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Mz Condensed Overview Aw Team


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Mz Condensed Overview Aw Team

  1. 1. apps & process
  2. 2. companyoverviewOur mobile rock star teamWe’ve successfully landed some of the brightest mindsin the mobile computing industry to work on theMobilezapp team. Our development team primarilyhails from North America - as you would expect.After all, the iPhone was created by Apple developersbased in Cupertino, California. The BlackBerry wasinvented by the Research in Motion team from Toronto,Canada. Windows Mobile is a result of the efforts of theMicrosoft team from Washington state.The great majority of our developers are based in theUnited States; however, we do leverage global talent.Tobias Hartmann leads an excellent team of developersin Europe through his Nuremberg, Germany office.Dave Micalizzi leads our large Boston based team.We believe the best way to achieve success for ourcustomers is to leverage the brightest minds in theworld through a collaborative global effort.13 |
  3. 3. companyoverviewAward winning mobile app graphic designMobilezapp will deliver a mobile application that isnot only functional, but looks great too. We believe ourcreative team is a secret weapon in our arsenal. We giveextensive attention to the needs, wants and limitationsof the mobile user at each stage of the design process. We design the user interface such that the visualprecedence relates clearly to the task importance.When user directly manipulate onscreen objectsinstead of using separate controls to manipulate them,they are more engaged with the task and the app andreadily understand the result of their actions.We understand that the look and feel of the graphicsshould be an extension of your existing brand. Wework with your marketing department to ensure thatthe mobile app visually integrates harmoniously withinyour brand.14 |
  4. 4. companyoverviewInHouse - vs. OffShoreWe’ve successfully assembled one of the most creativeteams of graphic designers with specific focus on theAndroid, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobiledevices. The same is true for our team responsible forwriting the code.While we prefer to do all of the work in-house, in somecases, it is best to rely upon the development talentoutside of the Mobilezapp walls. For example, some ofthe software code needed for secure mobile bankingtransactions is quite specialized, thus we leveragedthe expertise of a team of five working on Wall Street,New York City. When developing a hospital app for theiPad, iPhone and Android we very strictly follow HIPPArequirements - thus found three developers fromCleveland who work for one of the largest hospitals- the Cleveland Clinic - to assist. When working witha global pharmaceutical firm we needed to ensurewe would strictly following Safe Balance regulationsfor the internet - and recruited the talent of a pharmaattorney out of New Jersey and so on.Mobilezapp guarantees we will build a mobile appfor your organization that meets your needs. We areexperts at identifying all of the necessary elements andcombining our own internal resources with specialistsneeded throughout the world. We never “offshore” tosave money. We will work with London, Paris, Athens,Nuremberg and Malta for knowledge and expertiseregarding specific complicated functions.15 |
  5. 5. companyoverviewYour mobile app value propositionWe understand you are investing in mobileapplications to empower your customers, vendors, oremployees with additional ways to benefit from yourgoods, products, services and solutions. No doubt,we are committed to ensuring the apps we build foryou are drop-dead gorgeous and highly functional.We believe our most important task is to ensure yourmobile apps deliver a strong return-on-investment(ROI). We analyze your value proposition and look atdifferent ways to monetize your mobile applications.Should you charge for your app? If so, should youcharge a one-time fee or a monthly or annualsubscription? Do your competitors have a mobileapp? If so, are they receiving monies and if yes - whatare they charging? How are you going to promoteyour mobile app? What investment in marketing andpromotional dollars are required to make your mobileapp profitable? While it is “cool” these days to havea mobile app - our definition of cool is bottom lineprofitability.We work with your team to ensure the mobile app webuild provides a strong ROI.16 |
  6. 6. companyoverviewFaster, cheaper and betterOur approach toward building an app for yourorganization is quite unique. It allows us the ability tobuild a cross-platform app faster, cheaper and better.Most mobile app developers will ask for a technicalspecification document at the beginning of theprocess. We will work with you to understand yourgoals and objectives within the tech spec document.In fact, we will provide a tech spec document to youbased upon numerous stakeholder interviews.Prior to writing the first line of code, we will provideyou with a wireframe of the functionality. Once we’vecreated a wireframe, we will skin it to provide you withstoryboards that are easy to understand by anyone.We provide you with a mock-up prototype of yourmobile app and work with your team to make changes.This process saves significant time during the codingprocess, as well as monies.Because we have developed hundreds of apps, we’veamassed a large library of code that can be usedtoward your mobile apps. This approach is quiteunique, for most developers wish to reinvent thewheel, and charge throughout the entire process. Ourgoal is to provide you with a highly functional app - inhalf the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditionalmobile app developers.17 |
