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Prod brochure

  1. 1. Product LOGOComprehensive CrossLayer VisualizationSchematic Diagram generation  Maximum utilization of installed assets by optimization up to port/ slots levelfor Layer1 and Layer 2 on a  Minimum CAPEX on Maps or mappingsingle click. engine.  User Friendly Google technologyBusiness Viability Check  Multi-Vendor and Multi Technology SupportROI and TCO calculation for Product LOGO  Spatial and Attribute Editing on Webprospective customer.  Support for NGN Technologies like XPON, FTTX, ETHERNET and P2P.End-End Service Delivery  Support both Wireless and Wire line TechnologiesCreation of passive (splices) and  90 % reduction in time consumed forActive (Tx links & Circuits) links closing the sales lead.  10 % reduction in Operational cost dueusing ODF, Mux and Splice to updated L1 & L2 InventoryClosures.  25-30 % reduction in service fulfillment time due to availability of service and cost matrix.Automatic Path Searchand W ork OrderGeneration Features AE is a user friendly web based Telecom InventorySearch possible paths between and Feasibility Solution which allows the user to  Web based applicationtwo nodes and generate work  Physical and Logical Inventory update Inventory from anywhere, anytime using any  Physical and Logical Planningorder in terms of all active and  Creation of L1 & L2 links using ODF, Mux smart device. and splice closures.passive devices  Onsite real time network updating  Optimized Search on different Network It helps the user to maintain complete physical and Layers  Spatial and attribute editing logical wire line and wireless inventory.  Automatic Schematic Diagram Generation  Advanced wire line feasibility  Track the exact location of fiber break even It is a cross functional application which helps in in the case of Partial Cut  Advance alternate path search between 2 O&M, Planning and Service Delivery. points with physical and logical network availability up to port/ slots level It directly impacts top line by reducing response time  Automatic work order generation for Layer 1 and Layer 2 and increasing the number of feasibilities and it can  Wireless (3D) feasibility  Customized adaptors for different telecom integrate with different industry standards like CRM, systems  ROI and TCO calculation for prospective NMS and Logical Inventory systems. customer Company LOGO
  2. 2. Telecom fiber can be customized on the basis of physical utilization of anROI in terms of updated inventory individual section and theof cable assets like physical logical utilization of rings.utilization of Active and Darkcable (OFC/Copper/HFC) for sales Fiber can be edited on webteam to sell instantly and O&M for updation in sectionteam for easy maintenance etc. attributes such as ring name, active equipment and customers etc.Centralized Network data on Webfor Decision Making andBusiness Planning 3D building Data on HostedOn-site real-time updation ofPhysical Utilization of Cable Model - Find the best feasible option (highest building or existing tower) available for los within the defined territory in the formPlanning over the updatedInventory of telecom assets of radial distance.Real-time view of Bandwidthutilization of Telecom AssetsFibre and Attribute editing onWeb Display Wireless coverage plot (3G, WIMAX, LTE etc.) to see the type of signal at the Area of Interest.Quickly identify the location of a Different color zones definefiber break by entering OTDRmeasurements types of signal level - Blue to Yellow [good to average signal].Filter search i.e. optimize thesearch for connections, lengthand attenuation About Company Company Software is a leading global provider of innovative IT solutions and Services, offering a broad portfolio of businessStatus report - what would and technology solutions, enabling improved business performance for clients worldwide leveraging on its deep domainhappen if the cable had a failure expertise in location intelligence space.or break? In short span of time, Company has created a distinct niche for itself, making the company a preferred business partner for many of the key customers across the globe. It has extensive domain expertise across multi verticals like Telecom, BFSI, FMCG/Retail, Energy and Utilities, Government & Defense, Life sciences & Healthcare, Automotive. It represents global leaders in Geospatial industry such as Google and Pitney Bowes. Company is an ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) company driven by commitment to highest standards in product quality and processes. Contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX