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Mobayle Company Presentation


Published on | | +1 (562) 666-2295

The first company to offer fully functional Appstore that is instantly available for you. You don't need to write any code.

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Mobayle Company Presentation

  1. 1. Your Appstore In Minutes
  2. 2.  Mobayle is a company enabling anybody to create their own customized appstore within minutes!  Mobayle will create a cross-platform appstore with mobile content already integrated in it.  Mobayle will remove all the hassle of tech knowledge.  Mobayle will allow you to concentrate on monetization from the appstore. *IntroaboutMobayle 1
  3. 3.  We offer professional creation of appstores.  Each appstore comes loaded with all kind of mobile content Games, Apps, Wallpapers, Ringtones, Themes and Animations.  Integrating with any billing platform.  Customization of look/feel of the appstore.  Populate the appstore with some content initially.  Premium SMS service for the delivery of content. *Whatdoweoffer? 2
  4. 4.  Operators looking to cover the whole mobile ecosystem.  Companies who want to monetize their brand on the mobile.  Developers who have wide selection of content and want to have their own presence online.  Entrepreneurs in the mobile arena.  VAS companies looking to broaden their selection. *Whoneedus? 3
  5. 5. *TimelineImportant achievements in the company May- 2011’ Birth GROWTH Average of four appstores per month! Jun- 2012’ 10 clients 2013’ 2014’ Creating Sub-appstores for kids, teens, women and Elderly Sep- 2011’ The time line shows important milestones accomplished by the team from company’s inception until now. 4 Service Launch Website and Service Launched
  6. 6. Our Growth is propelled by •Good Technology •Rapid Integration •Fast Monetization
  7. 7. Appstores are With the expansion of mobile devices and the explosion of mobile apps/games offering on the appstores; users need some simplicity and filtering for content and that is what we provide when we create your OWN APPSTORE * The next big thing
  8. 8. Local content Users love to download apps that are related to their culture or in their native language Localization Culturalization More than 500,000 apps Huge selection to suit all users Abundance Diversified content New Versions Notify user when there’s a new version of the app Up to date content Always latest version Dedicated App for the store Native application on Android, WindowsMobile or Blackberry Mobile App Direct access from app *Whatend-usersarelookingfor Our offer for creating an appstore will be unique in terms of applications brought, their diversity, being always up to date and localized to many different languages. Our offer also allows to create appstores suitable for a specific audiences such as teenagers, kids, elderly, business professionals and more. 7 Yes, WE HAVE IT ALL
  9. 9. What are our advantages? *
  10. 10. *UniqueFeatures Instant Creation Your appstore in Minutes! Localization Appstore in your language Customized Tailored to your needs Huge Content Games, Apps, Ringtones, Wallpapers, Themes and Videos Multiplatform iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Java, Windowsmobile, Symbian, BADA Monetization Quickly Create monetization streams 9
  11. 11.  Owner of the new appstore.  Choosing what content to apply to your local market.  Change look/feel of the appstore to suit your brand/market.  Localize the appstore to your language/culture.  Investing in marketing campaigns to increase the awareness of the appstore.  Set marketing plan, branding and pricing options. *Whatwillbeyourrole? 10
  12. 12.  First Company to Offer appstore creation.  Full customization of the appstore:  Use your theme and brand.  Select the content suitable to your brand/market.  Select the billing gateway that you want.  Choose pricing options for end-users. *Whatdistinguishus? 11
  13. 13.  Automatic matching for content based on the device you’re using while browsing.  Appstore is viewable on all handsets.  Free content to attract more users.  More free content for the appstore registered members.  Offer ad-supported games to the end-users.  Different pricing model to choose from: pay per download, pay per play, subscription, download’em all...etc. *Whatdistinguishus? 12
  14. 14.  Easy way to monetize on mobile content in your area.  24/7 distribution channel.  Monetization of your brand.  Increasing the awareness of your own brand.  Attracting mobile games developers and other potential partners.  Getting a better position in the mobile market. *WhyshouldIhavemyownappstore? 13
  15. 15.  We have content compatible with many different platforms: (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Java and Bada).  Choose from more than 500 thousands games/apps on all platforms.  Catalogs are sorted in categories. Some catalogs are free to users, some are available for subscriptions and the rest is per download.  Choose ringtones from our selection of over 19 million ringtones and full songs in different genres.  Choose audio books from our selection of over 300k. *Whatcontentdoyouprovide? 14
  16. 16. Cool!* How Can I create my appstore?
  17. 17. *3KeysTocreateyourAppStore Define Audience Choose content Launch Define who will be using your new created appstore and how you intend to monetize on it. Choose features of the appstore such as payment models, type of content integrated, number of free games/apps, language... etc. Prepare a good plan for launching with some solid marketing. Our appstore comes with social element to increase word of mouth and exchange between users 17K 24K 33K 35K 44K 16
  18. 18. Choose video clips from a catalog of over 4 million videos in different categories. *Whatcontentdoyouprovide? 17 Choose Themes from a selection of more than 500k themes. Choose suitable categories for all the content mentioned above.
  19. 19. *VideoPresentation 18
  20. 20. *AppstoreScreencast 19
  21. 21. *MobileAppScreencast 20
  22. 22. *WebScreenshots(1/3) 21
  23. 23. *WebScreenshots(2/3) 22
  24. 24. *WebScreenshots(3/3) 23
  25. 25. *AndroidScreenshots(1/2) 24
  26. 26. *AndroidScreenshots(2/2) 25
  27. 27. *iOSScreenshots(1/2) 26
  28. 28. *iOSScreenshots(2/2) 27
  29. 29. Address: 4952 Katella Avenue, Los Alamitos, CA Tel: +1 (562) 666-2295 +1 (562) 6MO-BAYL Email: Website: *Let’stalk Visit our website and submit your request, our sales team is ready to take all requests and offer any help or advice you might need 28