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Group presentation on Business Etiquette

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Business etiquette main show complete

  1. 1. “Whenever two people come together andtheir behavior affects one another, youhave etiquette. Etiquette is not some rigidcode of manners, it’s simply how persons’lives touch one another.”
  2. 2. • Who opens the door?• To stand or not to stand?• May I get your Chair?• May I help you with your coat?• Where are we again?
  3. 3. • Who’s cab is it really?• Where do I sit?• Cash Credit or Debit?• My limo or yours?
  4. 4. • Who’s hand do I shake?• Now why can I pull out her chair?• Smile
  5. 5. • Keep your voice down• Step out• Turn your cell phone off• Turn phone on vibrate or silent• Loud and annoying ringtones
  6. 6. • Small talk• Holding inappropriate conversation in public• Rudely interrupting conversations• Texting while talking
  7. 7. Arriving• Don’t be late• Wait for host /guest to arriveSeating• Host seats guests• Ask before sitting
  8. 8. At the Table•The napkin • Chair or Table • Blowing your nose•Ordering•Alcohol•Eating first
  9. 9. At the table Salt and pepper • Pass both • Taste your food first Utensils
  10. 10. • Bring the food to your mouth• Chew or talk• Ask what is in the food• Ask for anything you don’t see• “No Thank You” when declining food• Blow on your food
  11. 11. •Blot your lips before taking drink•Apply or touch up makeup•Use a toothpick
  12. 12. The end of the meal•Push your plate away•Stack your plates after eating•Unwritten code that you are done
  13. 13. • In Japan shake, bow or both•In Eastern Europe shake hands firmly•In India and Arabia men do not shake hands with women.
  14. 14. •In Latin America do “the abrazo”•In France rub cheeks and kiss the air•Pass out business cards like in poker.
  15. 15. •In China a gift of handkerchief or a clock•Universally chocolate is a safe gift to give•Never give a gift with a sharp object•In India don’t offer a gift of cowhide
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