The Brain Gain: 5 Ways to Think Outside the Trade Show Booth Box


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Inspired by EXHIBITOR Magazine's op-ed "The Brain Drain", I challenge event marketers to think outside the trade show booth box with "The Brain Gain."

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The Brain Gain: 5 Ways to Think Outside the Trade Show Booth Box

  1. The Brain Gain: 5 Ways to Think Outside the Trade Show Booth Box
  2. To these "glorified flea markets" we say NO more!
  3. NEW DAY It’s a for trade shows and events…
  4. Let's get started thinking outside the trade show booth box!
  5. How can you innovate when you don’t know what’s already been done? Stay in sync with current trends! #1 The Pulse
  6. Consider trends within your industry… But look beyond it for new inspiration, too! digital trends & pop culture event marketing
  7. Explore even more innovative resources:
  8. Take advantage of these H2H tips: #2 H2H When it comes to face-to- face experiences, the H2H (Human-to-Human) effect has changed the communication game.
  9. Speak to emotions and develop an authentic connection—it’s about them, not you!
  10. and engage attendees in a meaningful way: evoke excitement and intrigue—give them something to reveal! Understand your
  11. Stay true to your brand persona in a humanizing way. Convey your tone of voice.
  12. Connect with each individual: use personalization to maximize success!
  13. #3 Multisensory Regardless of booth size, what’s the big attract? Concentrate on creating multisensory experiences with these best practices:
  14. Think about how to visually communicate your story
  15. Focus on what they hear, too!
  16. Is your message different from the guy next door? Or is it elevated in a new & interesting way?
  17. Address the level of booth energy when communicating your message on the show floor. Energy can be addictive & help drive booth traffic if you find the right fit for your target audience!
  18. Get hands on! Create a two-way exchange: leverage gamification or interactive technology to pull attendees through!
  19. Getting the audience to the next step through a call-to-action! Remember the main reason for having the booth at all: CTA
  20. #4 The Google Check Ensure a successful program by doing “The Google Check”
  21. What experience are you giving me that Googling can’t? What are you telling me beyond what I can find on Google? What are you showing me that I can’t see from a Google search?
  22. How is your story personified with a message that sticks?
  23. #5 Awesome Sauce Harness your team’s creativity & develop your own brand of 3 key tips ahead!
  24. Instead of brainstorming, try a Think of it like a brainstorm with clearer objectives! brainsteer Find Out More!
  25. 25©, all rights reserved. A museum, a long walk, or another space that lets creativity bloom! Take your creative collaborations outside of a stuffy conference room or office…
  26. Keep a list of NOTES for everything you come across! Whether it’s a good buzzword or a cool idea you saw, develop and track a high-level list of thought-starters!
  27. Elle Kane, Digital Creative Lead About The Author Connect with me! @elle_kane /ellekane