it is a direct move from the previous duty station, moves from post into on-post housing will not be funded, according to Mick CC:vicky.l.martin.civ@mail.milMcCallister, housing manager, Fort Riley. This policy also applies ifon-post housing is not available at the time of reporting to Fort Rileyand for deployed service members. EVENT: Daughtry ConcertExceptions can and will be granted on a case-by-case basis, McCal- Who: DFMWR Recreation What: Secu-lister said, and requests must be sent to the battalion commander rity, entry guard, backstage help, Greenand coordinated through appropriate channels to the garrison com- Room help, trash, parking food running,mander. other duties as assigned. When: Sunday, 10 June, 1300-2400 Where: Riley Con-Other Army installations, including Fort Drum, N.Y., Fort Hood, ference Center Grass Field Miscellane-Texas, Fort Bragg, N.C., Fort Campbell, Ky., Fort Carson, Colo., and ous: Prefer ACU bottoms or Jeans andFort Stewart, Ga., have already implemented policies similar to the closed toed shoes. Recreation will providenew Fort Riley policy. shirts The POC for this position is:For more information about this policy, contact the Residential Com- Catie’ Kendrick @ 785-239-8990munities Initiative Office at 785-239-0650. For waitlist questions or Email:, contact the Picerne Military Housing Leasing and Reloca- Cc: vicky.l.martin.civ@mail.miltion Office or visit .4
  5. 5. 1ID FRG’s will be providing a wide selection of food items to purchase dur-ing the event. So Bring your lawn chair or blanket and come out for a great night of Music !5
  6. 6. Out and About the Fort Riley Area H e a r t l a n d Pa r k To p e k a Offers FREE Tickets Are you a race car junky or just want to get away for a new experience? Check out Heartland Park Topeka. Heartland Park Topeka provides top- notch entertainment for all types of Downtown Farmers Market is one of the oldest Mar- racing fans. Heartland Park Topeka is a multimillion-dollar com- kets in Kansas. They are open April-October. Their plex including a quarter-mile drag strip with 23 luxury suites, a vendors come from all over Northeast Kansas bring- 2.5-mile championship road course and a 3/8-mile dirt oval track. The multipurpose facility hosts a wide variety of enter- ing fresh produce, meat, eggs, crafts, jams & jellies, taining events, including a NHRA Drag Racing National event fresh baked bread, pies, cookies, and sweets. They featuring Top Fuel, Funny Cars and Pro Stocks. Heartland are open 8:00am -1:00pm Saturdays at 5th & Hum- Park Topeka is dedicated to providing fans the best possible experience. boldt and Wednesday 4:00pm -7:00pm at CICO Park. Don’t miss out on those homemade goodies You can experience all the excitement for FREE when you pre- and produce! sent your military ID at the ticket booth. Every event to include the NHRA Nationals are FREE to military members and de- pendant ID cardholders. Arts in the Park 2012 in ManhattanThe schedule has been released for the 2012 Arts inthe Park season! Some old favorite will be back, Aswell as new talent. The series opens on June 1 at8:00 pm with a performance by the White GhostShivers, who come to Manhattan from Austin Texas.Other acts will feature steel band, bluegrass, jazz,international flair and more as the Larry Norvell BandShell plays host to another summer of outdoor con-certs.While there is seating available, many attendees pre-fer to bring a blanket, or their lawn chairs to set up inthe areas surrounding the stage. However youchoose to enjoy it, its a great time to get outside anddiscover some new music! For more informationvisit Yard Art Classic Car Club 22nd Annual Car ShowOn May 12th from 8:00am to3:00pm there will be a Classic Reference herein to any specific commercial products, proc-and Modern Car Show held at ess, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, orTuttle Creek State Park, Man- otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its en-hattan, KS. There will be An- dorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the United Statestique, Classic, Collectibles and Government. The views and opinions of authors expressedModern vehicles as well as Craft Vendors and a BBQ herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the UnitedCook-off for more information call (785)341-7302. States Government, and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes.6
  7. 7. MANning the Homefront May 7 at 1830- Monthly MANly Monday Dinner at Kites Bar and Grille in Junction City- we meet in the private din- ing area in the back of the building on the resteraunt side of the building. **May 26 at 1730- Dirt track auto racing at Heartland Park Speedway in Topeka- as always at Heartland Park Speedway dirt track, military ID holders get in FREE** **DENOTES YOU ARE WELCOME TO BRING YOUR FAMILY TO THIS EVENT** If you have any questions or want to know where to meet the guys at each event you can contact Wayne at: Email- or Phone- 386-793-5673 or find MANning the Homefront on face- book by using the keywords MANning the Homefront- Military Style in the facebook search tool .Showing at Barlow Theater for Free on May 24th,6:30pm. There will also be a Meet and Greet at12:00pm at the Warrior Zone.7
  8. 8. Running Technique Clinic Do you want to learn to run more efficiently and with less strain on your back and knees? Do you need to run faster for your next APFT or race? Are your lungs on fire when you run uphill? Do your joints hurt when you run downhill? This 90 minute clinic will teach you how to position your body and foot strike to maximize your momentum and reduce your injuries. The clinics will be scheduled a few times a month at King Field House and Long Gym. There are only 4-5 minutes of running during the clinic for gait analysis so the clinic is fine for brand new runners. Clinics can also be scheduled for groups (unit PT, FRGs, etc) by contacting Angi. The clinic costs $15 per person and includes instructional handouts. Please come dressed in running clothes to start the clinic indoors and then move outside for the gait analysis and uphill and downhill running section. If possible, please sign-up and pay in advance with Vincent Spencer (Fitness Coordinator) upstairs in the Func- tional Fitness Area at King Field House. For questions or upcoming April and May dates, please contact Angi Buck- ley at . Check out the Commissary Case Lot Sale May 25-26 . List of items being sold is currently available at the store. Holiday Hours Memorial Day – May 28th • Closing at 6:00 PM Hands On Kansas to host Furniture Amnesty Day Every year on the last Friday of July ( July 27, 2012), Hands On Kansas hosts a Furniture Amnesty Day. Furniture Am- nesty Day is open to Manhattan, Fort Riley and other surrounding communities where people can drop-off and pick-up used furni- ture. They are hoping that they might get some Soldiers with trucks who would like to volunteer their time to help pick-up and drop-off furniture. Great opportunity to gain volunteer hours for the MOVSM. Furniture Amnesty Day is a huge event and provides furniture to hundreds of homes in need. Having Fort Riley soldiers apart of Furni- ture Amnesty Day is very important be- cause it gives soldiers a chance to bond with community members and see their benefits first hand. Any soldiers or family members willing to par- ticipate, please contact HandsOn by email or by phone at (785)5320-3670.8
  9. 9. FREE Child Care for F RG M e e t i n g s ! ! ! Fort Riley Child & Youth Services now provides free childcare for Family Readiness Group Meet- ings. This is open to all units on Fort Riley. Contact your FRG leader or Family Readiness Sup- port Assistant (FRSA) to make your childcare reservation once CYS registration has been com- pleted. CYS registration of your child or children is mandatory! Location of childcare will be determined by the age of child/children; the sites of childcare areWarren Road Child Development Center, Bldg. 6950 and/or School Age Services, Bldg. 5810. Time of childcare of-fered is from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Reservations for care will be taken up to three days prior to scheduled childcareopening!Future dates of childcare are as follows:May- 8th & 26thJune - 12th & 26thFor more information, please contact the Central Registration office at (785)239-9885 or stop by Bldg. 6620 NormandyDr. July 3– 7, 2012 at Heritage Park Ever wish you could compliment someone for doing a good job or wanted to make a complaint but didn’t know where to go? Click on the following link and leave your ICE Comment and it goes to the appropri- ate personnel to take care of your concern. index.cfm? fa=site&site_id=179
  10. 10. Manhattan Military Relations Committee (MRC) June Luncheon Scheduled The monthly Military Relations Lunch- eon is on June 6th at the Clarion Hotel in Manhattan at 11:00am. PleasePools open Saturday, May 26   make time in your schedule to come and hear a wonderful presentation. Guest speaker is TBD.•Picerne neighborhood pools open for  To RSVP: call the Chamber of Commerce at 785-776-the season May 26 – weather permit‐ 8829 or register online under Upcoming Events at under the MRC Luncheon.ting   Alison Pulcher is the new Military Community Liaison so•Regular hours are:   please feel free to register through her by contacting her through email:, or by calling (785) •Monday‐Saturday 10am to 8pm   776-8829. •Sunday 1pm to 6pm   •Holiday hours will be posted     Rules of Use are available at each  Neighborhood Office  Financial Peace University Classes Scheduled Get on the Road to Financial Peace with Dave Ram- sey’s Financial Peace University. This is a 13 ses- sion weekly class covering budget- ing, debt reduction, saving and other financial topics. Sessions start June 6th, this is an eve- ning class from 6:00pm - 8:00pm located at the Resil- iency Center on Custer Hill or June 14th from 9:00am – 11:00am at the SFAC located in the WTB Compound. For more information or to sign up for the classes, please call (785)239-5032. More classes begin in August. Great class for those whose Soldier’s are deployed!!!10
  11. 11. May Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 - Manhattan MRC - 2-34 AR Change of - Fort Riley Marina Luncheon 11:30am Command 10:00am Fun in the Sun 10:00am - Military Child Educa- - Fort Riley Network tion Coalition Event Meeting 10:30am -Sports Fitness @ K-State Expo 10:00am6 7 8 9 10 11 12 - KSU Commission- - St. Johns Military ing Ceremony and School Commence- Reception 9:40am ment 8:30am - 2/1ID Change of - Barton Community Responsibility Cere- College Commence- mony 10:00am ment 5:00pm13 Mother’s Day 14 15 16 17 18 USD 435 Last 19 - Custer Hill Bowling - 4-4 CAV Change of - Asian Pacific Heri- Day of School - Post Wide Yard Sale- Herrington High Lanes Close for Reno- Command 10:00am tage Month Obser- - Abilene High SchoolSchool Graduation vations vance 11:45am - 2-1BSTB Change Graduation 5:00pm2:00pm of Responsibility 10:00am- Junction City HighSchool Graduation6:00pm 18-19MAY12 Abbyville Frontier Days Rodeo20 21 22 23 24 USD 383 Last 25 USD 475 Last 26 - Ft Riley Combined Day of School Day of School- Manhattan High Graduation CeremonySchool Graduation 1:00pm - JC/GC MAC2:00pm Breakfast 7:30am- Chapman HighSchool Graduation - 1-18 IN Change of2:30pm Command 10:00am- St. Xavier Com-mencement - Safety Day Events- Wakefield High @ Riley’s 8:00amSchool 4:30pm Division Training Holiday May 25-2827 28 Memorial Day 29 30 31 - VA Memorial Day - Monthly Retirement - CH (COL) Ahl Ceremony 11:00am Ceremony 10:00am Retirement Cere- mony 9:00am - JC Memorial Day - Volunteer of the Ceremony 11:00am Quarter Ceremony - Law Enforcement 6:00pm Torch Run for - Post Cemetery Special Olympics Memorial Day Cere- 1:30pm mony 11:40am11 Division Training Holiday May 25-28
  12. 12. JuneSun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 - 1-7 FA Change of - Dads Make A Differ- Command 10:00am ence Picnic - Network Meeting - SCCA Racing 10:30am3 4 5 6 7 8 1ID Birthday 9SCCA Racing Event 1-63 AR Change of Command 10:00am - 2/1 ID Change of Command 10:00am Victory Carnival June 7-1010 11 12 13 14 Army’s Birthday 15 16- Daughtry Concert - Victory Run 6:30am - Remembrance Victory Park Cere- - Titan Fighting6:00pm Ceremony 5:00pm mony 9:00am - Victory Cup Cere- Championship mony 9:30am 7:00pm - Army and 1ID Birthday Celebra- tion 10:30am Victory Week Competition and Ceremonies June 11– 14 Division Training Holiday June 15-1817 Father’s Day 18 19 Juneteenth 20 First Day of Sum- 21 22 23 mer - Governor’s Day @ First Capital Building Division Training Holiday June 15-18 Country Stampede June 21-24 (Military App Day June 24)24 25 26 27 28 29 30 - Monthly Retirement Ceremony 10:00am12
  13. 13. Send your events, news, con-tact information, etc., to: On the Web!Stacie Dumas 1st Infantry Division & Fort Riley Homepage - Inf. Div. FRSA Building580, Room 333 Fort Riley MWR - www.rileymwr.comAll information needs to be Army vFRG– www.armyfrg.orgreceived by May 29, 2012 forthe next monthly newsletter. Fort Riley Religious Support - (785)240-1251Fax: (785)239-0416 US Army Homepage- MyPay - or Irwin Army Community Hospital - Ready Army - !!! Fort Riley MWR Twitter Page - NEWS GOT 1ID Facebook Page - Fort Riley Facebook Page - 1ID Flickr Page - D i d Yo u K n o w ?  Empire State Building opened  Amendment 17 to the Constitu- May 1, 1931. tion, providing direct election of senators, proclaimed, May 31,  First U.S. medical school 1913. opened in Philadelphia, May 3, 1765.  Mothers Day was first observed in 1908. It was designated by  A German submarine sank the Presidential proclamation, and passenger liner Lusitania in was recognized officially by World War I, May 7, 1915. Congress and the President in  United States declared war on Lewis and Clark began trip up 1914. Mexico May 13, 1846. Missouri River, May 14, 1804.  Armed Forces Day is cele-  Edward Jenner, a British physi- brated the third Saturday of  First permanent English settle- May. The United States honors cian, performed the first vacci- ment in America established in the men and women of the mili- nation against smallpox in May Jamestown, VA., May 24, 1607. tary services. 14, 1796.  Constitutional Convention   U.S. began first regular airmail The Kentucky Derby takes opened in Philadelphia with place on the first Saturday in service May 15, 1918. George Washington as presi- May at Churchill Downs, Louis-  Homestead Act signed by Presi- dent, May 25, 1787. ville, Kentucky. It is the most dent Abraham Lincoln, May 20,  U.S. Copyright law enacted May famous horse race in the United 1862. 31, 1790. States.13