Blended mastery series trends


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  • Is it to Enable Access? Enhance learning? Transform practice? Lead a discussion for up to 7 minutes.
  • Audience Participation Time!! Get everyone talking about how they go about designing their courses. Take approx. 7 minutes for discussion but, if going really well
  • Blended mastery series trends

    1. 1. Company LOGO Blended Learning Mastery Series
    2. 2. Welcome  Enjoy The Conference  Engage In Sessions  Network With Others  Interact & Learn Throughout Conference and After Twitter #blend13 @sloancblended Google+ Linkedin Facebook
    3. 3. Session Agenda 1. Introductions & Institute Overview 2. Why Blended Learning? 3. Blended Learning Master Series
    4. 4. Introductions & Institute Overview
    5. 5. Introductions Sandra Coswatte  Director of the Sloan-C Institute Kathleen Ives  Associate Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Sloan-C
    6. 6. Sloan-C Institute Provides a place for professionals to engage in professional development about online teaching and learning with peers and experts. - Certificate Program - Mastery Series - Workshops - Webinars
    7. 7. Blended Learning Overview
    8. 8. Why Blended Learning?  Enable greater access  Enhance current pedagogical practice  Transform pedagogical practice from JALN Vol 16, Issue 4 - Blended Course Design: A Synthesis of Best Practices by Patricia McGee and Abby Reis of U.T. San Antonio
    9. 9. Why Blended Learning?
    10. 10. Blended Learning Models  Supplemental Model  Supplements lectures/books with technology-based activities  Replacement Model  Replaces in-class meetings with online activities  Emporium Model  Online activities combined with on-demand lab support f2f  Buffet Model (similar to HyFlex model)  Combo of above based on individual needs from National Center for Academic Transformation
    11. 11. Blended Course Design
    12. 12. Blended Learning Mastery Series
    13. 13. Blended Learning Focus Implement Strategy Pedagogy Research Support Blended Learning Mastery Series Around
    14. 14. What is The Blended Mastery Series?  Three workshops  Explore relevant research  Use research to help you design an effective blended teaching and learning environment.  Reflection/Application  Time in between workshops  Apply concepts and skills from workshop
    15. 15. Blended Learning Research & Design  Analyze research related to blended learning designs, student learning and satisfaction, and assessment  Develop a blended course design plan with outcomes and objectives Research & Design Assessment Techniques Teaching Techniques
    16. 16. Blended Learning Assessment Techniques  Analyze assessment strategies for their suitability for face-to-face or online use  Develop an assessment plan Research & Design Assessment Techniques Teaching Techniques
    17. 17. Blended Learning Teaching Techniques  Analyze teaching methods and learning activities for use in either face-to-face or online settings  Develop a teaching unit for your blended course that includes face-to-face and online components Research & Design Assessment Techniques Teaching Techniques
    18. 18. Additional Topics  Guest Expert Sessions  Hyflex Design  Quality Matters  Collaborative Techniques  Active Learning Tools  Accessibility in Blended Classes
    19. 19. Program Time Commitments Asynchronous Hours Synchronous Hours Workshop 1 1 Week 6-9 1 (recorded) Reflection & Application Period 3 Weeks 2-4 2-3 for guest speakers (optional, recorded) Workshop 2 1 Week 6-9 1 (recorded) Reflection & Application Period 3 Weeks 2-4 2-3 for guest speakers (optional, recorded) Workshop 3 1 Week 6-9 1 (recorded) Totals 22-35 hours over 9 weeks 3 hours required 4-6 hours optional
    20. 20. Highlights of Mastery Series  Facilitator Connection  Peer To Peer Learning  Build A Professional Network
    21. 21. Feedback & Testimonials It was amazing. Quite intense at times, but I learned so many useful things that I can incorporate into my instruction! Jenn Light is an AMAZING teacher. I learned so much from her. Please continue to use her as a teacher in your program. I do appreciate the obvious time the instructor put into giving course feedback. It was evident she put a great deal of thought into her comments and suggestions. The Blended Mastery Series was truly an eye-opener. The ability to interact with instructors and designers from all over the country (even world) made it a very enjoyable and mature experience.
    22. 22. Questions
    23. 23. Resources To Learn More  Blended Learning: Research Perspectives Book  Free Download for Sloan-C Members  Sloan-C JALN Volume 15, Issue 1 - Special Issue: Transitioning to Blended Learning  Free Access for Sloan-C Members