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Robert Pleasure | Jobs for Community Residents


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Robert Pleasure | Jobs for Community Residents

  1. 1. Boston Housing Authority (BHA) Career Pathways: Local ExamplesThe Project Labor Agreement, Section 3, and Career Pathways for Public Housing Residents April 19, 2012 National Community Reinvestment Coalition Annual Conference Washington, DCSupplement to Building and Construction Trades Department, Power Point Credited to Trinh Nguyen, Chief of Staff, BHA
  2. 2. Areas of Focus Project Labor Agreement: Pre-Apprenticeship Program, and Apprenticeship Direct Entry, Utilization, and Retention – Neighborhood Investment Strategies: Section 3 for Employment Training & Education, Job Development, Career Pathways, and Small Business Development – City-Wide Partnerships: City Agencies/Institutions, Community-Based Organizations, Community Centers, Health Clinics, Schools, etc. Best Practices and Lessons Questions and Answers
  3. 3. About the BHA Housing Act of 1937 City’s largest landlord 13,000+ units 12,000+ vouchers 880 Employees $96 million federal operating budget $23 million state operating budget $186 million leased housing budget (combined federal and state)
  4. 4. BHA Energy Performance Contract The largest public housing energy performance contract in the nation with its partner Ameresco. Worth approximately $63 million, it will provide water and energy conservation measures in 13 of our public housing developments throughout the City of Boston. The project will affect approximately 4,300 apartments in 13 federal developments throughout the City of Boston and is expected to save the taxpayers more than $56 million over a 20-year period.
  5. 5.  Contract upgrades includes: – replacing water closets, showerheads and faucet aerators – installing energy efficient lighting – converting electric heat to gas – upgrading or replacing old central heating plants and installing co-generation and Photovoltaic Electric system, Energy Star rated fiberglass windows, high reflective “cool” roof membrane and healthy apartment improvements. Estimated Jobs: 600 jobs over 2.5 years
  6. 6. Project Labor Agreement – This is the first public housing PLA of its kind signed since President Obama reversed an Executive Order by the previous administration and encouraged executive agencies to consider PLAs in connection with large-scale construction projects to promote efficiency and economy in Federal procurement. – HUD Section 3 Policy – A highlight of the PLA is a pre-apprenticeship training program for up to 34 participants, including BHA public housing and Section 8 residents, YouthBuild eligible participants, and very low-income Boston residents.
  7. 7. Career Pathways: Pre-ApprenticeshipProgram Joint Project Design and Curriculum Development Between the Construction Institute, Building Trades, and BHA Outreach & Assessment Apprenticeship Direct Entry, Utilization, and Retention Competitive certifications for an industry career Collaborative case management up to 9 -12 months Stipends for participants Employer sponsored Massachusetts Registered Pre-Apprenticeship Program Additional: Please see appendix A
  8. 8. Recruitment I: CAREER COUNSELING & COACHING BHA development where construction job takes place, and BHA developments CORE COMPETENCIES & TRAINING JOB READINESS APPRENTICE AND LIFE SKILLS PREPARATION:ENTRY SOFT SKILLS Practice entrance OUTCOMESOrientation TRAINING exams, applications, 1. Possess life skills1:1 Interview interviews, etc. and work readinessAssessment: 2.Gain experience andBasic Math and skills to be successfulEnglish in a construction JobPass Drug Test HARD SKILLS AND 3. Possess skills to BUILDING TRADE succeed in aMin 18 yrs TECHNICAL EXPLORATION: construction-trade TRAINING: OSHA 10, Site visits to various apprenticeship Lead RRP, First AID, building trades, job Weatherization, Green sites, and meet&greet Building Assessment, etc. Recruitment II: JOB YouthBuild, Section DEVELOPMENT: 8, and Low and very low –income Boston In between short- Residents CASE MANAGEMENT & SUPPORT SERVICES term job placements
  9. 9. Project Labor Agreement Impact Pre-collective Bargaining Agreement Win-Win Partnerships – Economic Efficiency – Meeting the needs of Building Trades’ diverse workforce – Career Pathways for low-income and public housing residents
  10. 10. Appendix A: Pre-Apprenticeship Program Minimum Standards Best Practices of an Apprenticeship Preparedness Program (APP): Use community-based organizations and local networks for outreach; Develop comprehensive assessment tools to measure applicants’ competencies and required skills for relevant building trades; Jointly develop instructional training modules that include hands on learning, visiting construction sites as well as apprenticeship training programs, visits from representatives from the construction industry and classroom lecture; Coordinate at least a six to eight week training curriculum that includes: – Hard skills of the building trade – Soft skills for the trade – literacy, math/algebra, ESL – Job Readiness skills - work ethic, getting child care in order, transportation, awareness of limitations of convicted felons – Life skills – skills to learn to manage your life so you can show up to work, physical fitness, counseling, diversity and sexual harassment training – Entry Requirements – exam and application submission preparation (e.g. drug testing, apprenticeship interview skills, etc.) 5. Provide stipends for participants to assist with childcare, transportation and other related costs; Pre-screen and assess participants’ employability skills, and professional and personal goals using an Individual Employment Plan (IEP); Provide referral and/or wrap around services by partnering with local community service providers to help program participants obtain necessary eligibility requirements, case management and other social services; Provide acceptance into apprenticeship programs with job placement and services; and Follow up after 90 days, 6 months, and one year to see if participants are still employed and if the preparation of the apprenticeship program is effective.
  11. 11. Questions & Answers Robert J. Pleasure Special Assistant to the President Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO