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Datability-Improve Compliance and Student Performance Through Data Driven Education


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Datability is an ipad app designed to help teachers take and analyze educational data in a timely and easy manner.

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Datability-Improve Compliance and Student Performance Through Data Driven Education

  1. 1. Michael Radicone MSEd A Data Collection and Reporting tool for Educational Professionals.
  2. 2. There's A Rift Forming In Education Some say it's an art, others a science. Why can't it be both?
  3. 3. –Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web “Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”
  4. 4. Features Keep your roster, goals, and all related data right on your tablet. Datability organizes anecdotal notes, percentage data, and educational artifacts. Take the guesswork out of data collection. Datability reminds you to collect data through updates and notifications. Any data points missed are stored in the Pending Updates sections. When data is collected, it is recorded for the day missed helping to improve compliance. Share concise reports with colleagues and families. Datability produces full color reports with pictures, notes, and percentages in line graph format. Insight and suggestions. Based on the student's data, Datability will suggest a progress report grade. Secure and confidential. Datability is password protected and only the student's first and last 3 letters of the last name are saved.
  5. 5. Add Your Students Only the first and last 3 letters of the student's name are shown to protect privacy. Your students and their goals are viewable in the Student List section.
  6. 6. Assign Goals Create your own goals or log into your web based IEP/RTI service. Copy or cut & paste info. Or use Import Data function* *Listing must be Excel report format and be in csv or xls file.
  7. 7. Automatically Upload Roster and Goals Using Import Data Function District must have the listing function set up to use this function. Users must have Dropbox, Google drive, or iCloud Drive set up.
  8. 8. Import Data Using Log in to your account. Select Listing Select the List that includes all of the users students and goals. Select Listing
  9. 9. Import Data Continued... Select the Excel icon and process the report. This may take you to a blank screen which is normal. Tapping the screen brings up the Open In dialogue. Open the report in Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud.
  10. 10. Import Data Continued.... Select Import Data on Datability. Select where you want to import the data from. Select the file
  11. 11. Excel Report Format Last Name First Name Goal Goal Criteria Goal Criteria Period Goal Procedure Goal Schedule Goal Responsibility
  12. 12. 
 Take Data Bases on the schedule of the goal, Datability sends the user notifications when it's time to take data. These same updates are located in the Pending Update section.
  13. 13. Pending Updates • Data dates remain in the updates section until data is collected. • Data points are recorded for the date that was missed, no matter when you put them in. • Pending updates may be removed from list.
  14. 14. Types of Data Percentage Educational Artifact Anecdotal notes Student progress towards mastery
  15. 15. Data Driven Education Print and email full color reports. Pictures, percentages graphed, notes. Based on the percentage of times the educator indicates progress was made, Datability will suggest a progress report grade.
  16. 16. Other Consideration Regular Ed teachers can collect data on their goals (BIP, personal goals). Reevaluate the way we write goals. More measurable. Back map student growth to common core goals. Tie data to special education teacher evaluations. Students can take their own data.
  17. 17. Contact Information Michael Radicone (516)298-4079 Datability by DEMBRY LLC