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  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Strategy LF
  2. 2. Mission and Vision! “At PepsiCo, we believe being a responsible corporate citizen is not only the right thing to do, but the right thing to do for our business” Your Mission To be the worlds premier consumer products company focused on convenient foods and beverages. Your Vision"PepsiCos responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate-environment, social, economic - creating a better tomorrow than today." In everything you do, you strive for honesty, fairness and integrity. LF
  3. 3. Why LF for the Job…Like you, we are driven by the intense, competitive spirit of the marketplaceWe will direct this spirit toward solutions that will benefit both your company and your consumersWe are prepared to go the extra mile to show we careLike your products, we will provide a campaign and marketing strategy only that we are proud ofWe will speak with truth and candor, in addition to being clear, honest and accurate, we are responsible for ensuring your communications are understood LF
  4. 4. 2,500,000 Pepsi Facebook Fans47,000 Twitter Followers LF
  5. 5. Next Move… Start off with a few projects and expand Pepsi Refresh Project The Pepsi Brand The Go To Soft Drink amp Energy Drink The Go To Energy Drink LF
  6. 6. Pepsi Refresh Project Do Some Good On Campus Create Buzz on Campaign will run from Campus August through November A CompetitionBetween Big Ten Students will be Schools driven to the Website/ Facebook/Twitter pages 24-Hour then they will submit Texting/Tweeting their votes and Ideas Event Winners will be judgedStudents from the through proven socialschools can either media engagementcreate or support an implemented idea in a strategic timeline LF
  7. 7. The Go To Soft DrinkLets Get Viral: Use YouTube videos of spring/summer vacations! Use real customers—on a boat with a cooler of PepsiWe can start them on YouTube then stream them to traditional TV advertisement LF
  8. 8. The Go To Energy Drink Distinguish amp as a brand and steal share from its competitors Create campus representatives for US 4-year colleges and universities, with those representatives, create a Facebook Fan Page personalized for each campus On those pages post times/places of where one can get free amp and swag LF
  9. 9. Budget30% 25%Facebook/Twitter YouTube25% 20%Campus Representatives Facebook/Twitter LF
  10. 10. What’s Next?•  Pepsi Co/LF Weekly Calls•  Weekly Reports•  Strategy Approval•  Key Spokespeople Availability for Media Interviews, YouTube Videos, Photo Opportunities for Facebook Pages, Blog Posts on Website, Tweets back and forth between us and them –  Viking Football Players, NFL, other athletes—PEPSI MAX –  Dale Ernhardt, JR—amp –  Singers/Actors LF