Advanced keyword technique


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Learn a technique which is a little more advanced than most keyword trainings.

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Advanced keyword technique

  1. 1. Advanced keywordTechniquesCreated for Motivational Radio Shows and members of Social Media Marketing Goddess. Written by Lisa Lomas
  2. 2. When I started with Motivational Radio what I realized is that we all need keywords with our Radiomarketing.The methods we use on Motivational Radio and Social Media Marketing have one common interest,keywords are extremely important, especially if you use attraction marketing in your business.This procedure is for those that have already received keyword lists from myself, you may think youhave allot by the time you go through this process for your individual business you will find that youcan get more focused and precise to ascertain your needs for Keyword marketing.The object of this exercise it to progress your business, which ever method you use keywords are thereit is a mater of refining and getting what’s best for you.So lets get going and start the process.Thank you for purchasing a keyword List, I appreciate being of service to you.If you have received this and have no keywords please send me an email This is done on an individual process, the information in thisdocument cannot be republished. However you can share this with anyone wanting some assistancewith their keywords.As I see keywords as very important, I will give you a 30 minute free consultation to get your key-words done, then I will send you a keyword list. I am only charging $5.00 because it covers all mybandwidth.Once you have had a keyword list made by myself here is what I recommend.
  3. 3. Firstly Open in a spreadsheet format, CSV is the common term used.NEXTPay attention to the number of searches, it would be pointless to use all the keywords as your primarykeywords as nothing would be focus or concentrated.Make a new Spread sheet with no writing.Create 3 columns Number one column 10 Top Keywords Number Two column Sub keywords, these are keywords that are in line with your topic how- ever not as contained and as accurate in explaining your business on a search term that is achievable upon initial use. Number Three column - The rest of the keywords that are left are you fillers, these words are for back up when you need an extra words in your writing content.
  4. 4. Your concentration should go to your top 10. Your top 10 should be used in all content methods.Anchor Text is a must in most formats, some do not allow but this method does increase your targetedlinking.One goal with your keywords is to attract your targeted customers/clients/interest group in your topicor business. If we concentrate in a certain area and look at those between 100-200 searches per day wewill have an achievable result. We also know a few good clients can be a good way for a business tooperate and this word of mouth from them getting a great experience will flow on.If you are wanting to use Google Keyword search tool, I recommend finding the search word around1900 searches for terms around your industry. Here is a bonus you may not know about. CLICKHEREGoogle ToolsThe goals in applying this method are as follows:Get those who are searching for this content to find you!To use it and state clearly by those your associated with in business what you are about.Concentrate your efforts in all your content to create ideas, flows, actions, explanations, blog posts,videos all around these keywords. I refer it to supporting the growth of these keywords and there re-lationship to you. If you are regular with your content, google will keep coming back. In turn youralexa rank will go down. This is a good positive step for your business.The top content methods used with Keyword Marketing Website Youtube-Video Blog Backlinking would use keywords, however find blogs in your niche industry and make com- ments there. Make sure you can make a comment and do a webpage submission with email, use the email you use associated to your domain which looks the most professional. Profiles -linkedin
  5. 5. -facebook -twitter -others Squidoo Lenses Hub Pages Articles WrittenIf you have not used any of these methods and your not sure, the easiest to start with would be articlesand your networks your already in. Also I recommend finding those that can work with you towardsyour goals, I believe this is a new way for business to work together...........yet an old concept just toconfuse you.Now if you have no way of seeing your page rank progress or your alexa ranking.The following are free ways to do this.SeoQuake extension for FirefoxAlexaGoogle Toolbox for keywords