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The ABC of the Presentation Summit


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The yearly Presentation Summit conference takes place every fall. It is a four day retreat for all presentation designers alike. After participating you come back inspired, full of wisdom, a smile on your face and can't wait for it all to start over again next year. This year we concluded the Presentation Summit 2014 in a ABC guide.

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The ABC of the Presentation Summit

  1. 1. PRESENTITUDE The ABCs of The Presentation Summit The unofficial guide to even; ' uou need to know about what it is like to attend the event e uear for presentation nerds. Bu Johanna Rehnvall @Presentitude
  2. 2. lf uou don't have a presentation design asset folder, like Nolan Haims, Julie Terherg and Matt Stevenson taught gou bu now. well. Your loss. Go back to Go.
  3. 3. s r ~F The onlg rule uou have to follow at the summit; wear the badge (ges, even when sleeping). The badge will give awag how mang Summits gov have been to. Such a clever psgchological trick bu the Summit Master Rick. we all keep coming back for more stars. Smart, verg smart.
  4. 4. lf gov are luckg or smart gov can win stuff at the Summit. The smart people compete in the PowerPoint Trivia. The luckg people hang around the prize train and win essentials for presentation designers. Like kisses from the Templafg team.
  5. 5. Ki Todd Dunn. Also known as "sound gug” if gour name is Speakersue. For the rest of the patrons he is known as the true hero of the Summit. without him there reallg wouldn't be angthing to show. Just saging, Sue.
  6. 6. Echo Swinford rules the hard core Summit sessions with her shg and quiet personalitg. No, just kidding. After one session with Echo gou do not DARE to go back to create PowerPoint templates the sloppg wag gov used to. Get gour act together people!
  7. 7. li Ti i riff Besides getting smarter at evergthing presentations, gou will leave the Summit with new friends. Real friends. who understand when gou get crazg excited about learning how to nudge a chart in PowerPoint.
  8. 8. GURUS There is an official unofficial guru session at the Summit everg gear — but reallg — all patrons coming to the summit are gurus in their own domain. Spend five minutes talking to a new, random badge holder (regardless of A of stars) and gou’ll learn something new.
  9. 9. i’ lilii Also known as the Oasis of the Summit. This is where ALL gour questions on how to tame the wild animal PowerPoint will be answered bg the smartest of the smart people. Yes, ALL questions. ..
  10. 10. liel liil‘. Personal branding is the new thing. If gou don’t know what brand gou want to be, at least after a Summit gou can identifg gourself as a Presentation Summit attendee. After that gou’re prettg much set.
  11. 11. JOY Attending the Summit is pure jog. Enough said.
  12. 12. The dress code of the Summit is in ' ess, openness, curiositg and eager . And preferable some clothes as well. The Summit is like half of a week of casual Fridag.
  13. 13. LEARN Thought gou knew it all? Sorrg — gou are wrong. You might think gou are a presentation guru or a PowerPoint wiz. But. You. will. Learn. New things at the Summit. I can guarantee it.
  14. 14. The real heroes of the Summit are the brave people from the Microsoft PowerPoint Team that dare to meet the power users and still smile after four dogs of hearing complaints (and ges, praise too) (now and then). what a cool group of people. ilrespect
  15. 15. if i i Nolan Haims. Period. No one can kick off a Summit with a kegnote as simple as him. #fansofNolan
  16. 16. i ’i _ T”) Aqi l % ii l l e is what gou will be when gou come back home from a Summit. Not onlg from having learned new tricks of the trade. But from feeling great, happg, inspired and readg to take on the world of presentations. Let’s go!
  17. 17. POWERPOINT & PREZI etc (Unfortunatelg Kegnote starts with a K, otherwise it would have been up there too). These are the tools we use to create great content with beautiful visuals. PowerPoint is launched 370 million times a gear. The patrons of the Summit probablg counts for half of those times.
  18. 18. “L “ ii If gou spend gour dogs in front of presentation software, gou know that are unexplained quirks to get them to do things gou want. The Summit is the place to share quirks and solutions over a Margarita. which reallg beats throwing gour kegboard to the wall of frustration if gou ask us.
  19. 19. RICK Rick Altman. Our Summit Master (and Master of File Maker Pro e—mails) who keeps it all together and literallg makes the Summit a great familg affair. we are counting on him to keep bringing this class of presentations nerds together for the unforeseeable future (I want most stars of all! )
  20. 20. I l I _ l I L There isn't a presentation that gou can't use a Star wars analogg in. Ask Nolan Haims, Matt Stevenson, Garr Regnolds. Present gou can.
  21. 21. F L T L ‘T7 s Are gou creating PowerPoint templates for gour organization? This reallg is the ONLY time gou can meet ALL the template experts in the same room at the same time. You actuallg get to hang out with Echo Swinford and Julie Terberg who wrote the onlg PowerPoint template book in modern time. Actuallg in ang time.
  22. 22. f Ff You might get Uber credit as part of gour presentation package to ”get around to sightsee”. As if there would be ang time. Ha. You will be completelg busg attending sessions, winning prizes and hanging with other patrons.
  23. 23. i H Li ‘ Everg good storg has a villain. Or mang. The villains of the Presentation Summit are the boss that wants to use bullet points, the ADs that want to use custom fonts, the sales team who refuse to use handouts. And angone who calls Todd Dunn "sound gug”.
  24. 24. WOW Summit Master Rick reserves space for notes in the Summit Guide for "when the speaker makes gou go wow". which is good because gou will.
  25. 25. zii H P It is obvious that gou need this smart little software to compress gou huge, visual presentation files. There are not enough fingers on our hands to count the times NX was mentioned in different sessions. (phew, we got X covered as well! )
  26. 26. i l i l l, Yiddish has not been heard spoken at a Summit get. However, gou can hear languages like French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish and Australian. So it's not just for loud Americans. What? Australian is actuallg English? ?
  27. 27. ZEN You don’t reallg have time to relax and smell the roses (or bamboo) (does bamboo smell? ?) during a Summit. No Zen time. But if gou’re luckg gou will get to virtuallg ”hang out" with Zen master Gun and his cat at a Summit.
  28. 28. iv if we're throwing in an extra letter here (to totallg mess up PowerPoint’s lousg language settings — hear that Microsoft Team? !). ”AHH” is Swedish for ”whg is it so mang dags left until the next Summit in New Orelans? ?”
  29. 29. Feel gou are missing out? Check out www. presentationsummit. com and get gour first Summit star next gear. were gou at the Summit and want to connect - find me on Twitter (@johannrehnvall) or Linkedln (in/ johannrehnvall)! / Johanna Rehnvall, Presentitude Not all safe fonts were used to create this presentation. Sorrg. Proxlma Nova, Supernett and Georgia were put to a spin.