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  • Im from Digitalme – organisation which creates PBL programs which use social media to develop skills and increase life chances. You might know us for safe. Worked with 1000s of schools and seen real impact however always had challenge of capturing these skills – open badges provides a potantial solution
  • And a group of people you’ll recognise have got together to create badges which start to recognise all the achievements of young people using Open Badges
  • And employers are getting more vocal about skills they’re looking for, many teachers are frustrated too, they need a way to recognise all of students learning…
  • Open badges is a new open stadard designed to capture and represent skills across the web. Designed by mozilla who make firefox. Learning is often siloed, formal qualifications dont represent all skills. Disconnect with world of work.
  • Provide a more granular way to capture skills – mini-credentials. Any one can create, earn and award a badge – students, peers, teachers, parents
  • How does it work? Like a cake.
  • Anyone can create and issue a badge
  • They can be displayed anywhere are across the web – important difference between digital badge and open badge
  • Aim of badges is to unlock opportunities – either jobs or training but also just give young people the confidence to successfully transfer into the world of work.
  • At Digitalme we were fortunate enough to win the DML competition 12 months ago to look at how to design badges. We have now been supported by Nominet to bring badge expertise and look at connecting employers with learning using badges over the next 2 years.
  • As part of badge the UK we want to create Safe badges for teachers and students to reinforce their esafety knowledge. We are also working with other partners to design badges that can recognise a whole range of 21st Century Skills for example Student Digital Leaders
  • Once of our programmes – esafetyfocussed. Supported by Nominet – used by over 2500 nationwide. Resources for primary and secondary
  • Life skills just like cycling proficiency – teach skills in a protected environment so young people are more equipped to deal with issues independantly
  • How it works – 10 activities across 2 levels. Free downloadable resources and online network. There is a version of the resources for years 7&8 and peer tutoring resources for older students to help younger pupils. Older pupils more motivated by siblings at risk
  • The resourecs contain teacher giudes e.g. how to create a safe personal profile? Connect and comment, share media online. They have discussion points and actvitiy guides as well as pupil self assessment statements
  • Online video resources for schools who have signed up to the network (free) Secondary aged videos coming soon
  • What you receive!
  • Students who take on a leadership role in their schools.Challenge – design a badge for recognising digital/21st century skills in your school either for teachers or students. What are the skills & behviours that all students and teachers should have, how can they achieve these and evidence these?
  • - Simple but series questions need to answer, we thought it would be good to take a canvas approach, visualise the whole badge design- Step by Step building blocks to coming up with a badge idea
  • Three perspectives: Pathways through your badgesMapping to othersPathway to employment / further education
  • Local do internally, regional / national work with a designer!! Brand is importantThe badge canvas provides a design brief, that’s everything a designer would as you – perhaps some more details about the users / audience but mostely there-
  • Getting your badges online at Makewaves
  • E2BN DigitalMe Open Badges Presentation

    1. 1. Accrediting 21stCentury Skills usingOpen Badges
    2. 2. Aim of Session:• Find out more about Mozilla Open Badges• Explore ways they can be used to accredite-safety and 21st Century skills for studentsand teachers• Leave with a toolkit for creating & awardingyour own badges in school
    3. 3. Top brands from aroundthe world have cometogether to support anew way to digitallyrecognise skills
    4. 4. “Over 70% of employers wantemployability skills to become a topeducation priority.”The CBI
    5. 5. What are Open Badges?
    6. 6. What’s in an Open Badge?
    7. 7. Open Badges revolutionise skillsrecognition – providing aninnovative new way to connecttalent with opportunity
    8. 8. How Open Badges work as credentials
    9. 9. DISPLAY SIT ESpersonal web sitesocial networkingprofilesWordPress / Tumblrjob sitesUnlike digitalbadges, OpenBadges can bedisplayedacross the web
    10. 10. A growing numberofEmployers, Universities and Collegesrecognise andendorsebadges, providingnew opportunitiesfor young peopleFind out more atopenbadges.org
    11. 11. What do young people think?http://bit.ly/YmqMS8
    12. 12. Supported by
    13. 13. Badge the UKBadge the UK will:Help employers & teachers create badges torecognise skills in their specialist areaProvide a safe, moderated web platform forchildren, young people & teachers to discover, earnand display badgesBuild employer and further education partnershipswhich provide real opportunities for badge earnersEnable young people to display their badges acrossthe web by supporting Mozillas Open Badgesstandard
    14. 14. Badge the UKSupporters -
    15. 15. How can we use Badgesto Recognise andReward 21st Centuryskills for Teachers andStudents?
    16. 16. Register free at safesocialnetworking.org
    17. 17. Teacher guide example
    18. 18. Video tutorials for each activity
    19. 19. Badges Certificates
    20. 20. Badge design example:Digital Leader badges (in-progress)
    21. 21. Badge design canvas guideDownload canvases at www.digitalme.co.uk/badgetheuk
    22. 22. 1. AudiencePrimary &secondary age(Open Badges for13+)TeachersTeachersOther pupilsTechnologycompaniesColleges /UniversitiesStand out digitalCVAccess to software& hardwareDays out of schoolpresentingRecognise genuinelearningIndustryrecognitionIdentify talentStaff engagementTechnology sectorcompaniesUniversities /collegeExisting dbConferencesMakewavesEndorser channelsTeacher & peerMonitored byDigitalMe
    23. 23. 2. ComponentsDigital Leader Explorer Badge• Learn to use software /hardware• Knowledge of mainfunctions• Ideas of how it could beapplied to solve a problem• Working independently• Resilience• Self Confidence• Create and deliver apresentation on technologydiscovered• Field questions from group• Sharepresentation online• Teacher / snr peerconfirmspresentation byawarding thebadge
    24. 24. 3. Badge pathwaysExplorer: Independently explore & shareReactor: Responds to a brief, applies tech to solve aproblemProject: Works as part of a team on extended projectSub badges e.g. presenter, coder, helpdesk, ambassador (three earned for each badge)
    25. 25. 4. Resources- Staff time: develop endorserrelationships, presentations, training, create supportmaterials, fund raising- Badge issuing platform (www.makewav.es in thiscase)- Wordpress, Moodle / other Open Badge displayers- Expenses
    26. 26. 5. Design
    27. 27. Showcase all badges onyour own profile pageDisplay any Open Badgealongside Makewaves andpartner badgesEmbed the display panel inyour school website orWordpress blogDisplay Badges
    28. 28. Badge the UKSupporters -
    29. 29. Help us Badge the UKWe are looking forschools, organisations andemployersFind out more and register atwww.digitalme.co.uk/badgetheukhello@digitalme.co.uk(00 44) 113 245 6445