OER the Welsh Experience by Paul Richardson


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OER the Welsh Experience by Paul Richardson, Jisc RSCCymru, presentation at #Cetis14 conference

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  • All references are bundled together here
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  • Some influential thinkers in this area believe that it has all been hyped up….

    Image: http://cogdogblog.com/2012/07/17/mooc-hysertia/
    MOOC Hysteria by CogDogBlog, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


  • http://oersynthesis.jiscinvolve.org/wp/category/ukoer-phase-3/
  • Higher Education Wales initiative. Expert Group Led by Clive Mulholland, and including Lis Parcell from RSC Wales. Aside from the declaration , we are awaiting concrete outcomes from this group.
  • OER the Welsh Experience by Paul Richardson

    1. 1. Paul Richardson: Jisc Regional Support Centre Wales Debbie Baff: University of South Wales 27/06/2014 Open Educational Resources: the Welsh Experience
    2. 2. References All the references in this presentation may be found here: https://pinboard.in/u:paulbrichardson/t:%23ALTOERWales/ 2
    3. 3. What does ‘Open’ mean? A: It is available online B: It is available free of charge C:You can download it D:You can download and repurpose it E:You can download, edit, and reuse it
    4. 4. What does ‘Open’ mean? A: It is available online B: It is available free of charge C:You can download it D:You can download and repurpose it E:You can download, edit, and reuse it
    5. 5. • How should educational organisations act in response to recent and anticipated developments? • Do governments have a role? If so, what is this? Questions…
    6. 6. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 6 LiYuan and Stephen Powell (2013): ‘MOOCs and Open Education: Implications for Higher Education’. http://publications.cetis.ac.uk/2013/667
    7. 7. © Copyright Meirion: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2539251
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    11. 11. http://www.open.ac.uk/choose/ou/openlearnwales
    12. 12. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 17 http://wales.gov.uk/about/cabinet/cabinetstatements/2013/onlinedigitallearning/?lang=en
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    15. 15. “The Working Group took a balanced view of the significance of MOOCs. Its members could find no evidence that they were likely to overturn established higher education practice or sweep away existing institutions, as predicted by their more excited advocates. On the other hand the advent of high quality online courses and resources, available easily to anyone, free and world-wide, is clearly significant” Andrew Green April 2014
    16. 16. Open & Online: Recommendations To the Minister for Education and Skills: • Widening access to higher education to those with low participation backgrounds • Developing skills for the workplace and theWelsh economy • DevelopingWelsh language skills for employment To the higher education institutions: • Reviewing institutional policies, monitoring developments and exploiting opportunities • Strengthening institutional reputation and brand To the Minister and the higher education institutions: • Improving the skills of higher education staff • Licensing and sharing open educational resources http://wales.gov.uk/topics/educationandskills/publications/reports/report-of-the-online-digital-learning-group/?lang=en
    17. 17. http://wiki.creativecommons.org/OER_Policy_Registry
    18. 18. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 23 “AsVice-Chancellors representing universities inWales, we are committed to: Promoting and using OER to widen access to higher education for non-traditional learners, to contribute to social inclusion and engage the rich diversity of the learner inWales and across the world.” http://www.hew.ac.uk/wales-signs-declaration-of-intent-to-lead-the-way-on-the-use-of-online-education-resources/
    19. 19. 24
    20. 20. http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/wales p.b.r.richardson@swansea.ac.uk. @paulbrichardson