Student Example: Broken mirror


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Student Example: Broken mirror

  1. 1. Broken Mirror
  2. 2. Art Exhibition Statement The title of our exhibition is Broken Mirror. We chose to entitle the exhibition Broken Mirror because the images we chose display the emotion of sadness. The images we chose are mostly faces that give off the impression that they have had dreams, hopes and love “shattered” like a broken mirror. The chosen theme for the exhibition is sadness. We chose one artist, Niki Sands, and only used her paintings. Her paintings are all oil paintings. We chose the emotion of sadness because it is an emotion that is experienced by many and depicted differently by different artists. As our focal image, we chose the painting entitled expression. We chose this painting because it is shown as a very dark piece. The emotion that can be obtained through the painting digs deeper than the emotion of sadness such as distraught. The other paintings displayed depict tears, people with their backs to the world, being lost and hopelessness.
  3. 3. Art Exhibition Statement (continued) Throughout this exhibition, we hope that the audience will understand the many faces of sadness. We want viewers to leave feeling sadness the way that the artist may have been feeling when creating the ten images being displayed. We want viewers to be able to reflect on the sadness of the images and relate them to a scenario that jumps out to them or that they can personally relate to. We want the viewers to understand that sadness is not something to be afraid or ashamed of because it happens to everyone. Rather we want them to walk away having a new mindset on the meaning of sadness and hopefully apply it to their lives and the people they interact with.
  4. 4. Expressions Painting by: Niki Sands
  5. 5. Untitled Painting by: Niki Sands
  6. 6. Hypnotic Painting by: Niki Sands
  7. 7. Sui Generis Painting by: Niki Sands
  8. 8. I Can Only Be Painting by: Niki Sands
  9. 9. Split Sadness Painting by: Niki Sands
  10. 10. Distorted Society Painting by: Niki Sands
  11. 11. Andante Painting by: Niki Sands
  12. 12. Skeleton Butterfly Painting by: Niki Sands
  13. 13. Lonely Figure Painting by: Niki Sands
  14. 14. Poetry In Color Painting by: Niki Sands
  15. 15. References All images are from: Sands, N. (n.d.). Niki j. sands contemporary fine art. Retrieved from