  7. 7. mobileplatforms
  8. 8. mobile platformsiPhone apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about a team to develop an iPhoneapp - look no further - just name it and Mobilezappwill deliver it. We’ve developed hundreds of apps forthe iPhone.Unique to Mobilezapp is our B2B and B2E focus.Our apps are not the kind to be featured in PeopleMagazine, yet many of the largest hospitals, insurancecompanies, government agencies and Fortune 1000use them every day. Many of our developers areex-Apple staff members who helped design many ofthe features of the device. We have relationships withindividuals in the Apple store who can assist in gettingyour app approved faster.To say we are experts is an understatement. The sameis true about experience. Because we have createdsuch a large number of apps, we have a large libraryof code we can use to assist the development of yourapp. This saves time and money. Unique to Mobilezappis our approach to the development process. Prior towriting the first line of code, we create a wireframemockup and a working prototype you can see online.6 |
  9. 9. mobile platformsiPad apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about a team to develop an iPad app -look no further - just name it and Mobilezapp will deliver it.The iPad is an incredible platform for a wide varietyof applications. The large screen of the iPad is also anexcellent tool for anyone who needs the portability ofa mobile device and capabilities provided by a largerscreen. We have the experience and expertise to delivera drop-dead gorgeous iPad app that is as beautiful as it isfunctional.7 |
  10. 10. mobile platformsBlackBerry apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about developing a BlackBerry app- look no further - just name it - and Mobilezapp willdeliver it.BlackBerry applications get a large and growing marketof both business and personal users. The BlackBerrysmartphone has a 55% market share in North Americaand millions of customers all over the world.With the introduction of the BlackBerry App World™storefront, BlackBerry smartphone users can now easilysearch for and download apps that let them do evenmore with their smartphones.The addictiveness of BlackBerry smartphoneapplications comes from their ability to provide instantinformation to users and integrate with core BlackBerryapplications like email and the address book. Createcompelling applications that push data to users suchas the latest sports scores, weather updates, pricechanges for sales people and much more.Just name your need and Mobilezapp will strive todeliver outstanding quality of your new BlackBerry app.8 |
  11. 11. mobile platformsAndroid apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about developing an Android app- look no further - just name it - and Mobilezapp willdeliver it.Within the first week of Google announcing its planto introduce a smartphone, Mobilezapp developerswere signing non-disclosure agreements to gainaccess to the feature set and specifications of the newtechnology. When the Android was first introduced,our team was poised to release the first of manyAndroid apps. We understand the technology, weknow the graphical user interface and how to build anAndroid app faster and cheaper than anyone else.9 |
  12. 12. mobile platformsWindows Mobile apps - Just name itIf you are thinking about developing a WindowsMobile app look further - just name it - and Mobilezappwill deliver it.Mobilezapp has great experience working with theMicrosoft Windows Mobile devices. We’ve successfullydeveloped a number of mobile apps on the Microsoftplatform. Our team has long-standing relationshipswith the Microsoft teams and works with them toensure the apps we develop are taking advantage of allof the features of their technology.10 |
  13. 13. proof-of-conceptthe blueprint of your app
  14. 14. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appProof-of-Concept definitionThe Mobilezapp Proof-of-Concept program was created to provideorganizations with the ability to “test the waters” prior to rolling out afull-fledged mobile application program. Over the past five years theMobilezapp team has determined a PoC program is the most efficientand cost-effective way to create and launch a mobile application.Without creating a Proof-of-Concept app your organization runs therisks of creating a mobile app that is lacking in features or functionalityto be competitive, beginning down the mobile app “road” without aclear understanding of the investment requirement and developing anapp that doesn’t meet the needs of the users.Our program is an organized and efficient way for you to meet all ofyour requirements as well as develop the mobile app within the budgetyou have allocated. Our Proof-of-Concept program can turn yourmobile application dream into a reality - one step at a time. | 6
  15. 15. appstyles
  16. 16. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appUtility-style appsUtility-style apps enable users to quickly access a specific typeof information or perform a narrowly defined task. Such apps arecharacterized by minimal setup, simple flow and layout and standarduser interface. This app style is predominantly used for “bite-sized”pieces of information. Some examples for utility apps are weatherupdates, stock and market updates, traffic updates, sports scoreupdates. Typically, a user interacts with utility-style app for a shortamount of time. And the time required to develop a utility-style app ismuch less than for other style apps. | 11
  17. 17. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appProductivity-style appsProductivity-style apps are more full featured when compared withUtility apps and lets a user conduct variety of tasks and operations- everything from social networking to mobile banking. Such appsare highly diverse but can mostly be identified by few commoncharacteristics - hierarchical structure and accelerators and shortcuts.Most all productivity apps have a structure composed of lists and detailviews with defined navigation styles. Productivity apps require somesort of text entry by a user - search, forms or composing messages etc.On a mobile device, these tasks are challenging due to smaller formfactor, small keyboard - so the productivity app designs often includeshortcuts and accelerators.Some examples of productivity apps are Social media apps like Skype,Facebook, GPS, mapping, tracking apps, content and search apps,transaction apps like FedEx, Quicken. The time a user spends interactingwith productivity apps is variable and is based on the task and context. | 12
  18. 18. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appImmersive-style appsImmersive-style apps are for specialized tasks like mobile gaming,viewing media and are mostly characterized by customized userexperience and it’s focus on content. For example, a video player app ora gaming app can take over the entire screen of the device, includingthe top mobile information indicator bar. This is done to maximize theviewing area for the user, so user can solely focus on the content. Someother examples of immersive style apps include sound capture andcreation, image creation. Users typically interact with immersive appslike gaming, when they have some downtime and their interaction withthe app could last from few minutes to several hours.We have the ability to develop an immersive-style application to fullysatisfy your internal stakeholders. We welcome the opportunity tomeet with you to discuss the unique needs of your organization andcustomize the Proof-of-Concept package cost for the immersive-styleapp design. | 13
  19. 19. research&analyses
  20. 20. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your app Getting started questionnaire The first step toward empowering Mobilezapp with the ability to deliver your organization a world-class mobile application is our “Getting Started Questionnaire”. It takes less than thirty minutes to complete and arms our team with critical information we need to get started. The “Getting Started Questionnaire” provides us with the overall idea of your app as well as the primary and secondary goals. It gives your team a vehicle to describe in details the features, advantages and benefits you wish to include in your mobile application. This document arms Mobilezapp with a plethora of information needed to create a dazzling and highly functional mobile app. Additionally, our brief questionnaire tells us about your target marketCompetitive UX analysis and strategy toward the release and support of your upcoming technology. It informs us regarding the specific vertical markets youhelp assess where the wish to target and the industries that can best benefit from the release of your app.competition has succeededin this regard and wherethey fall short. | 20
  21. 21. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appTechnical questionnaireOnce you have completed Mobilezapp “Getting Started Questionnaire”,we will need someone within your organization to provide us witha completed Mobilezapp “Technical Questionnaire”. It is importantwe have a solid understanding regarding the internal and externaltechnical resources you have at your disposal. Additionally, we need tounderstand the technical knowledge of your team.Do you have mobile application developers on your team who canwork hand-in-hand with our team, or do you wish for Mobilezapp totackle the tasks solo? Do you have an existing backend database orserver which will be part of the overall mobile app/system flow andarchitecture? If so, what format is your database stored in? Do you needfor a web service to be created, or do you already have one in place. Arethere any API’s we can leverage for your success? What are your securityrequirements? Do you need to have your data encrypted - if so - wouldyou prefer we use an SHA-1, Blowfish, MD5 or CRC32 algorithm? Shouldwe be working with any third-party vendors? If so - what are theirnames and contacts?A completed Mobilezapp “Technical Questionnaire” puts our team ontrack to be able to successfully deliver a breath taking mobile app foryour organization. | 21
  22. 22. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appStakeholder interviews & meetingsOnce we have received both questionnaires, we are ready to speak withyour stakeholders. It is important we have the opportunity to speakwith the various leads of your business units who will benefit from therelease of your mobile application.We generally speak with members of the executive management team,sales personnel, marketing contacts, customer service leads and seniorlevel members within your IT/IS department. Our in-depth interviewsand meetings provide the Mobilezapp team with a solid understandingof each of the various goals within each respective department withinyour organization.Our stakeholder interviews generally take roughly a week to complete.Our team is willing to conduct interviews after working hours and onweekends to ensure we can rapidly execute your team’s mobile strategy. | 22
