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Revolutionizing Enterprise Software Development through Continuous Delivery & Jenkins - People10 CloudBees Webinar


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Revolutionizing Enterprise Software Development through Continuous Delivery & Jenkins - People10 CloudBees Webinar

  1. 1. Revolutionizing Enterprise Software Development through Continuous Delivery & Jenkins May 29, 2014
  2. 2. Harpreet Singh Senior Director, Product Management, CloudBees Nisha Shoukath Managing Partner, People10
  3. 3. About CloudBees Who are we? We are the premier provider of Jenkins Continuous Integration services and support! What do we do with Jenkins? …we are the Jenkins Enterprise experts! We optimize Jenkins for the enterprise • Operations Center • Jenkins OSS Support • Enterprise-class plugins • Commit code and support the Jenkins Community • Jenkins Training & Consulting • Jenkins User Conferences & Newsletters
  4. 4. Watch the webinar 4©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved
  5. 5. What makes CloudBees special?  Kohsuke Kawaguchi , Jenkins creator and community lead, is part of the CloudBees team  Contribution to the Jenkins community - 80% of the Jenkins core code has been contributed by CloudBees engineers  Enterprise-class  Enterprise CI – we understand how enterprise development teams work  Scalability - we maintain the largest Jenkins installation worldwide  On-Premise and in the Cloud - We support Jenkins in any configuration …we are Jenkins Enterprise!
  6. 6. CloudBees Solutions for Jenkins 6 On Premise In the Cloud Hybrid No matter how you use Jenkins Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees DEV@cloud DEV@cloud HybridJenkins Operations Center by CloudBees
  7. 7. About People10 Who are we? We are an expert consulting firm on Agile and Lean Development and Continuous Delivery What do we do? …we are the product development experts! • Outsourced Product development using Open Source and MS technologies for B2B, B2C and Enterprises • Agile and Continuous Delivery consulting • Expertise in Web, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data using emerging technologies
  8. 8. What makes people @ People10 special? We empower business success by  Radical thinking leveraging accelerated product engineering  Collective collaborative approach (Business value + Technology)  Fast, transparent & disciplined agile delivery - Scaled agile delivery for 1000 member technology team - Agile transformation for large enterprises … - Evangelized Agile ALM tools 2004 2010 2011 2012 Adopted agile at large scale - Expertise in SaaS development - Enterprise Jenkins consulting - Enterprise Agile consulting - People10 Four Quadrants© Agile framework 2014 - Jenkins - Hudson - TDD - BDD - RAD with .net and open Source - Distributed Agile ©2014 People10 - All rights reserved - Scrum - XP - FDD - Lean - Delivered 200+ agile projects 2013 - SaaS solutions for - Edutech - HealthTech - FinTech, - E-commerce - Lean Startups - CI and CD consulting - Scaled Agile for Enterprises People10 experts’ journey of 4,473,840+ agile delivery hours and counting…
  9. 9. People10’s success in SaaS & Continuous Delivery 9©2014 People10 - All rights reserved
  10. 10. Why do we need Continuous Delivery? The evolution of Enterprise Software Development 10
  11. 11. • For the business person: – Continuous delivery is a methodology that allows you to deliver new software and update existing software faster, with lower risk • For the technical person: – Continuous delivery encompasses the set of activities you use to ensure you are able to deploy code and configuration changes into production at all times • In relation to Continuous Integration: – CD extends CI to include the concept of deployment and testing for production readiness Continuous Delivery Defined 11©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved
  12. 12. The need for speed – evolved software delivery 12©2014 People10 - All rights reserved Analyze Design Build Test DeployWaterfall Agile Scrum A D B Test Deploy Sprint A D B Sprint A D B Sprint A D B Sprint T D A D B Sprint T D A D B Sprint T DContinuous Delivery Bringing Development and Ops closer - DevOps
  13. 13. DevOps 13©2014 People10 - All rights reserved DevOps bridges speed and innovation gap between business and IT 17-23% increased revenue, faster time to market, improved competitive positioning and enhanced customer experience(1) Organizations enabled by Devops deploy code 30X more frequently than their peers (3) Organizations enabled by Devops have 50% fewer failures and reported restoring service 12X faster (2) Sources: (1) ZDNet, CA Technologies Study 2013, (2) (3) The State of DevOps by Puppet Labs 2013
  14. 14. • Large monolithic applications • Multi-dependency • Legacy systems • Testing complexities • Low levels of automation • Release hand-offs between teams • Service Level Agreements • Job ownership and security • Concurrent users Why software releases get painful in Enterprises? 14©2014 People10 - All rights reserved
  15. 15. • Risky and time consuming • Lack of accountability • No Compliance • Scalability issues Possible downtime & business loss The impact … 15©2014 People10 - All rights reserved
  16. 16. The reality in Enterprises 16©2014 People10 - All rights reserved IT departments are struggling to meet the business demand for speed and innovation! 60 % of production failures are caused by human error or lack of automation (3) 51% of business leaders expect projects to be delivered within 6 months 70% said it actually takes longer than that (2) 40% said it takes a year for IT departments to produce solutions to support innovative ideas (1) Sources: (1) (2) Application Development trends – Forrester Report 2013 ; (3)Zero turnaround, DevOps productivity report 2013
  17. 17. Traditional Vs Continuous Delivery 17©2014 People10 - All rights reserved Traditional Continuous Delivery
