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Virtual Reality - The Next Frontier of Creative Innovation


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Wir blickten in die nahe Zukunft: Dr. Kimo Quaintance und Alissia Iljaitsch beleuchteten das Thema „Virtual Reality im Marketing“ mit zwei inspirierenden Vorträgen aus visionär-wissenschaftlicher und aus praktischer Sicht.

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Virtual Reality - The Next Frontier of Creative Innovation

  1. 1. Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier of Creative Innovation Dr. Kimo Quaintance Munich Marketing Club 04 February 2016 @kimoq
  2. 2. Sources: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Nintendo
  3. 3. Source: Oculus
  4. 4. WHAT MAKES VIRTUAL REALITY UNIQUELY POWERFUL? • The first media to drive our senses in the way we are designed to perceive the world • Can create the experience of ‘presence’ • Can create a strong sense of empathy • Can have powerful psychological impacts on users
  5. 5. An incredibly exciting innovation in marketing is coming, and most companies are going to miss it… because they won’t understand it.
  7. 7. 360 CAPTURE Source: Fraunhofer HHI
  9. 9. In VR, you are there
  10. 10. In VR, YOU are there
  11. 11. You need storytelling to get me to care about other people. You don’t need to convince me to care about myself.
  12. 12. VR is not new
  13. 13. Embodiment Source: Nautilus / Holojam
  14. 14. You will be able to directly, and specifically target emotional change in your target audience. This is a superpower.
  15. 15. Source: Stanford VHIL
  16. 16. Source: Stanford VHIL
  17. 17. Do you want your audience to experience being: More confident? More risk averse? More sociable? More active? More environmentally friendly?
  18. 18. Aligning your audience’s emotional experiences with your brand’s core values = winning.
  19. 19. Case Study: The Royal Opera House, London
  20. 20. Vision is essential Do the research Collaborate to learn
  21. 21. QUESTIONS? Dr. Kimo Quaintance Munich Marketing Club 04 February 2016 @kimoq