  23. 23. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appResearch and competitive analysisBased on the collected information, we identify the core use cases,functions and primary scenarios for your app. We carefully analyze howa mobile user will perceive, learn and use the app.Understanding user needs are critical, but it is equally importantto understand how the users’ needs are currently being met in themarketplace. An in-depth competitive user experience (UX) analysisprovides holistic view of the competitive landscape, which we referto throughout the app design process. There are multiple benefits ofconducting competitive UX analysis.For example, it provides us a view on best practices - aspects of designthat work well - can encompass almost any aspect of user experience,including flows, screen layout, controls, terminology. Understandingwhat the competitors are doing wrong also leads to insights aboutwhat we should avoid while designing your app. Although bestpractices for flows and user interface elements are important, but it isequally important to understand if the overall app meet the user needs.Competitive UX analysis help us assess where the competition hassucceeded in this regard and where they fall short.While doing UX competitive analysis, besides focusing on the strengthsand weaknesses in usability terms - Mobilezapp team also focus on theintangible and subtle qualities that makes an app more distinctive andattractive - qualities that inspire and get users excited about the app.As part of our Proof-of-Concept program we do a cursory competitiveanalysis. It is important we have at least a basic understanding of theother apps that are on the market and might compete with your app.We leverage collected information in designing beautiful yet highlyfunctional app for you. | 23
  24. 24. concept&architecture
  25. 25. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your app App concept and architecture development After being armed with research findings - user needs, scenarios, competitive analysis; we start with the process of application concept and architecture development. Starting with the hand drawn sketches for the app concept, we explore and capture all ideas. The early sketches give an opportunity to think through some of the design choices before they are implemented. Even during the early concept development, we give careful consideration to all senses that are at the designer’s disposal - sight, sound, touch. All mobile devices today let users interact fully through sight, sound and touch. We employ various methods during early app concept development - concept diagrams, concept posters, concept screens and storyboards. Many apps are part of a larger system that provides similar contentThe early sketches give or part of the content or services through the web or desktop. When designing an app for one of these services, we carefully consider thean opportunity to think entire system and the relationships between its various components.through some of the designchoices before they areimplemented. | 25
  26. 26. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appMethodologiesConcept diagrams provide a holistic view of such systems and caninclude connections between the components, paths users will takebetween components, the flow of the application etc. We use conceptscreen sketches in early phase to explore alternative directions withoutgetting into design details. For example, concept screens helps inillustrating one aspect of the user experience, while explaining theother elements in written annotations or verbally. We also use conceptscreens to explore alternative interaction models for a particularconcept.When appropriate we use storyboards - series of illustrations or imagesdisplayed in sequence. The main goal for the design is to be very “user-centric” and we storyboards where each illustration in the sequencerepresents an action the user must take to reach the scenario goal.Storyboards are also particularly effective in uncovering potential userexperience issues.As we walk through the sequence, we test out the app concept as auser will experience it and this helps in streamlining the entire userexperience. As far as possible, we design the app flows in such waythat the user is kept within the context of the app and try to limit thepossibility of user leaving the app which requires additional time andeffort for user to reorient themselves.The app flowchart and sketches serve as the blueprint for developingthe app prototype. | 26
  27. 27. wireframe&prototypes
  28. 28. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your app App concept prototype We develop working prototypes for the app concept to solve design problems, evaluate designs and communicate design ideas. This up- front prototyping also expedites the development process, saving valuable time and money. It is far cheaper to fix the problem while in prototyping stage then it is to fix the bug after the code is written. We develop interactive prototypes to evaluate design ideas - concepts, flows and interactions and to fine tune any user interaction and flow issues. We also use these prototypes to communicate app concepts with our customers and other stakeholders. We also use these prototypes to conduct extensive usability testing. Running such usability tests prior to coding the app can save valuableWe develop interactive time and money. We employ Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation method - or RITE method for all in-house testing. We observe multipleprototypes to evaluate users one by one as they use the app prototype and complete the tasks and scenarios. As a problem is discovered we make changes,design ideas - concepts, fixes and verify the effectiveness of these changes immediately. Weflows and interactions go through this iteration of test and fixing multiple times using the prototypes to ensure that the app concept is robust with no userand to fine tune any user interaction and flow issues.interaction and flow issues. | 28
