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Maintain High Energy Levels at Work for Software Engineers


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Writing simple code which works is a craftsmanship, and like so it requires inspiration, focus and high energy levels. Here are 3 effective ways for keeping energy levels high.

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Maintain High Energy Levels at Work for Software Engineers

  1. 1. Maintain High Energy Levels at Work for Software Engineers @MssCohen
  2. 2. Software engineering is a DEMANDing job
  3. 3. However, writing a simple code which works is an ART
  5. 5. How to maintain high energy levels in such an environment?
  6. 6. I came back to work 5 months after having my first child. I was EXHAUSTED.
  7. 7. I even decided to stop driving to avoid accidents
  8. 8. Returning to work seemed impossible
  9. 9. I decided to analyze my daily routine and examine where can I avoid energy waste
  10. 10. My most productive time of the day is the morning. To be effective, I should make sure my energy is wasted properly at this time.
  11. 11. My Mornings
  12. 12. Most of my energy is wasted even before I arrive to the office!
  13. 13. I considered replacing the two bus ride with a taxi. But taxis are expensive.
  14. 14. But I’m not paying for a taxi. I’m paying for a more productive work day.
  15. 15. I made an informed decision to pay for a service, out of the understanding that the value it gave me is much higher than its nominal value
  16. 16. Examination of the overall value rather than the individual price of a drive allowed me to live a more productive life. I started taking taxis everywhere - lectures, courses and events that I wouldn't go to otherwise.
  17. 17. Unintentionally, this behavior creates stress, burnout and it’s a killer antidote for creativity Are you a workaholic?
  19. 19. A break does not mean — stop working, A real break means — give the brain to rest
  20. 20. Next time you feel tired, not in focus, or stuck — try taking a real break
  21. 21. Software development is full of tasks that require different skill sets
  22. 22. While working on a task which requires a certain skill set, shifting to a task which requires a different skill set is like taking a break for a specific part of the brain
  23. 23. After a while go back to the original task and you’ll notice increased energy levels.
  24. 24. In Conclusion ● Find solutions for energy waste by focusing on the big picture and not on an individual action ● Take a real break and calm your brain ● Shift between different tasks to allow a specific part of the brain to rest
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