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The Best Mobile App Marketing of 2016


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The best mobile app marketing the Localytics team saw during 2016 (onboarding, push notifications, in-app messaging, etc.)

Published in: Mobile
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The Best Mobile App Marketing of 2016

  1. 1. (wesaw) TheBestMobileMarketing^in2016
  2. 2. Mobilewaskindofabigdealin2016. Pokemon GO Rich push comes to iOS iPhone 7 released Mobile payments pick up steam Geopush more widely adopted iOS 10 is released Google pixel released Samsung Galaxy 7 fires
  3. 3. BASICALLY,ATONOFSH*THAPPENED. (Wantavisualrecap?We’vegotyoucovered)
  4. 4. Butwhataboutmobilemarketing?Whodiditright?
  6. 6. GooglePhotos Value prop clearly stated
  7. 7. GooglePhotos(Continued) Permission to push explaining the benefit to the user. Ability to bypass onboarding at anytime.
  9. 9. Netflix easy symbol to remember clear CTAs clear indication this is a new feature
  10. 10. Redfin great way to boost engagement and attract new users to the app
  11. 11. Audible new feature that provides additional benefits to members and reaffirms Audible’s value prop
  13. 13. OpenTable clear confirmation actionable CTAs menu listed will keep users in-app longer
  14. 14. Starbucks clear order confirmation all the order information needed: order pick-up time receipt/tip location information & directions
  15. 15. GoogleMaps perfect alert based off of an in-app action. it’s highly relevant and important information for the end user to receive.
  16. 16. BESTIN-APP:Permissions
  17. 17. UnderArmour very punny user benefits of enabling push clever way to keep the door open to push in the future
  18. 18. Waze highlights key feature of the new version aimed at boosting engagement.
  19. 19. Target all 3 of Target’s permission requests are compelling and clearly state the value to the user
  20. 20. Wayfair outlines the exclusive benefits the user is privy to by opting-in
  21. 21. Headspace having a “soft” ask matches the app’s branding
  22. 22. BESTIN-APP:Rateme?
  23. 23. Buzzfeed,TuneIn,&Waze All 3 rate requests are branded to the look and feel of the app, rather than the standard iOS request
  24. 24. BestPushNotification:Reminder
  25. 25. OpenTable&Ulta friendly reservation reminder so the user doesn’t go hungry. puts Ulta back at top-of-mind for all those last minute holiday shoppers
  26. 26. BestPushNotification:Transactional
  27. 27. Instacart a nice “heads up” so you know exactly when your groceries will arrive a perfect way to nudge users to check out, and remind them that feedback is key to a more personalized experience
  28. 28. BestPushNotification:ALERT
  29. 29. Hopper&Bandsintown These alerts let users know about new happenings. Bonus points go to both apps for personalizing the messaging based off of in-app actions.
  30. 30. BestGeoPush
  31. 31. Expedia,VIRGINAIRWAYS,&TRIPADVISOR All 3 of these push notifications were sent based on the user’s location (hotel & airport) and provide pertinent information that’s beneficial to them.
  32. 32. BestPushNotification-Re-Engagement
  33. 33. TriviaCrack,Hopper,&Runkeeper Trivia Crack appeals to the user with humor, which works with the light-hearted nature of the game. Hopper taps into location based data to draw users back.
  34. 34. BestEdgyMobileMarketing (Warning-Thesecanbeviewedasoffensivetosomepeople)
  35. 35. Bumble&BarstoolSports Both of these edgy mobile marketing examples work because of the nature of the apps and their target demographics.
  36. 36. Andthat’sawrapon2016.
  37. 37. Wantthelatestandgreatestmobilemarketing bestpractices,industrytrends,anddata? (andmaybeafewgifs?) ( clickme)