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Sze-leung Cheung: IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach


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Global Hands-On Universe Conference 2015. 4-5 August 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
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Sze-leung Cheung: IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach

  1. 1. IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach Sze-leung CHEUNG 張師良 チャン シー リュン International Outreach Coordinator, IAU OAO
  2. 2. IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach Credit: NAOJ
  3. 3. IAU Executive Committee Divisions and Comissions Working Groups Special Committees Special Offices -- OAD - Office of Astronomy for Development (SAAO, Cape Town, South Africa) -- OAO - Office for Astronomy Outreach (NAOJ, Tokyo, Japan) -- OYA – Office for Young Astronomers (NASL, Oslo, Norway) -- Press Office (ESO, Munich) IAU Secretariat (IAP, Paris, France) Administration of the International Astronomical Union (IAU)
  4. 4. The IAU Directory of World Astronomy • to connect the international astronomical community • develop and maintain a database of international astronomy outreach and amateur networks associations • platform for astronomical organizations for joining the NameExoWorlds contest • The first phase of the homepage ( ) was launched at October 2014 • 2nd phase: global astronomical events calendar system • astronomical facilities database
  5. 5. 463 organisations from 64 countries has registered in the website (June 2014)
  6. 6. National Outreach Contacts 66 NOCs were selected. The NOCs are working together with IOC on distributing news at national level and support OAOs’ work.
  7. 7. OAO Communications 1.Produce astronomy outreach newsletter to circulate latest astronomy outreach events, updates for the International Year of Light, NameExoWorlds contest,highlights from some large-scale regional projects and inspiring outreach activities. The mailing list contain 4000 subscribers.
  8. 8. • • @IAU_org
  9. 9. Light: Beyond the Bulb Large Scale Exhibition Chair: Kimberly Kowal Arcand
  10. 10. The Galileoscope Good quality telescope at a reasonable price Chair: Douglas N. Arion
  11. 11. A shipment of Galileoscopes arrives, USA, 23.11.09
  12. 12. Observing the moon with a Galileoscope, Ghana, 05.10.09
  13. 13. Online Tutorials Cosmic Light Awareness Education Kit, Dark Sky Awareness, DarkSky Apps, Online Tutorials Cosmic Light EDU kit PI: Rosa Doran CoI: Pedro Russo
  14. 14. Shielding
  15. 15. Technical priorities for controlling the nightscape • A. Use of Full cut-off fixtures
  16. 16. Glare bomb lighting a tree -- not doing a good job for the parking lot A full cutoff lighting fixture in the fog, showing the excellent control of light output.
  17. 17. The graph shows the visible spectrum, the human photopic sensitivity, the human circadian sensitivity and the typical output of a blue-rich white-light LED light source. CourtesyIDA
  18. 18. IFA,Univ.ofHawai’i LPS HPS 4100K LED
  19. 19. Light Pollution Monitoring Network • To establish a global network of monitoring light pollution a way to well study the light pollution problem globally, and at the same time draw people’s attention to light pollution problem locally. • One monitoring station was setup at NAOJ, and we networked and installed different devices at 7 different countries. In addition, a user workshop was held at NAOJ at early January. (The light pollution monitoring station at NAOJ, user workshop)
  20. 20. Monthly variation of night sky brightness across HK sites Median value of NSB reading taken over 1 month 1. Ranking of different sites, reflecting ambient lighting usage, stays roughly the same. 2. Monthly variation at a particular site due mostly to meteorological or atmospheric factors such as cloud or particulate concentration. darker in summer brighter in spring
  21. 21. Set up Global Monitoring Stations Sky Quality Meter - LE 400 USD each
  22. 22. “Light Pollution” of Radio Interference
  23. 23. 100 Hours of Light • Friday to Monday / 25-28 September 2015 • Friday 25 September Researchers’ Night in Europe • Monday 28 September Total Lunar Eclipse
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Public Naming of Exoplanet Systems
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Contact us Twitter: @IAU_org