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Is it working? Analysing the effectiveness of mobile in museums

Presentation delivered @ the AAM Annual Conference 2013 in session entitled "Is it working?: evaluating the success of mobile apps" with Matthew Fisher, Nancy Proctor & Matthew Petrie.

See Matthew Fisher's presentation here:

All icons used in the presentation are from The Noun Project and are Public Domain or CC0. The following icons are attributed under the CCBY license:
Museum by Joris Hoogendoorn
Camera by Stanislav Levin
Survey Connie Shu
Speech Bubble Convoy Interactive
Social Media by Joris hoogendoorn
Happy, Neutral, Sad & Shocked by Austin Condiff
Newspaper by John Caserta
Earth by Francesco Paleari
Person by Paulo Sá Ferreira - Purple Matter
Money by Luis Prado
Code by Brennan Novak
Speaker by Harold Kim
Film by Björn Wisnewski
Database by Anton Outkine
Bullet by Brent Maxwell
Cliff Warning by Luis Prado
Computer by Alyssa Mahlberg

Is it working? Analysing the effectiveness of mobile in museums

  1. 1. Is it Evaluatingthe Effectiveness of!Mobile Apps!working?!May 21, 2013. AAM Annual Conference, Baltimore.!
  2. 2. Are Mobile Apps working?!
  3. 3. Elwood Haynes & Americas First Car, 1894!Why was the first cardesigned like this?!
  4. 4. Elwood Haynes & Americas First Car, 1894!So what is the horse & cart of the app?!When we make a new platform, we build with allthe limitations of the previous platform.!
  5. 5. The audio guide. It is a device the visitor borrows,audio only & narrowcasting.!
  6. 6. =!As the technologyprogressed, theability to selectcontent through anumber system wasadded.!
  7. 7. =!First appJuly 2009!
  8. 8. 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5To make accessible additionalinterpretive content.To diversify the institutionspublic programmes.As the primaryinterpretation tool.To facilitate access to openingtimes / visit information.To enable visitors to keep-in-touchwith the institution.To satisfy demand.To raise the profileof the institution.To provide a moreinteractive experience.To attract new visitorsto the institution.As a foreignlanguage provision.As part of institutionsexperimentation in engaging visitors.To facilitate way-finding.To keep-up withcurrent museum practices.To generate revenue.To provide better access forvisitors with special needs.Specific funds were madeavailable for a mobile project.Not Important Very Importantmuseums’ #1objective for mobile
= experimentation!
  9. 9. Two perspectives for evaluating mobile: the visitorsperspective and the museum’s perspective.!
  10. 10. Visitor / users criteria!Visitor survey!UGC!Visitor feedback!Downloads!Analytics!
  11. 11. Operational criteria!New content / interaction possibilities!PR!CMS control!Staff time!Reach new audience!Cost!Maintenance!Code control!
  12. 12. Spot the difference!•  Code control / ownership!•  Must borrow device / nodownload.!•  Cheaper hardware!•  Key-pad based!•  Primarily audio!•  Control over content!•  Allows incremental dev.!
  13. 13. Apps are not the silver bullet!
  14. 14. Who here has a smart phone?!
  15. 15. Who has downloaded the AAM app?!
  16. 16. Who used the AAM app to come to thissession?!
  17. 17. 0 2.6 5.2 7.8 10.4 13Ensuring the mobile experiencesupported the institutions missionSecuring cross-departmentalbuy-in / supportDesigning themobile experienceSelection of the contentProduction of the contentIdentifying the mostappropriate technology platformSelecting the appropriatevendor / implementation partnerThe technical developmentof the experienceEncouraging take-up / usageof the mobile experience by visitorsEvaluating the successof the mobile experienceKeeping the experienceup-to-dateThe resources required toimplement the mobile experienceThe resources required tosustain the mobile experienceLeast challenging Most challengingYes, currently using mobile No mobile, but have plans toNo mobile, and no plans to Vendor or ResearcherChallenges of mobile!
  18. 18. Just because visitorscan use an app ontheir phone that thatthey will.!
  19. 19. Web traffic!
  20. 20. back then!Web traffic!
  21. 21. then!Web traffic!
  22. 22. then!Web traffic!
  23. 23. then!Web traffic!
  24. 24. then!Web traffic!
  25. 25. now(ish)!What next?!Web traffic!
  26. 26. next / soon!Web traffic!
  27. 27. next / soon!Apps / the mobile web has forced museumsto think about how to remain relevant &connected to users.!Web traffic!
  28. 28. Are Mobile Apps working?!Loic Tallon |!