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DMDP Implementation Coach Services


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NEBHE’s Developmental Math Demonstration Project supports participating community colleges through an Implementation Coach.

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DMDP Implementation Coach Services

  1. 1. Site Coordinator DMDP Network Meeting December 6, 2013
  2. 2. Onsite and Remote Coaching  Using Khan Academy in Higher Education Developmental Math Programs  Demonstrations ~ Webinars ~ Conference Calls  Direct Instruction  Hands-on Workshops ○ Instructional Videos ○ Practice Exercises ○ Getting Started with Classes and Coaching ○ Dashboard Analytics and Teacher Tools
  3. 3. Coaching Services  Introductory and Intermediate Workshops  Benefits of Using Khan Academy  Tour of Personalized Learning Dashboard  Pre-Test and Coach Recommendations  Mastery Levels  Real Time Student Performance Reports and Instructor Data Analytics
  4. 4. Introduction to Khan Academy  Core Values  Personalized for students to move at their own pace  Mastery-based to build strong foundational understanding of concepts  Interactive and Exploratory to encourage applied learning  Data Driven (accurate and real time) so students and teachers can achieve optimal learning outcomes
  5. 5. Using Khan Academy in the Classroom  Best Practices      Blended Learning Flipped Classroom Tutor and Coach Supported Learning Self-study Implementation Models     Supplemental Station Rotation Learning Lab Interactive Classroom
  6. 6. Implementation Models  Using Playlists (Options)  One Playlist Fits All ○ Assigned in order ~ students work at own pace  Focus on Areas of Struggle ○ Playlists vary according to individualized student needs  Playlists Aligned to Curriculum ○ Basic Math/Algebra, Accuplacer, Auto and Machine Tool Technology  Hybrid Model ○ Playlists by class groups based on learning gaps
  7. 7. Hands-on Set up Khan Academy Student and Instructor Accounts  Create Classes  Become a Coach  Practice Giving Coach Recommendations 
  8. 8. Other Implementation Coach Roles General support for site coordinators and faculty  Ongoing coaching for course delivery  Help identify promising practices  Help identify areas for Khan Academy improvement for higher education  Assist in collecting qualitative and quantitative project data 
  9. 9. Contact Information Tim O’Connor   