Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales Upside-Down


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It's not who you know but who knows you in today’s hyper-connected marketplace. The consumer owns your brand, and you need a solid strategy and set of principles to engage the marketplace.

Nimble Small-to-Medium size businesses armed with social media tools and insights can in many cases now compete for mind-share and wallet-share like never before.

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  • Shane Gibson is an international speaker and author who has addressed over 100,000 people over the past 17 years on stages in North America, Southern Africa and South America. He is in high demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of social media and sales performance.Shane's books include Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside Down. Closing Bigger the Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals and his new book published by Entrepreneur Press (McGraw Hill) called Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, which was co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson.As a trainer, coach and speaker, Shane combines a diverse background in sales force leadership, new entrepreneur development and social media marketing to develop unique presentations and solutions for his clients. Shane is also Canada’s only Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer.
  • Start is Shane. Mentions social media experts.Steve: We’re amateurs all learning
  • Shane talks about Krisitan
  • Shane: HummerUbertor: Competitor Spam story
  • Shane share’s his favorite quote
  • Steve covers Disengaged. Introduces thought leaders.
  • Steve Introduces the Reverse Drip
  • Shane is odd.
  • Shane talks about George – Power Bar story.
  • Steve talks about Realtors – Shane talks outsourcing networking
  • Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales Upside-Down

    1. 1. Maximizer CRM in 2 Minutes CRM leader since 1987 CRM provider for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Divisions of Large Enterprises Vancouver based with Global reach Over 1 million licenses sold
    2. 2. Maximizer Industries and CustomersFinancialServicesManufacturingWholesale/DistributionServicesOthers
    3. 3. Maximizer CRM in 2 MinutesA Complete Solution  Sales, Service and Marketing  Invest and grow ‘Say no to add ons’All Access Options  Desktop, Web & Mobile  Full mobility on smartphones and tabletsDelivery Methods  On-premise (customer owns & hosts application)  Cloud-based (customer subscribes, Maximizer Software hosts)
    4. 4. Guest Speaker:Shane is the Chief Social Officer andCo-founder of SOCIALIZED! –Clean Solutions for Messy Business.Their mission is to help you effectivelyintegrate and profit from social media byfully equipping your organization with thetools and the know-how for social mediaengagement and success.
    5. 5. How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down With Shane Gibson @shanegibson
    6. 6. “I think that’sgoing tobreak.” @ShaneGibson
    7. 7. “The Customer Owns Your Brand” @ShaneGibson
    8. 8. @ShaneGibson
    9. 9. @ShaneGibson
    10. 10. 900 million@ShaneGibson
    11. 11. 150 Million@ShaneGibson
    12. 12. 300 million updates/day @ShaneGibson
    13. 13. @ShaneGibson
    14. 14. 3Billion Views/Day @ShaneGibson
    15. 15. Return on Investment @ShaneGibson
    16. 16. Return on Investment @ShaneGibson
    17. 17. “It’s not about B2B or B2C it is really about person to person.” @ShaneGibson
    18. 18. “If you think you are a leader and no one is following you... You’re actually just going for a walk” @ShaneGibson
    19. 19. @ShaneGibson
    20. 20. The Reverse Drip @ShaneGibson
    21. 21. Rules of Engagement#1 Stop pitching and start connecting#2 Doers win in the game of social media#3 It’s not about you#4 Be fearless in your contribution to community#5 Don’t be a social spammer, engage#6 Be authentic#7 Be consistent @ShaneGibson
    22. 22. George Moen – CEO, Blenz Coffee @ShaneGibson
    23. 23. @ShaneGibson
    24. 24. Don’t outsource your personal brand @ShaneGibson
    25. 25. Who blogs anyway? @ShaneGibson
    26. 26. Islands@ShaneGibson
    27. 27. Ecosystem@ShaneGibson
    28. 28. Social media marketing is about LISTENING@ShaneGibson
    29. 29. “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing cansucceed.” - Abraham Lincoln @ShaneGibson
    30. 30. Business Intelligence•• Google Alerts••••• @ShaneGibson
    31. 31. @ShaneGibson
    32. 32. @ShaneGibson
    33. 33. @ShaneGibson
    34. 34. @ShaneGibson
    35. 35. @ShaneGibson
    36. 36. @ShaneGibson
    37. 37. @ShaneGibson
    38. 38. @ShaneGibson
    39. 39. What Platforms? @ShaneGibson
    40. 40. @cforbesoklahoma @ShaneGibson
    41. 41. @cforbesoklahoma @ShaneGibson
    42. 42. Getting Sociable! @ShaneGibson
    43. 43. Launch Plan1. Identify Your Goal2. Identify Your Target Audience and your Nanotribes3. Pick the Right Platforms4. Map out Social Etiquette and Policy (Rules and Tools Training)5. Implement Listening and Engagement Strategy6. Know Core Pains, Dreams and Goals7. Uniquely Communicate Solutions Mixing Marketing and Community @ShaneGibson
    44. 44. ResourcesSlides and links: Media Podcast:http://closingbigger.netSocialized: @ShaneGibson
    45. 45. Making the CRM Connection How to leverage social media to increase sales? How to leverage social media to improve service? Practical steps for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) Begin by building ‘Social Profiles’
    46. 46. Building Social Profiles
    47. 47. Building Social Profiles
    48. 48. Building Social Profiles
    49. 49. Building Social Profiles
    50. 50. Building Social Profiles
    51. 51. Building Social Profiles
    52. 52. Building Social Profiles
    53. 53. Building Social Profiles
    54. 54. Questions?Follow: @MaximizerCRM @ShaneGibsonVisit: maximizer.comEmail: info@maximixer.comCall: 1.800.804.6269