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Product flyer

  1. 1. Addressing the PHOTO ‘where’ questions!  Where are my channels?  Where is my footprint low?Location Intelligence for your  Where am I doing well?Business: The next right step.  Where am I lagging viv-a-visMany businesses are making the most byharnessing Location Intelligence.Take the next right step to a new level of Business competition?Intelligence/ Analytics with the use of Location Intelligenceover and above your existing BI capabilities. .  Where am I losing maximumThe world has matured to the Location based technology,which has revolutionized the way of looking at the businessdata and performing Business Analytics. customers?PM from Company Software integrates crucial locationparameters with your business data to bring out ingenious  Where am I incurringinsights to help better understand business dynamics and itsrelationship with the underlying demographic & geographicfootprint. maximum operating costs?The solution has evolved after profound research acrossdifferent industry verticals - Automotive, Telecom, BFSI,  Where am I most profitable?Retail/ FMCG & Life Sciences through collaboration withindustry leaders for close to a decade.  Where are other regionsThe New Competitive Advantage similar to the ones in which IPM enables industry leaders in gaining the competitive edgeby fully leveraging the potential of Location Intelligence. Itfeasts on close partnerships with global leaders to leverage am performing well?the widely accepted and powerful location capabilities.Sitting on top of reliable and up-to-date demographic andmap data, powered by sophisticated mapping and analyticengines; it enables organizations to discover hiddengeographic/ demographic patterns in business performance.
  2. 2. Sales & Distribution - PoS network mapping Marketing & Planning - PoS network& analysis expansionPM is designed to meet the needs of modern Whether the Marketing managers need to figure outdistribution system - small or large - by enabling the the potential markets to run their campaigns or thechannels & the enterprise to collaborate more planning team needs to figure out new locations forefficiently. Providing better information management, opening retail touch points, the capabilities listedit acts as a magnifying glass, highlighting the gaps to below enable the search for new areas of opportunity.fix as well as marking the efficiencies to be replicated • Flexible parameters based search to identifyacross the geography. Key capabilities that help high market potential areas.achieve this goal are: • Catchment area analysis around a new location• Visualization and mapping of business KPIs across for PoS / store / dealer, outlining the demographicvarious levels in the political hierarchy or any business profile of the area.hierarchy on the map. • City Wise Evaluation - Metro / Tier I / Tier II /• Time series trends of various KPIs and Tier III / Tier IV / Tier V categorization up to villageappropriate predictions, forecasts and alerts enabling level.pre-emptive action. • New PoS / store / dealership location• Targets vs. achievement monitoring highlighting suggestions within cities.the geographies, people or products that need closer • Suggestions based upon competitors network,monitoring. population, residential, commercial or economic• Trade campaigns & schemes management and footprint, lifestyle data, economic projections andtracking. other market potential indicators relevant to the case• Rich map thematic & charts used to highlight at hand.‘good’ & ‘bad’ areas. • Relative grading of a set of specific locations in order of their market potential. • Mapping competition network against own.IT – Seamless & secure deployment• Web / Desktop based solution Key business benefits• Integration adapters for MIS systems, BI • Addresses the correlation of businesssystems, LDAP, AD performance with the geographic and• On-premise / on-cloud deployment options demographic factors, traditionally ignored by the• Integration with communication systems – business analysis / SMS for sharing various reports / analyses • Visualization enables easier analysis and reduces• Secure access time for collaborative decision making.• Scalable - accommodate additional users as • Identifies high potential pockets for directingwell as functionalities sales/marketing efforts as well as network expansion.About CompanyCompany is a leading global provider of innovative IT solutions and Services, offering a broad portfolio of businessand technology solutions, enabling improved business performance for clients worldwide leveraging on its deepdomain expertise in location intelligence space.In short span of time, company has created a distinct niche for itself, making the company a preferred businesspartner for many of the key customers across the globe.It has extensive domain expertise across multi verticals like Telecom, BFSI, FMCG/Retail, Energy and Utilities,Government & Defense, Life sciences & Healthcare and Automotive. Lepton represents global leaders inGeospatial industry such a and f. It is an ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) company driven by commitment to higheststandards in product quality and processes. Contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX