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  1. 1. Women of the Revolution Dom, Emily, Matthew, and Bianca
  2. 2. What they didTook care of the household while theirhusbands were goneDid not by British goodsHeld protests about no taxation withoutrepresentation
  3. 3. Abigail AdamsLoved to learnWrote letters to her husbandabout Ideas to help improvecongressMade sure her husband treatedwomen justly
  4. 4. Penelope BarkerLed the Edenton TeaPartyWrote up a declarationagainst teaAll the women thatattended signed
  5. 5. Patience WrightMoved back to Englandafter living in the coloniesSent information aboutthe English side in waxsculptures she madeHelped Americanprisoners escape