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Sales Shift: How Inbound Marketing Has Turned Sales Upside Down


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Frank Belzer VP of Corporate Training at Kurlan and Associates provides an overview of how Inbound Marketing has revolutionized the sales process.

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Sales Shift: How Inbound Marketing Has Turned Sales Upside Down

  1. 1. DECEMBER 10TH 2013 START TIME: 2:00PM ET 11:00AM PT Frank Belzer VP of Corporate Training Kurlan and Associates Host: Neal Cranna, Director of Marketing Maximizer CRM
  2. 2. What is Inbound Marketing? WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  3. 3. TRADITIONAL Cold Calling Cold Emails (SPAM) Interruptive Ads Marketer Centric vs vs WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM INBOUND SEO Blogging Attraction Customer Centric © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  4. 4. The old marketing playbook is BROKEN. 86% 91% skip TV ads unsubscribe from email 44% of direct mail is never opened WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM 200M on the Do Not Call list © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  5. 5. You don’t find customers anymore. They find you. WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  6. 6. The customer is in control. WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  7. 7. The world has changed… Marketing AND Sales needs to change, too. WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  8. 8. Why we are here The way we sell has been forever transformed by the way people buy. The idea that selling has changed is not new – what is new are the approaches, techniques and philosophy that sales teams require to benefit from this WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM shift. © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  9. 9. Featured Speaker Frank Belzer Kurlan and Associates @fbelzer Frank Belzer is the author of Sales Shift which details how inbound marketing has turned sales upside down. WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  10. 10. What has happened to…… Your Sales Pipeline Your Sales Cycle Your Sales Process Your Sales Priorities Your Top Sales People
  11. 11. Buyers no longer need/in fact they hate The sharing of information about your product, your company or the sales person To know what you think or what others think about your product or your solution Hearing about the technical superiority or functionality An unnecessary demo or trial To be treated like a number/everyone else A process that adds no value to what they have done already on their own
  12. 12. But they long for Someone to help fill in the pieces Someone to ask them the right questions Someone to make them feel important Someone that builds a true business relationship Someone that isn’t scared to push back if they have drawn some wrong conclusions Someone to help them customize the solution
  13. 13. Less time to build the relationship Only 24% of sales people excel at building relationships early enough in the process Engaging the prospect Recognizing that the way they feel about you (the rep) will have an impact on the lead converting into a viable sales opportunity May no longer have the luxury of “in person meeting” which means the phone conversations and email exchanges need to be better than they were in the past!
  14. 14. Truly consultative sales people Only 21% of current sales population can be described as truly consultative Listen more than they talk Know how to ask great high gain questions of the prospect Become the value that the prospect cannot get anywhere else Create a “comfort level” for the prospect that enables them to make a decision Establish trust
  15. 15. Pipeline management We need to have more customization within our pipeline to accommodate the different buying patterns of the prospects that are in our funnel We need to know that not every lead is a prospect We need to understand how we differentiate and utilize lead nurturing We need to recognize that even when someone raises their hand and requests help it might take 10 plus attempts to actually speak with them Although they came to us through a digital interaction we must treat them like people
  16. 16. The big shifts in how we sell We started the sales discussion They started the discussion We picked the topic/application They selected their area of interest We set the timelines They have their own timeline We used our process They are in the middle of their buying process We shared the information we wanted to share We focused on getting to the ultimate decision maker They already have information and they are looking for something else They are deciding collaboratively and have an internal team to do that
  17. 17. Expectations have changed The B2C and B2B worlds have merged - Impact of Amazon They haven’t only looked at you – they have looked at everyone All “sites” are created equal An inbound lead is drawn to your company for some reason and they expect their interaction with sales to validate that and not contradict it An inbound lead has not only been educated on your product or service during the course of their research, they have also learned about buying and negotiating with you.
  18. 18. The tendency might be…… Although the tendency might be to approach a lead as if they are far along in the process and ready to buy the right thing to do is assume they are a red light opportunity Although the tendency may be to simply pick up the process wherever the lead appears to be the right thing to do is back up and validate their earlier steps Although the tendency might be to treat everyone at certain stages of the funnel the same way it is actually better to individualize and differentiate
  19. 19. A common story
  20. 20. Our SHIFT A Unique Challenge • Amplify marketing efforts with flat budget • Expand presence in competitive segment • Increase inbound leads quality • Accelerate efforts with smaller team • Create better sales conversations WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  21. 21. Amplify Marketing Efforts
  22. 22. Webinar:
  23. 23. Results of SHIFT Inbound Web Metrics • 13% increase in traffic, • 20% increase in Unique visitors • 19.2% increase in page per visit WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  24. 24. Results of SHIFT Lead Quality • Invalid leads down - 73%, • Sales lead retention up - 52% Cost/Time Savings • Marketing Headcount – Down 33% • Metrics Admin – Saving 16 hrs. per month WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  25. 25. What we learned • Sales Shift • • • • • Need leadership buy-in to SHIFT Training of new staff is crucial Re-evaluate long existing process Engagement of low level leads Becoming advisors, consultants and value add to the prospect journey WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.
  26. 26. Questions? Call Maximizer: 1-800-804-6299 Frank Belzer Kurlan and Associates Request a Tool Kit: WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM © 2013 Maximizer Software Inc.