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Vulvo-Vaginitis, Dr. Sharda Jain, Dr. Jyoti Agarwal Lifecare Centre


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Vulvo-Vaginitis, Dr. Sharda Jain, Dr. Jyoti Agarwal Lifecare Centre

  1. 1. Vulvo-Vaginitis Dr.Jyoti Agarwal Dr. Sharda Jain Director of Lifecare Centre Lifecare IVF
  2. 2. Vulvo vaginitis • It is one of the most common reasons for a women to seek Gynecological care. • If left untreated, can lead to more serious conditions such as PID, endometritis, post surgical complications and spread of AIDS
  3. 3. Normal Vaginal Discharge A normal vaginal discharge consists of about a teaspoon (4 ml.) a day that is white or transparent , thick to thin and odorless. It is sufficient to lubricate the vagina and labia minora without staining or moistening the underclothes
  4. 4. The Vaginal Ecosystem Estrogen Glycogen Promotes growth of lactobacilli; inhibits growth of pathogenic organisms Lactobacilli Lactic acid pH 3.8 – 4.2
  5. 5. Natural conditions altering the Vaginal Ecosystem
  6. 6. Conditions that may alter the vaginal acidity: Click to edit• Master title style Menstruation • Sexual activity • Antibiotic therapy • Click to edit Master text styles • Vaginal infections – Second level • Obstetrical and • Third level gynecological procedures – Fourth level » Fifth level• Postpartum 6
  7. 7. Altered vaginal ecosystem may lead to vulvo vaginitis &
  8. 8. Treatment • Medical treatment • Concurrent supportive therapy – Perineal Hygiene
  9. 9. A Vicious Circle with poor perineal hygiene Infections / Recurrent Infections Antibiotics (Systemic / Topical) Poor Perineal Hygiene Flora & pH Disturbance
  10. 10. Role of Perineal Hygiene Vicinity of Potentially Infected Organs • Urethra • Anal Canal. Proper Perineal Hygiene plays a definite preventive role! ACOG 2004.
  11. 11. Perineal Hygiene Cleaning Habits
  12. 12. Patient Education & Counselling • The perineal area of the woman is extremely delicate & susceptible to infections. • Because of the close proximity of the vagina to the rectum the Golden rule in cleaning the perineal area is “Front to Back”.
  13. 13. For good Perineal Hygiene antiseptic liquids excessive soap tissue paper anti-perspirants deodorants talcum powder tight nylon undergarments Special attention in monsoon season
  14. 14. Managing pubic hair hygiene * Trimming This is the ideal method. Take care not to cut too close to the skin. * Shaving Must make sure that you use a disposable blade. Could create cuts & abrasions which serve as an entry point for bacteria * Hair removal creams Creams contain chemicals and can cause itching & irritation. * Waxing One must be very careful to wash away all wax residues as it may lead to itching/rashes.
  15. 15. Perineal Hygiene During Menstruation • Sanitary napkins should ideally be made of cotton lining. • Avoid the nylon-lined ones or those that are heavily deodorized. • Douches & Tampons should be discouraged – Alters pH, suppress endogenous bacteria, and introduces microbes • Change of napkins frequently • Keep the vulval area clean & dry.
  16. 16. Best Vulval Wash • Water • Keep the area dry
  17. 17. Summary • There exists a dynamic vaginal ecosystem which maintains perineal health aided by natural defense mechanisms • Perineal hygiene plays a very important and definitive role in maintaining and restoring good perineal health
  18. 18. Care of the body • Beautiful outside • Beautiful inside
  19. 19. Take Home Messages ‘ for good genital health’ 1. Perineal Care 2. Perineal Care 3.Good Perineal Care
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