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Marketlink powered by Centripetal


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Marketlink powered by Centripetal

  1. 1. Marketing Service Provider forIntelligent 1 to 1 Print Marketing © MarketLink Systems LLC
  2. 2. Agenda• What is MarketLink Systems• What is Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing• The Market for Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing• Mobile Marketing and Print• What’s in it for Print Service Providers?• What kind of Volume and Margin?• What Risk if you dont offer Marketlink? © MarketLink Systems LLC
  3. 3. MarketLink Summary• Print Management Organizations are a natural channel for enabling Intelligent 1 to 1 Print Marketing• Marketlink is built to allow Print Management Organizations to improve revenue and margin by offering Intelligent 1 to 1 Print Marketing © MarketLink Systems LLC
  4. 4. What is Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing? Major Trends And 360 Degree Integration . © MarketLink Systems LLC
  5. 5. Major Market Trends —Channels, Customers, Medium & Marketing Performance CHANNELS  Evolution of channels and technologies Proliferation of New  Improving cross-channel customer interactions Engagement Channels  Delivering exceptional “real-time” experiences CUSTOMERS  More informed customers Increasing Customer  Expectations for relevancy and personalization Power  Increasing control and influence over peers PERFORMANCE  Increasing accountability for performance Improving Marketing Performance &  Doing more with less Accountability  Linking activities to achieving business objectives © MarketLink Systems LLC
  6. 6. Major Market Trends —All channels can be effectively launched through Ink on any sub straight Channels – 1:1 Marketing Social and vs. Broadcast Mobile Customer Analytics and Power – Twitter Marketing and Facebook! Measurement © MarketLink Systems LLC
  7. 7. 360 Degree View of CustomerPrint is the trigger spoke in the hub of totally integrated marketing
  8. 8. How does it work?
  9. 9. Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing ” A Solution Framework Approach” Seamless Customer Strategic Insight and Engagement Marketing Processes Marketing Analytics Channels Customers Source Data Web Mining Reporting Profiling Modeling Trending Segmenting Call Product/ Center SKU Consumer Partner Data Marketing Operations Warehouse Email Inventory Workflow Plan Brand Sales/ Events & Rules Spend Assets POS/ Pre-engineered Sales Franchise Consumer- centric Multi-Channel Campaign Social Data Supplier Management Automation Media Assets Promotional/ Mobile Loyalty Data Campaign Campaign Design Automation Leads Consumer Feedback Loop © MarketLink Systems LLC9
  10. 10. Market forIntelligent 1 to 1 Marketing is exploding © MarketLink Systems LLC
  11. 11. Media Digitalization is HUGE an opportunity achievable through print media August 2011 “US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 To 2016” Forecast: US Interactive Marketing Spend, 2011 To 2016 $76B 65%+GrowthGrowth © MarketLink Systems LLC
  12. 12. Mobile Channel Needs Print © MarketLink Systems LLC
  13. 13. Bridging the Digital Divide How When WhereWho INK ON ANY SUBSTRATE
  14. 14. Through MarketLink, provide your customers with the latest, highly sought after digital solutions• Dashboards & Social Apps that drive Customer’s Interactions• Purchased in cost per thousand to align with print campaign spend © MarketLink Systems LLC.
  15. 15. MarketLink Platform Partners through one point of contact Applications that utilize the data and insight to address key business functions BUSINESS APPLICATIONS Technology andIntegrated data solutions to drivefoundation BIG DATA greater insightsfor competing on DATA from new forms of WAREHOUSING ANALYTICSanalytics data (exploding volumes and largely untapped) © MarketLink Systems LLC
  16. 16. Why Should Print Management Providersoffer Intelligent 1 to 1 Marketing to their existing clients ? © MarketLink Systems LLC
  17. 17. Apple to Add NFC to iPhone 5New technology will soon change the landscape – Be a leader - Keep print relevant!
  18. 18. Mobile Revolution: Next Generation Mobile Devices are Changing How We Access the Web and Print will be an Important Portal Tablets Smartphones 1.8 Laptops Desktop billion mobile devices by 2014 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012E 2013E 2014ESource: Gartner Research, Smartphone, Tablet, and PC Forecast, December 2011
  19. 19. Industries Served• Retailers• Consumer Packaged Goods• Finance • Banking • Insurance• Travel and Hospitality• Media © MarketLink Systems LLC
  20. 20. Intelligent 1 to 1 Print Marketing allows your customers to vastly change their business and value proposition to their customer base © MarketLink Systems LLC
  21. 21. Example of Intelligent 1 to 1Marketing and Print using QR Codes © MarketLink Systems LLC
  22. 22. Yes, your Account Team can understandhow to sell this solution
  23. 23. Guided selling application built on Cloud platform for employee socialapps (IDC)Automate and extend your businessProven with 100,000+ customers400% productivity improvement108% ROI Start demo at 50:10 Extend
  24. 24. What’s in it for Print Service Providers ?
  25. 25. What Kind of Margin?PMP’s Current State -Managing Print Services currently results in anIndustry avg. 15% to 20% Gross Margins to the PMPMLS Solution -By adding the client into an Intelligent 1to1 PrintMarketing Life Cycle the Net Margin to the PMPis in excess of 25% to 40 %Growing Vol. & Large Ongoing Margins © MarketLink Systems LLC
  26. 26. Expand Revenue with Existing Customers• Capture new revenue from existing customer base.• MarketLink is an easy transition vehicle for clients to move to Intelligent 1 to 1 Print Marketing via existing Print Related Media campaigns• Changes existing client relationship from a saving strategy to revenue strategy• Increase clients Revenue & Margin (ROMI) through additional & existing Print Related Media campaigns• Net result is exponential revenue & margin opportunities for Print Service Providers © MarketLink Systems LLC
  27. 27. Print Management Organizations need to protect and build upon their existing client investment
  28. 28. RISKS:Risks of not leveraging client relationships withIntelligent 1 to 1 Print Marketing SolutionsCMO’s are Moving to Digital Solution CMO will reduce Print budgets CMO’s don’t want hardware & software CMO’s want to buy in traditional models CMO’s need Analytic Proof of ROMIPrint Vendors must Protect Relationships Clients need to get better ROMI Clients are frustrated with new Digital Media Client must find Digital Media Vendors © MarketLink Systems LLC
  29. 29. Take the Next StepYour Customers are already exploringContact:MarketLink SystemsDavid Motheral Jr.david.motheral@MarketLinksys.com817-832-2988 © MarketLink Systems LLC