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Chinese ming dynasty vases


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Chinese ming dynasty vases

  1. 1. Chinese MingDynasty Vases
  2. 2. Ming Vases• Ming vases sell for millions (the record is $72 million) What makes them so special? – Ming dynasty 1368–1644 ad – Special technology advances allowed for blue glazes to not run, and to be consistent in color – The white part of the ceramic was translucent
  3. 3. So, the blue glaze was better. . .But how? Tang Dynasty Vase, 581-907 ad, Ming Dynasty Vase, 1368-1644 $1200 ad, $1.3 million
  4. 4. I’ve seen vases like that everywhere!• Because they are valuable, there are a lot of fakes.• How do you identify a real Ming vase? – Become an expert; read lots of books – Ceramic should be translucent, not opaque – Dragon designs – Fish designs – Flowers (peonies and lotus) – Dark blue (light blue = fake!) – Blurry looking is fake! – Real Ming has a special mark on the base
  5. 5. Can you spot the fakes?
  6. 6. Making your own Ming• Consider including these elements to make your vase look Ming – Dragons – Flowers (peonies and lotus) – Fish – Floral and leaf designs (like vines etc.) – Dark blue “glaze”