  29. 29. UI &visual design
  30. 30. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your app User interface and visual design Mobilezapp develop the app user interface in such a way it adheres with the platform human interface guidelines. We understand that a great user interface follows human interface design principles that are based on the way people - users - think and work. A beautiful, intuitive, compelling user interface enhances an application’s functionality and inspires a positive emotional attachment in users. We use best practices when designing the app UI - be welcoming, know thy user, let the content shine, make selections fast and error-free, provide appropriate feedback and minimize the pain. We pay great attention and spend good amount of time on the application visual design. Visual design is an integral part of the overall app user experience. As users browse the app store and consider whatOnce users download the to purchase, the app’s visual design will factor into their decision. The users naturally gravitate towards better looking screenshots. Once usersapp, the visual design download the app, the visual design benefits move beyond the firstbenefits move beyond the impression.first impression. Effective visual design - coupled with strong user interface design - improves the app’s ease of use. Visual design can add delight to the user experience. Certain visual design elements may not be required for the app to work, but their absence would make certain apps much less desirable. We strive to make your app stand out among the others. | 31
  31. 31. developmentprocess
  32. 32. codemodulesNo need to reinvent the wheelBuilding a mobile app is much like building a customhome. There is no limit to the amount of money youcan spend on either. There are hundreds of differentprimary options and tens of thousands of secondary.We focus on determining the core elements you needwith your mobile app, the secondary features you wish,and then work toward building your “multi-milliondollar” home at a fraction of the cost you wouldnormally spend.Building a mobile app is also similar to building anautomobile from scratch. While some developers willtout their expertise in building an internal combustionengine - we will find one that is already built. The sameholds true for a transmission - it would cost a fortune tobuild one from scratch and very little to purchase onethat is already built.We’ve already built hundreds of mobile apps thushave a large library of code. Much of this can be usedfor your app. We focus on delivering a superb mobileapp at far less cost than you could receive from othersbecause of our primary belief that it is not necessary to“reinvent the wheel.”26 |
  33. 33. codemodulesOur library of codeMobilezapp can leverage our existing code libraries tobuilt an app much faster and cheaper.Below is a listing of our code library:21 CFR Part 11 Location Based Services3rd Party API Integration Loyalty ProgramsAudio Messaging MapsAugmented Reality Music LibraryBrand Builder MySpace IntegrationCalculator/Cost Estimator Online ReservationsCoupon Delivery PCI ComplianceCRM Connectivity Photo GalleryCustomizer QR Code/Bar CodeFacebook/Twitter RadioForm Builder RatingsFour Square RegistrationGPS Capabilities Surveys/PollsHIPAA Compliance Text MessagingLinkedIn Ticket PurchasingList Builder Web BrowserFor elements of code we will have to write fromscratch, we have two options. If you would allowMobilezapp to add your custom written code to ourlibrary for reuse, the cost is roughly half the investmentrequired should the code only be used for yourproject. You can provide us with an exemption list ofcompetitors, to ensure anything we provide for youwould not wind up in the wrong hands.27 |
  34. 34. industries
  35. 35. industriesIndustry experience and expertiseThe Mobilezapp team has tremendous experience andexpertise in a wide variety of industries. We’ve developedmobile apps for hundreds of different organizations rangingfrom Airlines to Zoos. With each of our developmentefforts we have learned a great deal about each respectiveindustry, rules and regulations, proprietary their revenuemodels, their customers and channel partners.With each of our development efforts we have learneda great deal about the industry segments, their revenuemodels, their customer profiles and the concerns they havearound security of proprietary and personal information.Our industry experience includes:Agriculture & MiningBusiness ServicesComputers & ElectronicsConsumer ServicesEducationEnergy & UtilitiesFinancial ServicesGovernmentHealthcare, Pharmaceuticals and BiotechManufacturingMedia & EntertainmentReal Estate & ConstructionRetailSoftware & InternetTelecommunicationsTransportation & StorageTravel, Recreation and LeisureWholesale & Distribution38 |
  36. 36. applicationsamples
