3 qualities that define a successful agency


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Successful inbound marketing agencies need to be extremely selective when choosing clients. They also need to specialize in their service offering. But most importantly they need to focus on their employees first. These are lessons learned from attending HubSpot's gold and platinum partner day in Boston MA.

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3 qualities that define a successful agency

  1. 1. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com CMB Partner Office Hours 3 qualities that define a successful inbound agency Every Tuesday @3pm Eastern www.contentmarketingblueprint.com
  2. 2. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Max Traylor VP Business Development at Content Marketer’s Blueprint Director of Client Services at Innovative Marketing Resources +MaxTraylor Linkedin/in/maxtraylor
  3. 3. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Jason Swenk Digital-preneur https://twitter.com/jswenk https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason swenk https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Jaso nSwenk01
  4. 4. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com What is the CMB Community? A team of inbound marketing agencies that sell and deliver services using the Content Marketer’s Blueprint. Join the Conversation: @CMBlueprint or +ContentMarketersBlueprint
  5. 5. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Today’s Schedule 15 minutes: Presentation 20 minutes: Open discussion
  6. 6. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com After the Webinar www.contentmarketingblueprint.com/blog • Webinar recording • Slides • Blog article
  7. 7. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Today’s Topic: 3 qualities that define a successful inbound agency www.contentmarketingblueprint.com
  8. 8. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #1 Top agencies know who they can help and who they can’t.
  9. 9. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com What gets in the way of being selective?  Race to first “big” client  Financial instability  Revenue fever
  10. 10. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Know who you can help  Recognizes need for change  Access to decision makers  Budget to support growth  You are passionate about the business  You have contacts/experience in their industry  They have a product that solves a problem  Their value is unique among competitors  They have a documented sales process  They have owned media assets (website visitors, email lists, social footprint)
  11. 11. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Know who you can’t help  Reluctant to change  Lots of marketing red tape  Budget for your starter plan  The business doesn’t interest you  You don’t have any leverage in their industry  There is no “need” for the product  They are the same as their competition  They don’t’ have a sales process  No website traffic or owned resources to plug into
  12. 12. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Why be selective?  Maximize the value of your time  Leverage your experience  Differentiate yourself (marketing)
  13. 13. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #2 Top agencies know exactly how to help their clients.
  14. 14. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Don’t overload your plate Brand Development Inbound Marketing Sales Alignment • Buyer persona • Website development • Brand positioning • Strategy • Management • Content • Design • Implementation • Paid Search • Social Media… • CRM consulting • CRM integrations • Sales process consulting
  15. 15. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Specialize  Excellence  Efficiency  Master the process  Fill the gaps with strategic partnership (who are excellent at what THEY do
  16. 16. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #3 Top agencies focus on your employees.
  17. 17. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Failure
  18. 18. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Retention  Get to know where they really want to be in 3 years  Help them build their personal brand to get them there  Select clients they WANT to work with
  19. 19. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Next Session: Tuesday April 29th @ 3:00 PM “Inbound Success Requires More Than Marketing” Sign up at: www.contentmarketingblueprint.com/2014- webinars