Oakland Freedom Schools 2012 Yearbook


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The Oakland Freedom Schools operated at Frick Middle school for the summer of 2012. Check out the awesome events, field trips and exciting fun these children had while learning.

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Oakland Freedom Schools 2012 Yearbook

  1. 1. OAKLANDFREEDOM SCHOOLSummer 2012 Oakland, California
  2. 2. Nedra Ginwright Macheo PayneCongratulations OFS 2012!“OFS! We Manifest! We choose the path that’s best from east to west,we put ourselves to the test ‘cause we refuse to settle for less!”You have completed the summer of Oakland Freedom Schools 2012,an experience you will never forget!We hope you have appreciated learning all about your culture,heritage and history as children of African decent for the purpose ofinstilling a strong sense of pride in who you are.We also hope you have grown a love for reading and great bookswritten by and about black people from all over the world.Lastly, we hope you continue to internalize and express the principlesof unity and self determination and pulling together our hearts, ourminds and our spirits for the liberation of all people everywhere!With Love,The OFS Leadership TeamLaCole Martin, Site CoordinatorNedra Ginwright & Macheo Payne, Co-Directors LaCole MartinOakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 3
  3. 3. Thank you OFS Volunteers!Youth Volunteers: Khari, Benny, Simone, Adriana, Umar, Ali, DJ, Ammar, Shaun, Christiana,Michael, Ife, Mya, Malia, Elijah, and Kiara.Community service organizations BayUp, OUSD African American Male Initiative, CEO Program.4 OFS Photos, Videos, and Updates: www.Facebook.com/OakFreedom
  4. 4. OFS OAKLAND FREEDOM SCHOOL CONTENTS SUMMER 2012 Oakland Freedom School (OFS), a partnership between Leadership Excellence and Lincoln Child Center, is a five-week literacy and cultural enrichment program serving children ages 5-14 years old.CLASS PHOTOS8 Bro. Sizwe10 Sis. Tiara12 Sis. Melissa14 Sis. Samiyah16 Sis. Jasmine20 Bro. Justin22 Sis. Tyresa24 Bro. Sahfari28 Bro. Eric30 Sis. Marketa32 Bro. Durwin The Meet the 2012 OFSEVENTS AFRICAN Servant Leader18 D.E.A.R. Day 2012 Drop Everything And Read Aloud AVENGERS Teacher Interns26 OFS HipHop Day Respecting the history, culture CLASS PHOTOS 1838 Parent ‘Chat and Chew’ What do 2012 OFS Scholars want to be Drop Everything And Read Aloud when they grow up? See Pages 8-35FIELD TRIPS6 Lawrence Hall of Science OFS Scholars explore the sciences36 Academy of Science OFS Scholars explore the worldDesign, Layout and Photographs 26 6by Reginald James(unless noted otherwise)www.reginaldjames.info Oakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 5
  5. 5. LAWRENCE HALL OF SCIENCEUniversity of California, Berkeley; Berkeley, Calif. 6
  6. 6. Oakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 7
  7. 7. KWAME NKRUMAHThe Kwame Nkrumah class The scholars loved when I wouldof OFS 2012 was definitely come dressed in Kinte ClothFaannttastic, Teeerrrriiifffic, outfits or bring artifacts to theGrrreeeaatttt, ALL DAY LONG! classroom like an Ashanti mask or different fabrics thatThis year scholars were able to came from the continent.experience a taste of West Africathrough historical analysis, creative Although these five weeksplay, innovative art activities, and have went by in the blink ofa wealth of culturally relevant an eye I am very proud of thechildren’s books. Kwame Nkrumah Class and see growth within every Scholar.Our primary focus was on Ghanaand the importance of African This summer at OFS has truly beenunity. As a class we created POWERFUL! HARAMBEE!!our own Adinkra Cloth, madeGhanaian flags, and discussed the With Love,importance/ beauty of our AfricanDiaspora. Brother Sizwe8 ‘Africa Must Unite!’ – Nkrumah
  8. 8. Sizwe’s Kwame Nkrumah Class Level 1Ayoluwa Thomas Deshara Reed Giovanni Librick Javaughn BaileyDoctor Firefighter To Be Determined Basketball PlayerNassor Gant Safir StillsFather Soccer Player Kwame NkrumahTajiri McCalla Tasahni RochellBasketball Player Basketball Player Red is for Our Blood Yellow is for Our RichnessTesla Anaman Green is for Our Land Tyna AushinDoctor Black is for Our Diaspora PrincessOakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 9
  9. 9. La Clase I fondly refer to my class as Their favorite book this summer, is ‘Clase’...which is simply class in one from my personal collection, Spanish. The children are amazing called “Meeow”. Meeow is a black little students with big personalities. cat with some cool animals friends! I feel so much love coming from them, and I try my best to return theWe are excited to be putting favor. together a mini ‘I feel so much love play inspired by They enjoy our class discussions coming from them.’ “Meoow” for the OFS graduation! where we’ve talked about everything from nightmares So get ready to round your applause about one eyed green monsters to for the OFS players: Ella, Harmony, discussions about favorite fruits! Santiago, Frank, Akeelah, Erika, They love playing in centers, which Jacob, Violet & A’nami!. are 3 areas where they rotate in groups and play with toys, play With Love, dough, and practice writing by copying text out of books. Sister Tiara10
  10. 10. Sista Tiara’s Class (Clase) Level 1A’nami Anderson Akeelah Nelson Eliana Dyas-Cray Erikah WashingtonDoctor Lawyer Veternarian, Doctor Baker Frank Tiscareno Harmony Marbley Gazillionaire Pop Star Jacob Shipp Santiago Sodaye To be Determined Astronaut Books to Read: “Those Shoes” by Maribeth Boelts ‘Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace’ by James Posimos “Mr. George Baker” Violet Shipp Xavi’Yer Doakes by Amy Hest Fashion Model MermanOakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 11
  11. 11. My name is Melissa Jones The theme of my how OFS has invadedand this was my first year classroom was their households and howteaching at OFS. “Madagascar,” also known reading to their children as the jungle safari. We inspires them daily.My experience with have introduced somethe students have been animalistic characters onto Their have been manyphenomenal. From singing our environment as well as books in the class thatto dancing to reading being free within our own my scholars haveand art projects, we have jungle. connected to anddefinitely been a class have definitelythat has explored all of I have made connections enjoyed.the possibilities of a fun with the scholarslearning environment. and have seen many breakthroughs such as12 parents commenting on
  12. 12. Sister Melissa’s Class Level 1Amin Scott Elijah Davis Jaylin Brown Kevin McDanielProfessional Boxer Beyblade Master Singer, Dancer Baseball PlayerMakayla Gilder Makeda Booker Marquez Martin Samahdi ScottTeacher To be Determined Police DoctorFor instance, ”Thoseshoes” by Maribeth Boeltshas been a favorite to readat D.E.A.R time.I have made it a point toinclude my scholars talentsand ideas to make sinceof themselves in the firstweek. Sunni ScottIn the second week I Firefighter,have inspired them to Professional Boxerincorporate their families;making them cards,sharing, appreciating The fourth week We have come full circle in I am honored to have beentogetherness. incorporated the Globe, gaining knowledge about apart of this experience and trivia games to ourselves, OFS culture, and I am looking forwardIn the third week we increase their knowledge and different people. to OFS next year.went to the park to clean and explore other cultures.our community, explain We are all one unit, one Sister Melissathat within this space we Five weeks expresses our sound, one big Harambeeshould pull together in understanding and purpose circle for life.Harambee in our cities. of life.Oakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 13
  13. 13. YEMAYA Graphic: http://wolfberry-j.deviantart.com/ Sister Samiyah Yemaya is a Goddess of Yoruba origins in West Africa. She is the Mother of all Orishas, the essence of Motherhood, and a protector14 of children. Goddess of the Ocean, she is depicted as a mermaid.
  14. 14. Sista Samiyah’s Class Level 1Ajene Snaer Caleb Kuper Dabria Reed Dialo AsheRockstar, Spy Basketball Player Fashion Model DoctorElijah Burciaga Hanif Howard Javier Ulises Tello KaiefayScientist To be fulfilled Wrestler NinjaKeylan Brown Maurice Richardson Omega Andrews-AbakahSuperhero Superhero Ballet Dancer ‘Where Water is Boss, The Land Must Obey’Taylor Sky Criswell Zaniya – African ProverbVeternarian TeacherOakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 15
  15. 15. FREEDOMAIRWAYSThe Freedom Airway Class learn how to work togetherfocused on recognizing to achieve a common goal. Sky’s the Limit with Freedom Airtheir potential and abilitiesas young African American The youth collaboratedscholars and working with Sis Marketa Classtogether as Level 2one. I enjoyed having to discuss differentThe class the opportunity of forms ofcompleted meeting some very bullyingarts and wonderful and in order tocrafts that raise theirwere related talented scholars. awareness.to textmaterial themes such as The class shared theirself-esteem, recognizing knowledge about bullyingtheir individual talents and to others. I enjoyed havingworking collectively. the opportunity of meeting some very wonderful andThe scholars participated talented scholars.in some team buildingactivities that required I look forward to being athem to not only get to part of OFS in 2013.know each other, but to Sister Jasmine16
  16. 16. Sista Jasmine’s Class Level 1Alisya Hunt Amir McLeod Robinson Anjelay Scott Evelyn Rose Snelgo-BilalTeacher Bus Driver Doctor PoliceFiyah Andrews-Abakah Isis Brown Kahari Mercadel Kylon BrooksInventor, Basketball Player Singer Rapper Football Player Myriana Williams-Powel Singer, PrincessOakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 17
  17. 17. D.E.A.R. DAY Drop Everything And Read The community came out D.E.A.R. Day, or Drop in full force to support Everything And Read Oakland Freedom School Aloud Day, is an annual for “D.E.A.R. Day” on OFS event where OFS Wednesday, July 11 at Scholars read with to Frick Middle School. community members. This page – Clockwise from top: Group photo; OFS puts the “A” in ‘Games”; Baba Greg Hodge offers libation after giving OFS History; Leadership Excellence co-founder Dr. Shawn Ginwright salutes; OFS Scholars “Chant Down Babylon”; Oakland poet Ise Lyfe. Opposite page – Community members read aloud with our 2012 Oakland Freedom School Scholars.18
  18. 18. Oakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 19
  19. 19. HERU THE HAWKYoung Freedom FighteRSThe scholars of the 2012 Our class began with level These young Heroes As continued, theseOakland Freedom School 2 scholars and grew to showed they’re physical scholars transformed andHeru the Hawk: Young become a high-powered strength running races, grew, gaining greaterFreedom Fighters class group of both levels 2 and doing pushups, completing control of their energyshowed their intelligence, 3 OFS Scholars. jumping jacks and even and increasing knowledgepower, resilience, potential carrying younger students of self by choosingand energy every These young across the basketball court powerful Black leadersday. scholars displayed in leaps and bounds. from throughout the their enjoyment of world to represent for the reading, overcame Students also showed completion of OFS 2012. fears, exercised their creativity, discipline, daily and have been strength, talent, diligence It is an honor and blessing able to investigate and focus through to work with our young and enjoy music, independent reading, scholars on their path to science, nature and drumming, drawing and becoming their greatest technology through photography on our field selves. our weekly field trip. trips and afternoon Brother Justin enrichment. “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew20 they were slaves.” – Harriet Tubman
  20. 20. Bro Justin’s Class Level 2/3Billy Mapp Braeden Veloza Cleveland Kennedy Essau Robins-BilalTo be Determined To be determined Scientist, Inventor, Artist, To be determined Football and Basketball PlayerJahi Miller-Mathews Massai Crudup Rashid Powell Reginald ColeBuilder Motocross Racer Photographer Amtrak DriverSala Adams Willie ColemanVeternarian Spy Winged Heru: DaCreativeGeniusYhzekel Y-kahsai “The most potent weapon in the hands of thePhysicist oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” 21Oakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook –Steve Biko
  21. 21. OTOWN RECORDSTo the Kings and Queens of OaklandFreedom School.Music and song is an essentialelement of life. Freedomschool represents fun,reading, excellence, energy,determination, open mind,music, creativity, Harambee,Oakland, elevation, and Love.Reading is important because itkeeps your brain activiated andhelps you learn. Be smart. Stayhappy. Sistah Reese (Tyresa)22
  22. 22. Sista Tyresa’s Class Level 2Alyssa Belisle Elijah Payne Ericka Marbley Malik Hensley-PrinceTeacher Lawyer Dancer PoliceMandume Kaluenja Marcus Rubio Naomi Yde Nia PooleChemist Pilot Singer BabysitterSalaam LateefSingerYolisa AdamsActressOakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 23
  23. 23. SPY CLASS The activities of the OFS Spy Class are Top Secret. Brother Sahfari24
  24. 24. Bro. Sahfari’s Class Level 2Andrew Rice Asa Doby Baraka Liuruwi Damarion ColeBasketball Player Police Astronaut ProfessorGabrael Bey Jakai Tutler Kalani Limbrick Konyae MillerBest Skateboarder on Basketball Player Motorcycle Driver PoliceEarth DEPUTY DIRECTORS Countering Counter-IntelligenceSaja Duchicela MyaSoccer Player Gynecologist IfetayoSimone Jacot-Bell ActressArtistOakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 25
  25. 25. HIP HOPDAY 2012OFS hosted the third annual ‘Hip Hop Day’on June 22. The event, organized by BrotherD, featured dancing led by Kat Brown, afreestyle by Mistah F.A.B., and more. Photo: Brotha D26
  26. 26. Photo: Kahnai Kahuai 27
  27. 27. The OFS scholarsfrom “A DifferentWorld” are amulti-talented andintelligent group. This summer, students Three OFS explored family class were relationships defining successful in what makes “family” developing an enabling them the ability appreciation for to identify positive their community and interaction with members their self-worth. of their own family. Scholars were themselves to Through the creative motivated to overcome making a positive process of artwork, circumstances. And impact in their poetry, journal writing, by learning from real- “Different World.” and reading, the students life experiences, these28 of Brother Eric’s Level scholars are dedicating Brother Eric
  28. 28. Bro. Eric’s Class Level 3De’Sonn Shipp Emerson Rodriquez Isiah Hubbard Jehni StewartBasketball ‘Superstar’ Teacher Veternarian Musician, SingerMarion Ivy Nahla Limbrick Quincy Grove Sage RossChef Fashion Designer Soccer Player SingerTisjah MartinBasketball PlayerTrevon ReedusScientist “Be the Change you Desire to See in the World.”Oakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook Not pictured: Teyveon McBride
  29. 29. Freedom Eagles Discipline Accountability Reciprocity Ecosystem Analogy30 Sister Marketa
  30. 30. Sis. Marketa’s Class Level 3Amir Stills Amore’ Rose Autumn Bryant-Williams Bernard HydeSoccer Player Marine Chef To be fulfilledDelaney Mapp D’Niya Jay-Prim Jeremiah Goode Kaia MercadelTo be fulfilled Singer Football Player VeternarianKailen Curtis Kaliyah Scott Kwame Glover London GriggsTo be fulfilled Lawyer Basketball Player Baseball Player, Racecar DriverSierra Suarez Talyah Cole Virginia ShippChoreographer Chef BakerOakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook
  31. 31. “If you Believe, Then you can Achieve.” TupacMy name is Bro. D. I am both proudand excited to have taught for my Amaru Shakureighth consecutive Oakland FreedomSchool summer.I primarily teach the Level 4Adolescent youth, ages 11-14. Myclassroom is named in honor ofBro. Tupac Amaru Shakur. My classcurriculum entailed Classical AfricanCivilizations, Critical Thinking,Creative Writing, Media/Video/Entertainment analysis, and languageetymology.Unlike the ‘normal’ classroomsmost youth are used to, my classwas ALWAYS lively, fun, totally My mission is to groom the innate “I teach the youth to use their REALinteractive, and informative. greatness within the youth!” EYES to REALIZE REAL LIES!”32 – Bro. D.
  32. 32. Bro. Durwin’s Class Level 4Anthony Lindzie III Auseon Vaughn Daniyah PowellFootball Player Skateboarder LawyerEdward Hannah Jabari JohnsonFootball Player Basketball PlayerJarrell Ivy Justin Ross Kahnai KahuaiActor Football Player Chef, Photographer 33
  33. 33. Level 4 Bro. Durwin’s ClassKobi Thompson Mariah Conley Marshaunne JonesTo be Fulfilled Professional Dancer, Dentist Swagnician, Computer TechnicianMonticia Scott N’Namdi NassorTo be Fulfilled NeurologistNyah Ginwright Shanell Hudson Stardazia HaileyTo be Fulfilled Police Singer
  34. 34. Bro. Durwin’s Class Level 4 "Im not saying Im gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world." –Tupac Amaru ShakurSymone Woodruff-Hardy Winston Grove YahnaiJah GilliamDancer Cartoon Illustrator Forensic Scientist 35
  35. 35. CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES July 13, San Francisco, Calif.36
  36. 36. Oakland Freedom School 2012 Yearbook 37
  37. 37. Photo: Kahnai Kahuai AUTOGRAPHS OFS Photographer Reginald James Parent ‘Chat & Chew’ Every week, OFS parents gathered to Child Center. Parents discussed ways Do you like the photos? network and discuss ways families can to stay organized, stay healthy, and stay More photos online: support themselves and each other. connected. www.facebook.com/ The “chat and chew,” was facilitated Stay connected: www. 38 OakFreedom by Colette Reid, MSW of the Lincoln leadershipexcellence.org
  38. 38. Oakland Freedom School ‘12 Leadership Excellence leadershipexcellence.org Oakland Fund for Children & Youth