  37. 37. application samplesGEICOPay your GEICO auto insurance bill and access yourcurrent insurance ID cards from your phone. AccidentHelper lets you take advantage of our Accident Helperwhich helps put you in contact with emergencyservices, gives you a place to organize photos andmuch more. Roadside Service – Locator features allowyou to find nearby tow services and gas stations...anywhere, anytime. Use your phone’s GPS or enter alocation manually, it’s up to you!Taxi/Rental Car – need a taxi to get home from therepair shop or maybe even after a night of fun? Want torent a car? Our locator will help find what you need inmoments.52 |
  38. 38. application samplesState FarmThe Pocket Agent™ is an extension of the exceptionalcustomer service offered in State Farm Agents offices,and shows State Farm is committed to being there forour customers in more ways than ever before. Hittingthe store with four key features, this app will helpcustomers recover from the unexpected even morequickly. With the Pocket Agent™, customers with an autopolicy registered on can:• Begin the claims submission process.• Locate Select Service repair facilities.• Contact their State Farm agent53 |
  39. 39. application samplesLufthansaThe Lufthansa Launcher makes planning your tripeven more convenient. As a registered Lufthansacustomer you need only save your access data onceonto your iPhone or IPod touch and you can call upLufthansa’s mobile services with just one click. You willgo straight to your summary and can easily check infor forthcoming flights whilst on the move. Book greatvalue flights on your mobile device without first havingto complete the login data. Direct access to your Miles& More account summary whenever and wherever youwant. With the Launcher you also have access to otherLufthansa mobile services.Mobilezapp has libraries that can connect to back-end reservation systems. We are experts at designinga graphical user interface that is sleek, elegant andhighly functional. Our code can be interchanged froman aircraft, to a concert hall or restaurant - the conceptis basically the same. Our technology allows users topay for tickets on airplanes, Broadway shows, concertperformances or restaurants.54 |
  40. 40. application samplesMercedes BenzThe Mercedes Benz iPhone app allows drivers tocustomize their in-vehicle experiences to fit their dailyneeds. It begins with an introduction of a whole newgeneration of innovative and personalized servicesthat fit into a drivers mobile lifestyle, keeping themconnected to people, places and services that areimportant to them and offering them enhanced safety,security and navigation options. The flexibility of thearchitecture allows Mercedes Benz to continually addnew features and innovations to keep Mercedes Benzon the forefront of the in-vehicle services.55 |
  41. 41. application samplesKitchen and bath channelBuilding or remodeling your kitchen or bath is acomplex endeavor, something many of us are notprepared to do without a professional at the helm.This free app connects homeowners with all typesof professionals associated with your new kitchen orbathroom. With a database of over 15,000 designers,builders, remodelers, woodworkers, retailers and morecoupled with a variety of searching options, you canfind the right professional for your project and in manycases view examples of their work.Features Include:• One touch dialing• One touch email• One touch website visits• One touch “Add to Contacts”• One touch map locator without leaving the app• Geo location• Project photos and videosSearch By:• Location• Certified professionals and professional designation• Room preference• Accreditation• Product category for purchasing• City• State• Professional’s name• Business name57 |
  42. 42. application samplesSuperpagesFinding the right person for the job can be a job itself.Especially when you’re on the go. With SuperpagesMobile, you can find local businesses quickly. Search bykeywords or popular categories such as “automotive”and “repair.” Choose a business backed by the award-winning SuperGuarantee and you’ll get the job doneright, or we’ll make it right.Add a review and photo. Let others know what youthought by creating a business review on the spot.Simply rate your experience “thumbs up” or “thumbsdown.”Get directions. Never get lost again. With SuperpagesMobile, you can get step-by-step, interactive drivingdirections with an option to add multiple stops alongthe way.Find movie and theater listings. Superpages Mobilemakes it easy to find your favorite movies playing at atheater near you. Browse films by name for show times,reviews and trailers.58 |
  43. 43. application samplesTalent search on iPadTask: Develop application that allows users to search andtrack talents using their mobile phones. Since there is alot of content in the application we made it really easyfor user to add talents, songs and videos to favoritesand get back to them whenever he/she wishes. Highperformance audio and video streaming lets you find andfollow talented artists. Audio and video streaming allowschecking out and uploading new songs and movies fromuser’s device as well as uploading user’s own music andvideos for audition. To make our search work in a smoothand easy manner, accessing a huge amount of data, webuilt a program using a robust designed algorithm thatincludes features like:• Entire application search• Audio streaming• Video streaming• Audio and video audition• Favorites• E-mail notificationsWe built an app that is very easy to use, works fast withmillions of records and users.59 |