  18. 18. Watch the webinar 18©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved
  19. 19. Continuous Delivery Adoption Trends 19©2014 People10 - All rights reserved Source: Findings from Evans Research Survey of Software Development Professionals – Perforce Software . Survey of 600 software developers, managers and executives in the United States and United Kingdom
  20. 20. Continuous delivery via Jenkins 20©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved Continuous Delivery = Continuous Integration + Testing & Deployment
  21. 21. Jenkins Demo by People10 - EduTech product 21©2014 People10 - All rights reserved Business Need Goal: Improve teaching standards for education institutions through expert consulting and innovative technology platforms Complex non-functional requirements: Domain standards, third party connectivity, content distribution, responsive UX, high speed video streaming, multi-browser compatibility, scalability, collaboration features…
  22. 22. Technology stack • Technology – Open source stack (HTML5, CSS3, Popcorn.js, Knockout.js, MongoDB, Groovy, Node.js, Bootstrap UI) – Cloud hosted solution – Productive frameworks like Grails • Quality & Testing practices – Code Checks: CodeNarc, JSLint, Sonar – Unit & Integration tests: JUnit – Functional Automated Tests: Selenium, Cucumber • Release and deploy – Test Server: Jboss – Continuous Deployment 22©2014 People10 - All rights reserved
  23. 23. Some Jenkins plugins used in the pipeline 23©2014 People10 - All rights reserved • Git Plugin - Enables Jenkins to pull code from Git repository like GitHub • Build Pipeline Plugin - Gives the ability to form a chain of jobs based on their upstreamdownstream dependencies • Publish Over SSH Plugin – Send files over SSH (SFTP) and executes commands on a remote server • Jenkins Grails Plugin – Makes building Grails projects much easier and allows you to build against multiple versions of Grails
  24. 24. CloudBees Continuous Delivery Solutions 24©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved Deploy ToThe CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform Continuous Integration Deployment Build Test Code Commit In the Cloud or On Premise Powered by Jenkins Development Teams Ops Teams Stage Deploy PaaS Cloud On Premise DevOps Deployment Targets
  25. 25. When Developers Choose the Toolchain 25©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved Code Config Tests Data Build System Packager Packages Source Repo CI Server Artifact Repo Provisioning System Config Automation Ops Console Resource Model Infra Manager StageBuild Dev
  26. 26. When Ops (or Mgmt) Chooses the Toolchain 26©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved Source Repo CI Server Artifact Repo Ops Console Resource Model Infra Manager Environment Specification Tests Packages Build System Packager Provisioning System Config Automation Images Ops DeployBuild
  27. 27. • Dev – Speed, coding, functionality, quality – Favor local optimization on process, pet tools, fast feedback • Ops – Auditing, security, compliance, availability, risk avoidance – Favor central control, reproducibility, traceability, process – Much larger set of constraints, rules, surrounding systems – Legacy issues Why the Difference in Tool chain Choices 27©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved Jenkins is common ground
  28. 28. ©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved 28 On-Premise/Private Cloud Public Cloud BUILD TEST STAGE DEPLOY RUN BUILD TEST STAGE DEPLOY RUN CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform Stage DeployCommit Build Code Test
  29. 29. • Jenkins can already record a fingerprint that can be used to identify an artifact produced by a build (e.g., a .war file, an app, a library) • Now when you deploy using Puppet and Chef, they can tell Jenkins that “the artifact with this fingerprint was deployed on this machine at this time” • Helps answer tough questions… – What machines have the fix for this bug? – Which machines have not been patched with this security fix? – Has my fix made it into production? Traceability Thru Deployment 29©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved
  30. 30. Traceability in Action 30©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved Dev Ops  Traceability to the checkin  Traceability to the deployment  Traceability to the machine
  31. 31. Jenkins Community Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees (JEBC) Jenkins OSS Community Plugins Professional Support Enterprise Plugins Jenkins OSS + Enterprise Plugins, backed with Professional Support
  32. 32. Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees Plugins High Availability •High Availability •Restart Aborted Builds •Long Running Builds* Large Installation • Backup Scheduling • Consolidated Build View • Custom Update Center • Folders • Folders Plus • Plugin Usage • Monitoring* • Nodes Plus • Support plugin • Templates • Validated Merge Security •Role-based Access Control (RBAC) •Secure Copy •WikiText Descriptions Optimized Utilization •Even Load Strategy •Fast Archiver •Label Throttled Build Execution •NIO SSH Slaves* •Skip Next Build •VMware ESXi/vSphere Auto- Scaling * Released May 2014
  33. 33. Jenkins Operations Center by Cloudbees 3 3 Professional support Scale Jenkins, horizontally Share slaves between masters Central dashboard Ensure security compliance Ensure plugin version compliance Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees
  34. 34. What’s next? • Try 30 day evaluation copy for – Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees – Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees • • Find user guides and videos @ – • Tutorial @ –
  35. 35. What’s next? 30 min complementary consultation on – SaaS Development – Enterprise Jenkins Contact us at
  36. 36. Watch the webinar 36©2014 CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved