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Ads on Commercial Truck

Contact for Ads on Commercial Truck at affordable rates all over India.Truck Side Advertising | Delhi | Mumbai | Kolkata | Bangalore.

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Ads on Commercial Truck

  1. 1. Time for Innovation
  2. 2. Fleet Size of 5000 Trucks 10000 More trucks by 2016 INTRODUCTION Operating in all metros Covering all Commercial Vehicle OOH Provider of Truck side Advt.
  3. 3. VEHICLE CATAGORIES IntraCity Vehicles (Small Size) InterCity Vehicles (Medium Size) IntraState Vehicles (Large Size) Category :
  4. 4. Delhi Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad Faridabad DELHI NCR COVERAGE
  5. 5. • 100% Target Audience • People categorized Under, Different Gender, Age, Income, Location, Language • Men ,Women, Children, from rural areas , tier 1,2,3 cities TARGET AUDIENCE
  6. 6. Unique approach & Method to reach out the crowd Most innovative Yet cost effective Every new Thing capture attention Wow..... INNOVATIVE ADVT PLATFORM
  7. 7. Ads displayed in this Media is not easy to ignore For the crowd of thousands Forces everyone passing the Vehicle to have a good look at it Leaves a lasting impression on customers & remain In their memory for long Ads on TV or Internet can be change with a click Low Visiblity Average Visiblity High Visiblity HIGH VISIBLITY
  8. 8. We install a GPS unit in our vehicle You can view access & track the real time location of the vehicle Helps in calculating the CPI Live performance of ad campaign can be tracked REAL TIME TRACKING
  9. 9. We have got a Data recording & analytics feature Helps you to Analyze & assess the overall performance of Your vehicle ad campaign You can review the routes & geographical areas covered by a vehicle You can assess the precise numbers of covered impression during the moving truck & campaign DATA RECORDING
  11. 11. OOH PRINT RADIO TV INTERNET • Switch the channel when ad come • Expensive • Fails to provide ROI • Small size • Not Moveable • Read by classes • Low circulation in rural areas • Only Audible • Expensive • Bigger Size • Low cost • Moveable Media OOH
  12. 12. Lowest CPI (Rs8 CPM) Tracking of campaign Unavoidable Media 100% Audience coverage Impact •Brand image •Brand reach • Increase in Brand demand WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT
  13. 13. CPI CALCULATION Vehicle Density 245 Vehicles/KM (Source: ET Media) 4 Person/Vehicle 245 X 4 =980 Impression/KM 200 KM Distance 980 X 200 = 2 Lakh Impression/Day 1000 Impression in 8 Rs 22 Working Days 2 X 22 = 44 Lakh Impression/Month
  14. 14. Vehicle Category for adv. IntraCity Vehicles (Small Size) Category : Daily Avg. Turnaround KM: Ad space size : Rate : 60 KM 54 Sq. ft. 25000 per Month IntraState Vehicles (Large Size) 100 KM 600 Sq. ft. 100000 per Month InterCity Vehicles (Medium Size) 80 KM 300 Sq. ft. 75000 per Month
  16. 16. +91-9873611583