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What Hollywood Can Teach You About Presentations


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Learn to make presentations like you're from Hollywood! A handy guide made by the creators of Voiceboard, the world's first voice and gesture controlled presentation application available at

What Hollywood Can Teach You About Presentations

  1. Title: 10 Presentation lessons from Hollywood
  2. Create a hero your audience can relate to
  3. Meet the needs of your audience with your unique gift
  4. Choose your atmosphere and set the tone
  5. Structure your slides like a storyboard
  6. Rehearse hard but be prepared to improvise
  7. Impress your audience by being futuristic (
  8. Excite and engage with a strong opening scene
  9. Create a conflict and bring the audience to your side
  10. Guide your audience on a journey to rise to the challenge
  11. Leave your audience inspired, wanting to follow your lead
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