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Modern Tools for API Testing, Debugging and Monitoring


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Presented at DocuSign Momentum DevCon 2015 in San Francisco by Neil Mansilla. During the presentation, I discussed a number of useful community tools for API testing/debugging, followed by several live demos of Runscope API testing and monitoring tools. For more information, or to try Runscope, visit

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  • I didn't do a deep dive into Runscope Passageway at the event, nor did I include a detailed slide about it; however, it is a very popular feature that we get a lot of inquiries about. With Passageway, you can temporarily expose a web service running on your localhost computer through a tunnel on the internet. All traffic to that internet URL is logged and viewable in the Runscope Traffic Inspector. It's a great service testing and debugging tool to run on your laptop/computer.
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Modern Tools for API Testing, Debugging and Monitoring

  1. 1. Modern Tools for API Testing, Debugging and Monitoring Neil Mansilla Runscope
  2. 2. REST Client Making any type of HTTP call (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) w/headers
 Tool that is beyond browser’s GET, and friendlier than curl * web-based HTTP client * Browser extension app (REST Client, Postman)
  3. 3. REST Client > (
  4. 4. Request Capture Tool that captures all of the details for a request (URL, headers, body) * RequestBin
  5. 5. Request Capture > RequestBin (
  6. 6. Traffic Capture Tools for capturing HTTP traffic * Fiddler * Charles * Many other network proxy tools All logos and trademarks in this presentation are property of their respective owners.
  7. 7. Local Tunneling Temporarily expose a localhost service/port on a public URL * ngrok ( for binaries, or find source on GitHub) All logos and trademarks in this presentation are property of their respective owners.
  8. 8. Monitoring / Alerting Automated monitoring and notifications when an endpoint/URL is down * Pingdom: web site monitoring * OpsGenie: notifications via SMS, smart phone push * PagerDuty: notifications via email, SMS
  9. 9. Test Data / Mocks Tools for creating sample stubbed data; mock endpoint responses * easy way to create complex sample data * Mocky ( create mock HTTP endpoints
  10. 10. Test Data / Mocks > JSON Generator (
  11. 11. Test Data / Mocks > Mocky (
  12. 12. Runscope Community Tools ( Runscope manages/owns several of the API tools mentioned:
  13. 13. Runscope sponsored API related community projects: Runscope Community Tools (
  14. 14. Solve API Problems Fast
  15. 15. Runscope: Powerful API Monitoring, Testing and Debugging Feature / Task Runscope Solution HTTP Client Runscope Request Editor
 Advanced HTTP client with logging to Traffic Inspector Request Capture Runscope Request Captures
 Debug requests sent by your client apps or webhooks Traffic Capture Runscope Traffic Inspector
 Logs and indexes all traffic made from Request Editor, Captures, Runscope URL Helper, Radar tests, Gateway Agent, Passageway, etc. Local Tunneling Runscope Passageway
 Temporarily share local web server on a public URL; all traffic logged to Traffic Inspector Monitoring Runscope Radar
 Automated testing without any programming required Notifications Runscope Radar Integrations
 Slack, PagerDuty, HipChat, OpsGenie, email, etc.

  16. 16. Runscope > Request Editor (link to docs) 1. Edit and launch request 2. Request details 3. Response details
  17. 17. { live demo } Runscope > Request Editor (link to docs)
  18. 18. Runscope > Request Captures (link to docs)
  19. 19. { live demo } Runscope > Request Captures (link to docs)
  20. 20. Runscope > Traffic Inspector (link to docs) Above: log stream of all traffic with ability to introspect, search by keyword/attribute, edit/try, compare, share, etc.
  21. 21. { live demo } Runscope > Traffic Inspector (link to docs)
  22. 22. Runscope > Radar (link to docs) • Automated API testing • Powerful test cases and assertions without any coding required • Multiple global testing locations in the cloud • Test endpoints on local host or behind firewall (Remote Radar Agent) • Scheduled from one-minute to one-day intervals • Trigger tests with URLs for continuous integration and deployment workflows • All test runs stored in Traffic Inspector
  23. 23. Runscope > Radar (link to docs) Above: overview page with snapshot of results/performance from latest tests.
  24. 24. Runscope > Radar (link to docs) { live demo }
  25. 25. Runscope > Radar Integrations (link to docs) • Notifications / ChatOps
 • Continuous integration/deployment,
 build and hosting
 • Reporting and analytics All logos and trademarks in this presentation are property of their respective owners.
  26. 26. Thank you. Questions? Neil Mansilla Developer Relations, Runscope Email: Twitter: @mansillaDev Try Runscope today