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5 factors affecting language learning strategies


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A task from my LLS lecturer, Prof Mohamed Amin Embi on Factors affecting LLS.

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5 factors affecting language learning strategies

  1. 1. • Ellis (1994) – the effort of learning a language due to the will and need of a students to learn it. • Gardner (1985) – 3 important component defining motivation : the effort, willing to learn and the satisfaction in doing the task or activity. • 2 categories of motivation : integrative/universal and instrumental/concrete (Gardner and Lambert, 1972) • Oxford and Nyikos (1989) – motivation is the biggest factors affecting language learning strategies.
  2. 2. • Politzer (1983) – survey made on 90 students studied French, Spanish and German show that women used social learning strategy more than men. • Oxford & Nyikos (1989) – gender differences has a big influences on the usage of learning strategies. • Cross (1983) – gender differences in language achievement influenced by the gender of the teacher that taught the language.
  3. 3. • Politzer (1983) – In USA, students that learning Spanish only used positive learning strategies less than others that learned French and German. • Chang (2007) - female learners showed significantly greater use of language learning strategies than did male learners in three of six categories on the SILL: cognitive strategies, metacognitive strategies, and social strategies
  4. 4. • Surtridge (1997) – the difference of background culture educational system build difference strength and weaknesses of students. • O’Malley & Chamot (1990) - Origin country and ethnic gives effect on the easy or difficulties of organizing new learning strategies. • Oxford (1994) – Asian students like to use memorizing strategies.
  5. 5. • Oxford (2005) – claimed that learning styles and strategies are the main factor affecting language learning strategies. • Pei-Shi (2012) – students that used auditory learning style use more social strategies than others that used visual learning style. • Ehrman & Oxford (1990) – Extroverts show a strong preferences of social strategies while introvert used more of metacognitive strategies