te-it sem 6 wireless network data warehousing and mining fe - sem 2 c programming te-comp&aids be-iloc analysis of algorithms divide and conquer approach aoa module 1_ introduction module 1_ introduction to mob module 2_ gsm mobile services module 4_ clustering module 5 _ mining frequent pat module 6- web mining undecidability tcs module 6- module 5- eda module 4-text analytics module 3 - time series. module 2_ regression models. module 1_iintroduction to data ioe module 6 mad&pwa viva questions devops viva questions ioe module 5 mad&pwa practical no. 1 module 4 : wireless sensor network module 3: rfid applications module 2: rfid technology introduction ioe module 1 se_it java lab data structure list of programs ioe prerequisites mobile application development & progressive web a be-it ioe syllabus internet of every thing orientation se-it data structure lab module 5-searching and-sorting se-it mini project syllabus se-it java lab syllabus se-it java lab oop concept se-it java lab (skill based lab) se-it dsa lab syllabus se-it dsa theory syllabus module 5-structure and union module 4 - arrays and strings module 3-functions module 1:introduction te-comp sem 6 software engineering te - it sem 6 snl mini project fe sem 2 c programming te-it sem 6
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