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Neal Lucas Executive Search

  1. 1. About UsNeal Lucas Recruitment is Northern Ireland’s most dynamicand effective Executive Search business, specialising infinding the right people for your senior level, middlemanagement and hard to fill technical roles. Our clientsrange from large multi-nationals to owner-managed SMEsacross all sectors, who value having a recruitment partnerthey can rely upon, trust and who meets their needs.The aim of our team is to build along term relationship with yourorganisation, to ensure that we canidentify and attract the candidateswith the skills, experience andsparkle that match your company’sambition.
  2. 2. Executive SearchDo you want to attract the best people?Talented people are too busy achieving to read jobadvertisements or to put themselves on the jobmarket.If your vacancy is important, then our consultants’proactive approach will find the right people for you.This involves identifying talented individualsthrough our various search methodologies,engaging with these candidates and thenselling your organisation and the careeropportunity to them to ensure a successfuloutcome. This is an enhancement ontraditional recruitment channels.
  3. 3. Executive SearchThis involves identifying talented individuals throughour various search methodologies, engaging withthese candidates and then selling your organisationand the career opportunity to them to ensure asuccessful outcome. This is an enhancement ontraditional recruitment channels.At Neal Lucas Recruitment our searchcapabilities are enhanced by our extensivenetwork of contacts, supported by our industryleading technology platforms and the rigorousprocesses that we apply to each and everyassignment.
  4. 4. Executive SearchOur service does not end with the placement ofthe candidate. We will keep in regular contact toensure that both you and the successfulcandidate are happy with the position and itsprogression.We are happy to provide you with previousassignments and references to support ourclaim that clients experience a high level ofcustomer service and satisfaction.
  5. 5. InterimManagementThere are many reasons why you may requirean Interim Manager. If your business needstemporary management cover or someone todeliver a specific project, or perhaps anindividual to lead a new strategic initiative thenwe can help you find the best candidate, oftenat short notice.
  6. 6. OutplacementGrowth in our redundancy counselling service hassoared in recent years as companies fulfil theirlegal and social responsibilities to their workforce.If you have people, at any level, leaving yourorganisation through redundancy, we can helpprepare them for the job market.We offer tailored 1-2-1 sessions, orworkshops for larger groups, helping themstructure their job search, whilst advisingon CV preparation, interview skills and howto sell themselves throughout therecruitment and selection process.
  7. 7. InternationalRecruitmentWe can also look far beyond the shores of NorthernIreland to identify senior level candidates.If you are looking to break into a new market orhave sites around the world, we can source seniorcandidates applying the same discipline and rigouras we would to a local search.Language is not a barrier for our consultants infinding and securing the best talent in exportmarkets or from competitors.
  8. 8. top jobs, require top talent