Big Data is on a Collision Course With Your Network - Are You Ready?


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To date the hype about Big Data has come from the perception that Big Data is the next frontier in gaining deeper insight into the customer, or an organization’s business. In the next decade, it is hoped (or hyped) that Big Data will be key to finding ways to better analyze, monetize, and capitalize on these information streams and integrate these insights into the business. It will be the age of Big Data.

But where else will Big Data have an impact?

For IT departments, Big Data represents a new set of requirements and supporting infrastructures, and will require a well thought-out approach to the datacenter network. The network will serve as the key backbone for the special communications and processing needs of Big Data. In preparation for this new era, Network Administrators should begin now to proactively plan for how to mitigate the latency and switch capacity issues that will arise from Big Data’s special needs.

Please join us for this presentation as we explore the implications of Big Data on the network.

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  • Question:Do you feel Big Data should be a priority for your organization?YesNoAt the same InfoSecurity 2012 Conference, over two thirds of respondents felt that Big Data is or will be a priority for their organizations within the next 3 years
  • Question: What is or would be your top use case for Big Data?Marketing AnalysisCustomer Experience AnalyticsFraud DetectionSecurity AnalysisOtherIn another survey of network professionals, the number one use case they’d like to use Big Data for is to find and track down sensitive data in their organization
  • Question – Do you believe Big Data can enhance data security?YesNoOnly 54% knew that big data had data security implications
  • Have you personally engaged in any formal training regarding Big DataYesNoThere’s still time, while we’ve shown a few Big Data success stories during this presentation it’s important to keep in mind that there is still time since most Big Data implementations can be thought of as exploratory.
  • Big Data is on a Collision Course With Your Network - Are You Ready?

    1. 1. Big Data is on a Collision Course with Your Network Are you Ready? Intelligent Access and Monitoring Architecture Solutions Net Optics Confidential and Proprietary
    2. 2. Agenda• What is Big Data?• The State of Big Data• Strategic Goals• New Insights – Security• Big Data Implementation (lite)• Impact on the Organization 2
    3. 3. Defining Big Data Rapid Capture Large Volumes Structured/Unstructured Analysis 3
    4. 4. State of Big Data Facebook Users Share 684,478 Pieces of Content Instagram Twitter Users Users Share Send over 3,600 New 100,00 Tweets Photos Brands &Email Users Every Organizations Send204,166,667 Minute of on Facebook $53.4B the Day Receive Emails 34,722 Likes $48.0B $32.1B Big Data Market Forecast $16.8B $10.2B 4 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
    5. 5. Big Data – the New InsightsCurrent uses for Big Data • Recommendation Engines • Sentiment Analysis • Fraud Detection • Risk Modeling • Customer Experience Analytics • Marketing Campaign Analysis • Customer Churn Analysis 5
    6. 6. More Than Just Consumer/Marketing Insight JP Morgan Chase & Co. Fraud Detection Treato Treatment Recomendations Human Genome Project Reduced from 13 Years to 7 Days 6
    7. 7. Instrumentation and Sensor Data Smart Meters Video Recorders Population Temperature Statistics Sensors Facility Data Traffic Patterns Cargo Loads 7
    8. 8. As Network Security ToolThe growing complexityand variability of the ITinfrastructure poses anever increasing challengeto administrators to have afull understanding ofwhat’s happening in theirnetwork. 8
    9. 9. Big Data Network Design ConsiderationsBig Data ComponentsTwo main building blocks are being added tothe enterprise stack to accommodate big data:• Hadoop: Provides storage capability through a distributed, shared-nothing file system, and analysis capability through MapReduce• NoSQL: Provides the capability to capture, read, and update, in real time, the large influx of unstructured data and data without schemas; examples include click streams, social media, log files, event data, mobility trends, and sensor and machine data 9 Source:
    10. 10. Monitoring the Network IDS IPS Data Recorder Analyzer Aggregation Filtering Load Balancing 10
    11. 11. Requires New Skills The IT organization should challenge itself to understand the new business use cases that will require their support and input to develop effective Big Data solutions. 11
    12. 12. Key Take-Aways• Big Data is more than marketing data• Represents a significant new area for IT to provide value• Impact on the organization will be more than network infrastructure 12
    13. 13. Wrap Up• To sign up for our newsletter: References: • • • /ps9670/white_paper_c11-690561.html • invaders-257048.html• Thank you • Data_and_the_Future_of_Security • operations/vulnerability-threat-management/ians-trends- behavioral-approach-threat- • • network-in-big-data-applications/ Net Optics, Inc. 408.737.7777 13 Net Optics Confidential and Proprietary 13