Palo Alto Networks - Next-generation Firewall Security with Expanding Scalability


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Net Optics and Palo Alto Networks are excited to offer our customers an easily deployed and scalable solution for maintaining network uptime while protecting it from the many network security threats that exist today.

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Palo Alto Networks - Next-generation Firewall Security with Expanding Scalability

  1. 1. Partner I Solution Brief Palo Alto Networks and Net Optics Next-generation Firewall Security with Expanding Scalability Solution Overview Net Optics and Palo Alto Networks are excited to offer our customers an easily deployed and scalable solution for maintaining network uptime while protecting it from the many network security threats that exist today. The Palo Alto Networks and Net Optics partnership delivers a security solution consisting of Palo Alto Networks PA-5000 Series of next-generation firewalls; Net Optics Bypass™ (IBPO-HBSR-XFP); and Net Optics xBalancer™ (XF- A secure, resilient solution that expands easily to accommodate growth • Easily scale deployment to meet growing needs • Handle increasing traffic volumes without investing in new 10G capital equipment • Protect your application infrastructure against network and application downtime • Prevent device failure through easy-to-implement high availability features 2XB). This solution enables customers to scale their Palo Alto Networks deployments as their needs grow, while Switch Router maintaining network uptime through the use of easy-toimplement High Availability (HA) features. Palo Alto Networks’ PA-5000 Series of next-generation firewalls is designed to protect data centers, large enterprise Internet gateways, and service provider environments where traffic demands dictate predictable firewall and threat prevention throughput. These high performance platforms are tailor-made to provide ON OFF Net Optics iBypass Net Optics Benefits • iBypass ensures network uptime by monitoring xBalancer • Up to 16 NGFW in a single load balancing group • Maintain session stickiness through all PA-5000 • Tool monitoring through configurable heartbeat packet enterprise firewall protection at throughput speeds of up to 20 Gbps. Ideally suited for both datacenter and service Net Optics xBalancer provider deployments, the PA-5000 Series is powered by more than 40 processors distributed across four functional areas: networking, security, content inspection and management. Reliability and resiliency is delivered by Palo Alto Networks PA-5000 active/active or active/passive high availability; physical separation of data and control plane; and redundant, hot swappable components. Palo Alto Networks PA-5000 Palo Alto Networks PA-5000 Palo Alto Benefits • App-ID: Classifying All Applications, All Ports, All the Time • Content-ID: Protecting Allowed Traffic • User-ID: Enabling Applications by Users and Groups • Secure Application Enablement Figure 1
  2. 2. Partner I Solution Brief With this partnership solution, the Net Optics Bypass Switch deployments. The Bypass Switch will also immediately detect and xBalancer together with the Palo Alto NGFW gives the change, either by link-state or by loss of the heartbeats, customers a solution that provides superior performance, and will re-route traffic around the xBalancer. Once xBalancer is scalability, and resiliency for demanding network brought back online, traffic automatically resumes. Net Optics environments. The use of a heartbeat to monitor both the offers a range of Bypass Switches, with copper or fiber ports, xBalancer and Palo Alto devices ensures that HA scenarios and speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps and 10 Gbps. The Bypass are accounted for and provides a security solution which Switches provide redundant power to maximize reliability of can easily scale and maintain network uptime while offering the network. The joint solution from Palo Alto Networks and protection from threats that exist in networks today. Net Optics provides next-generation load-balancing capability See Figure 1 for an illustration of how the solution works. without compromising on reliability. The Bypass Switch has two network ports which are Net Optics connected in-line to the upstream and downstream network devices and two Monitor ports that connect to the Palo Alto Networks solution. Under normal network conditions, the Bypass Switch will pass a heartbeat through the appliance to ensure operation and all network traffic will be routed through the firewall. Net Optics is the leading provider of Total Application and Network Visibility solutions that deliver real-time network intelligence for peak performance in network monitoring and security. As a result, businesses achieve the scalable end-toend visibility they need to optimize network performance of physical, virtual and private cloud environments, and remote xBalancer branch offices. More than 8,000 enterprises, service providers Net Optics xBalancer is the first appliance in the industry built and government organizations—including 85 percent of the specifically to prevent tool overburdening by distributing the traffic load to multiple monitoring tools. xBalancer thus allows customers to scale their deployments as the need grows while insulating the network from device failure through the use of easily implemented HA features. Fortune 100—trust Net Optics’ comprehensive plug and play family of application-aware NPM, Network Packet Broker, Virtual/Cloud and Visibility Management System (VMS) solutions to deliver immediate results and quick time to value through an easy-to-use interface. Net Optics maintains a global presence xBalancer’s load-balancing capability splits traffic into through leading OEM partner and reseller networks. multiple streams so that data can be processed by multiple Palo Alto Networks tools working in parallel. It takes traffic from any network port or aggregated set of network ports and distributes it to two, three, four, or up to sixteen monitor ports for balancing according to IP address, port, protocol, VLAN, and MAC address, or other parameters. Palo Alto Networks™ next-generation firewalls enable unprecedented visibility and granular policy control of applications and content – by user, not just IP address – at 20 Gbps network throughput levels. Based on patent pending AppID™ technology, Palo Alto Networks firewalls accurately identify Bypass Switches and control applications – regardless of port, protocol, evasive By using a Net Optics Bypass Switch, customers can rest easy tactic or SSL encryption – and scan content to stop threats and knowing that their security solution won’t become a network problem. The Bypass Switch will monitor the xBalancer and in case of failure protect the network link in in-line 3300 Olcott Street Santa Clara, CA 95054 Main: +1 (408) 753-4000 prevent data leakage. Enterprises can, for the first time, embrace Web 2.0 and maintain complete visibility and control, while significantly reducing total cost of ownership through device consolidation. 5303 Betsy Ross Drive Santa Clara, CA 95054 Main: +1 (408) 737-7777 Net Optics® is a registered trademark of Net Optics, an Ixia company. Copyright 1996-2013 Net Optics, an Ixia company. All rights reserved. Additional company and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the individual companies and are respectfully acknowledged. Palo Alto Networks and the Palo Alto Networks logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Palo Alto Networks, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Other marks and brands may be claimed as the property of others. The product plans, specifications and descriptions herein are provided for information only and subject to change without notice, and are provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied.