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Infinite Monkeys - Company Introduction


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An introduction to Infinite Monkeys - a drag-and-drop Mobile App Builder start-up venture.

The company was founded by Jay Shapiro in Singapore and New York City in 2011. With over 10,000 small business customers now producing their own iPhone, Android and HTML5 mobile apps - for FREE and with no coding.

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Try the service yourself for free at:

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Infinite Monkeys - Company Introduction

  1. 1. Infinite MonkeysPresented by: Jay Shapiro CEO – Co-Founder tel:(650)787-3984
  2. 2. Everybody deserves to have their own mobile app.…but most people / small businessesdon’t have the ability or budget to make one.
  3. 3. Much like websites in the late ‘90s, it currently costs thousands of dollarsto have a developer make your mobile app.We make it FREE and EASY. “We want to be the WordPress / SquareSpace of Mobile Apps.”
  4. 4. Our FREE drag-and-drop App Builder platform… Generates thousands of niche mobile apps
  5. 5. How we are solving the challenge. Our customers are publishing thousands of niche mobile apps. We earn a small daily recurring revenue per app published. …and we’re doing it at almost zero marginal cost.
  6. 6. Progress So Far…• Company founded Jan 2011• Full Service Launched in Feb 2012• Over 10,000 apps built already ! 13,000 Currently growing at 20% month over month Registered customer accounts across 60+ countries
  7. 7. The Potential Within 36 months, we forecast:• 1+ Million Customer-generated apps published.• Earning an average of USD$0.30 per app / per day• 3+ Billion monthly targeted Ad Impressions served• Platform risks hedged through simultaneously publishing to HTML5, already.• White Label reseller arrangements with Telco’s and Credit Card companies.
  8. 8. 3 Revenue Streams Publishing Fees in-app Advertising Affiliate Fees Current Avg = $1+ / app aggregate Current Avg eCPM’s: We earn 5% - 7% on all in-app …but growing rapidly iOS: $1.11 purchases for books / music / content Android: $0.18We charge: $49 to publish to 1st market Not at scale yet. $5 for each additional Will ramp up with scale $99 for all markets w/no ads full targeting based on geo / context / demographics
  9. 9. Sales Distribution +Direct Online Consumer Sales Corporate Reseller White Label Versions
  10. 10. The Leadership TeamJay Shapiro – CEO, aka: Tribal Head of the HumansFounder & CEO of BLUE – 2 time Marketing Magazine’s “Agency of the Year”Exit through sale to WPP Group in 2007 Hoare – CTO, aka: Human Overlord of the CodersFounder – - online classroom management platform for teachersComposer – “Mythos” a new Vampire Rock Opera under development in NYC Gugelev – Chief Strategy Officer, aka: Alpha FemaleFounder – – 501C3 network of 300+ volunteers on 4 continentsManager – Bain & Company, HBS MBA 2001 Basu - CFO, aka: Human Overlord of the Bean Counters (CFO)20+ yrs of CFO roles at several Ad Agency Networks including: WPP, Havas, EuroRSCG
  11. 11. Competitor Map In the past 24 months about a dozen potential competitors have popped up. by order of threat: Most are spin-offs from existing mobile development shops. 1. Most remain small and inexperienced. Looking at the self-service web publishing space (Square space, Yola, 2. WordPress, Tumblr) there is bound to be plenty of room for several competitors as the space develops. 3.high-cost 4. 5.low-cost 6. 7. templated bespoke 8.
  12. 12. One Competitor in Detail The largest competitor in the market is: •Founded in 2010, publishing 6,000 apps / month •Pricing model a mix of free + $79 / month •Run as a side-project of Why we’re better… •We publish BOTH Native and HTML5 apps, hedging the risk of an HTML5 future. •We publish iOS, Android & HTML5 with a single click, they require customers to buildseparate apps. •We offer meaningful interactivity like chat rooms, community walls and live videostreaming – they’re just RSS feeds •We offer turnkey publishing – they require you to download the source code to a Macand publish it by hand.
  13. 13. Interested Investors Please Contact: Jay Shapiro (650)787-3984
  14. 14. Interesting Stats
  15. 15. Interesting Stats – Aug 201210,000+ apps built in first 8 months Apps already published in 63 countries Entire platform available in 7 languages English Spanish Portuguese Chinese Arabic Indonesian Turkish4+ million in-app ad impressions YTD 13 Sub-Brands launched 15,000+ “likes” on our 13 Facebook Weekly apps published  120% fanpages
  16. 16. Market Environment
  17. 17. State of the Market…+ There are now 1.3m New Android Devices activated every day. day.
  18. 18. State of the Market…
  19. 19. Interested Investors Please Contact: Jay Shapiro (650)787-3984