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  1. 1. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Foundation in Natural and Built Environment (FNBE) April 2013 intake CTS Final Project Group Documentation (Group A) Group Name: Magmus Group Members: Chua Jia Cheng (Leader), Chia Wee Min, Ling Hui Sim, Melvin Lim, Wong Voon Yin Game Chosen: Do Your Hanger! Foundation in Natural and Built Environment (FNBE) Taylor's Lakeside University
  2. 2. Game Poster
  3. 3. Group Photo From left : Ling Hui Sim, Chia Wee Min, Chua Jia Cheng, Wong Voon Yin, Melvin Lim Group Name (Process) 1) Exclusiveness (vote :1 ) means complete , always as one group 2) Magmus (Vote: 3) [FINALIZED] represents Fire / magma , strong, powerful 3) Gamer [vote: 0] represents gamer, playing games
  4. 4. Group T-shirt & Logo (Process) Logo Concept: Fire, Lava, Magmus, Burning, Bright Front Back
  5. 5. Front Back
  6. 6. Group T-shirt & Logo (Finalize) No printing at the back of the T-shirt Reason: because it's too expensive Finalized T-shirt and Logo Reason: Font are simple and the T-shirt design is clean and affordable.
  7. 7. Process of the Game Tournament Sketches
  8. 8. Finalization of the Game Tournament
  9. 9. Group Instruction Video Link: