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Creating data dashboards to support planning


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Poster presented at 3rd International Enhancement in Higher education conference, 6-8 June, Glasgow.

Published in: Education
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Creating data dashboards to support planning

  1. 1. Team Tom Interested in a QA data dashboard? User stories Overview of Analytics Lab Analytics Labs is a joint project run by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and Jisc. Cross institutional teams from university strategic planning departments work together to analyse HESA and other data sources for new business insights. The project teams agree on user-generated business questions that are pertinent for the HE sector and then answer them by designing data dashboards. Teams spend one day a week for three months developing the boards. Teams get to: In asscociation with Try out data manipulation and analysis tools such as Alteryx and Tableau Work collaboratively using agile methodology Identify and negotiate access to a wide selection of HE collections Creating data dashboards to support planning Team Tom focused on research and developed three user stories: l The postgraduate research student experience l Brexit and international exposure l Preparation for REF Data sets included HESA student and staff, PRES, Eurostats, CORDIS and RCUK. Other teams have looked at areas including library resources, employability, finance, FE, staff and TEF. Myles Danson, Senior Co-Design Manager, Jisc Carolyn Deeming, Market Intelligence Manager, Plymouth UniversityJonathan Rathmill, Planning Officer, University of Kent Marieke Guy, Data Analyst, QAA Kris Popat, Data Wrangler, CETIS HESA Heidi Plus is the new business intelligence service for the UK HE sector. The service provides access to extensive data and the latest visualisation technology to promote efficient decision making in HE. Some of the dashboards designed in Analytics Labs are already being delivered through Heidi Plus. Would you be interested in learning new data skills and developing a data dashboard that supports QA work? Can you spare 1 day a week to work with fellow QA experts? Do you have ideas for the type of QA questions planners are asking? (e.g. looking at TEF, QA processes, estates management etc.) If you are interested in being involved in the next round of Analytics labs, contact Marieke Guy ( Elena Hristozova, Planning Officer, University of Nottingham Tom Wale, Head of Resource Allocation, University of Oxford [Team leader]