  44. 44. application samplesCar and Driver magazineCar and Driver Mobile for Android is updated dailywith new content and photos, and includes manyfeatures from the regular site and some exclusivecontent. Car and Driver Mobile for Android is yourinstant connection to daily car news, photo galleries,reviews, and the rest of your favorite features. It features top stories, search, autoshows, and buying guide.61 |
  45. 45. application samplesEntrepreneur magazineEntrepeneur Magazine is one of the top magazinesin the United States where individuals interested instarting their own business can learn from others whohave done so previously. There are many tips aboutstarting a business including banking information,venture capital information, ways to incorporate, andmany others.62 |
  46. 46. application samplesDairy QueenThe Dairy Queen app empowers iPhone users withiPhone users with the ability to locate any of 4,600Dairy Queen locations throughout the United Statesbased upon their GPS coordinates. “DQ Craze” involvesquickly filling orders for “customers” clamoring forBlizzards and Dailly Bars and other Dairy Queenspecialties. To get points, you have to arrangematching rows of different Dairy Queen menu itemsthat correlate to what the customer wants.60 |
  47. 47. branding&advertising
  48. 48. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your app Branding Mobilezapp is a full service mobile application development agency. We provide an army of developers to write the code needed to create a superior mobile app on the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone platform. We also can assist your organization with branding services. These include designing a logo, business stationery, website design and other collateral materials necessary to launch any new business. We can leverage our extensive knowledge in the branding to create absolutely new effective brand for your company or product that will be distinctive, relevant, memorable, extensible and deep. We also can design and develop new brand for your new service,There are multiple ways to product, solution that should be part of your big the brand - throughinteraction, visual design,sound, voice, a distinct colorpalette and more. | 36
  49. 49. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appAdvertisingFor mobile apps that have large audience or that are meant to beused frequently, Mobilezapp can help with designing embeddedadvertisements for your app.You can use the embedded ads to advertise your company’s productswithin your app, to advertise your partners or sell the space to a thirdparty and earn money from the ads within your app.Mobilezapp can assist in designing an embedded advertisementsolution. There are three main mobile advertizing formats - In-lineDisplay, Interstitials, Post-Roll.In-line ads are shown alongside app content - at the top, bottom, oreven within the lists. The most common place is along the bottom, sinceit is the least disruptive yet still figures prominently into the app design.Interstitial ads are typically shown during natural transition points,such as when content is loading.Post-roll ads are typically full-screen like interstitials but they aredisplayed after users complete a specific task.As we design advertising formats to incorporate in the apps, wecarefully analyze multiple factors like using website links, incorporatingmusic, videos and maps.Incorporating ads is part of Mobilezapp overall design strategyand this early engagement, prior to writing the code, enables us tothink strategically about the placement of ads so a user can have anintegrated ad experience. | 37
  50. 50. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appe-Letter campaignsThrough Mobilezapp’s sister company, DayBreak Direct, we offer turnkeye-Letter programs to help promote your mobile applications. DayBreakhas over 13 million key decision makers within corporate, educationaland governmental accounts throughout the world. Our designers cancreate PDF files and PowerPoint presentations that can be deliveredautomatically with each email. Our engineers can ensure that each emailis delivered to contacts that have opted in to receive these offers. Ourmarketing coordinators will work closely with your internal marketingteam and advertising agencies to ensure we cohesively and effectivelyget the word out about your new technology solution.We provide turnkey email solutions: • Creative services • Micro-site creation • eMail delivery • Lead qualificationMobilezapp is the only firm that not only can work with you in order tocreate the idea, write the code but also to proactively disseminate yourmessage to the world. | 38
  51. 51. proof-of-concept - the blueprint of your appDirect mail marketingOur Key Decision Maker database presents great opportunities to takeadvantage of direct mail. We provide the correct street addresses plus zipcode + 4 for all - thus saving your organization money with your delivery.We have over ten million of decision makers working for corporate,education and government accounts throughout the globe.We can work with your direct mail house to deliver mail by: • Industry • Organization name • Key words • Job titleWe have one of the most comprehensive and organized contact listdatabases available today. If you are trying to deliver a direct mail pieceto key decision makers throughout the world - Mobilezapp’s database isthe best-in-class. | 40
  52. 52. contactusLet’s get this party startedGive me a telephone call, send me an email, text me,hit me up on Facebook, tweet me, connect with me onLinkedIn, send me a smoke signal - but let’s hook up.Andrew WattsVice President of Business DevelopmentSpring, TXandrew.watts@mobilezapp.com713.816.527880 |
  53. 53. contactus