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Global Hand-On Ocean by Janne Robberstad


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Presented at the GHOU 2018 conference in Vienna, Austria from 13-15 August.

Published in: Education
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Global Hand-On Ocean by Janne Robberstad

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Seeds of science, roots of reading – with a twist: Read it, Write it, Do it, Say it… and Create it!
  3. 3. Man above nature versus man in nature (illustration from EcoHustler, no known copyright)
  4. 4. Sustainable design bridges the gap between the science- and arts-fields, simply because you need knowledge from both areas to succeed Marine sculpture made from recycled materials in Brazil.
  5. 5. Embodying science through art: Using ourselves to create a large Phyto-plankton body-sculpture
  6. 6. Understanding the marine-biology in detail: Studying the Phyto-plankton before making a personal stamp.
  7. 7. Be resourceful and recycle. Just like this little guy!
  9. 9. THERE IS HOPE! Versova Beach, Mumbai: Afroz Shah moved to the neighborhood and wanted to do something for the environment. He started to pick plastic on this beach. 21 months and 500 000 tons of garbage is now gone.