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  • Two times the size, more than three times the population
  • Women are important to society, but do not have equal rightsFolk tales
  • Attendance not compulsoryYears like our schoolSubjects???Percent goes to universityTypical day (time)
  • What crops?
  • Summit = when all of the leaders of the states in ethiopia get toether and have a conference
  • Color same because it the oldest independent country
  • Ethiopia

    1. 1. ETHIOPIASydney Moore, January 2012
    2. 2. GEOGRAPHY• Eastern Africa• About two times the size of Texas• 1,104,300 sq miles• Some volcanic activity• Landmarks: Aksum, ruins, Dejen, mountains, Erta Ale, volcano, Hadar, archeology site• National parks: Semian Mountains, Abijatta-Shalla
    3. 3. GEOGRAPHY’S IMPACT• Landlocked• Many rivers but no irrigation• Nyalas and wolves common A nyala, a common animal in Ethiopia
    4. 4. CLIMATE• Same four seasons we have• Monsoon season June- August• Rainy summer• Dry winter• Different than ours
    5. 5. POPULATION• Ethiopia - 91 million Age 0 to 14 yrs• Texas - 26 million 15 to 64 yrs• Over 80 different ethnic > 65 yrs groups
    6. 6. CULTURE• Religion• Language• Women not equal• Folk tales
    7. 7. RELIGION AND LANGUAGE Religion Language Orthodox Muslim Protestant Amargina Other Oromigna Tigrigna Somaligna Guaragigna Sidamigna Other
    8. 8. EDUCATION• Literacy rate: 42.7%• 12 years schooling• Universities• 65 students per teacher• Typical day Ethiopian school children
    9. 9. GOVERNMENT• President Girma Wolde-Giorgis• Prime Minister Meles Zenawi• Restricted Democratic Practice• Federal Parliamentary Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia’s prime Assembly (two houses) minister, with English prime minister• Ethiopian citizen over 18 votes
    10. 10. ECONOMICS• Farming: main industry• Other industries: food processing, beverages, textiles, leather, chemic als, metals processing, cement• Work force: 85% agriculture• 39% below poverty line• World economy rank: 19
    11. 11. MAJOR HISTORY• Kingdom of Aksum• The Dark Ages• The Italian Period• World War 2 Ruins from the ancient city of Aksum
    12. 12. DAILY LIFE• Women: care for home and children• Men: support the family• Children (male): help fathers• Children (female): help mother
    13. 13. CURRENT EVENTS• Rebel attacks• Olympics ban• African Union Summit The African Union Summit
    14. 14. THE ETHIOPIAN FLAG• Many other countries have same color• Pentagram is unity and equality• Green is hope and land fertility• Yellow is justice and harmony• Red is sacrifice• Blue disk is peace
    15. 15. BIBLIOGRAPHY•••••••••••••••