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Press Pack


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Prototype magazine\'s press pack for 2011-2012

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Press Pack

  1. 1. photography by james beattie LAURA ALLEN,
  2. 2. The editor’s missionPrototype magazine is intended to provide thosePracticing the creative arts in the midlands a fresh anddistinctive pedestal to express their work, delivered in aunique, eclectic yetProfessional and innovative style.Prototype is targeted at dynamic students and youngCreative’s within staffordshire and the surroundingCounties.Prototype intends to develop strong network links withthose in the creative industries,Museums, craft fairs, educational establishments and of-fer guidance and networkingOpportunities to new artists.Targeted distributionPrototype wishes to be easily accessible for our targetmarket, whilst remaining independent and personal.Prototype is currently available to purchase onlinethrough the web site and also the our Big Cartel webshop. Photography by James beattiePrototype wishes to continue its sales through localcraft fayres throughout the Midlands, being available toour target market directly. At the craft fayres either thedirector or a representative will be on hand to provideinterested artists, consumers, or advertisers the correctinformation and provide a personal service.As the magazine develops it is hoped thatPrototype will be available to purchase through onlinefashion stores which suit the magazine’s style, such asUrban Outfitters and AmericanApparel, as well as in store. Along with diverse fashionhouses, Prototype aims to sell through Magma Books andindependent book stores and art/craft shops.To ensure the magazine remains independent andPersonal it is important to the company that the outletsare well chosen to enable a direct service andCommunication with the consumer, whilst beingAccessible; subscriptions are available for thispurpose and Prototype magazine will continueto sell at arts & crafts fayres throughout the UKto help support artists and small businesses.
  3. 3. THE DEMOGRAPHICSThe niche (Based on facebook demographics & market research) 51% male : 49% femalePrototype magazine has a diverse niche within its market. 52% aged 18-24In Staffordshire there is no other similar physical publication 80% are based in Midlands, UKthat helps to promote those studying creative subjects, whilst Income salary lower than £6000 and studying at University.many major cities do - for example, Sheffield’s Now Then.The magazine is open to any new or withstanding projectswhich involve the creative arts, allowing its target market toenjoy an understanding of the current creative opportunitieswithin the area. Prototype magazine offers its contributorsand consumers a dynamic and unique pedestal to network,promote and broaden their portfolios. Crafts by Guerrilla Crafter (issue two)Progression and Re brandingWhen Prototype began in March 2011 it was the finalMajor project for owner, Laura’s Foundation Degree in FashionStudies. The self-created brief was in order to combine Laura’sskill set whilst providing her local community with somethingto become involved in. The project gained Laura a First ClassHonours and enabled her progression to her top-up course inEntrepreneurship in The Creative and Cultural Industries. Withthe help and mentoring of professional practitioners, feedbackfrom the contributor and the consumer, in August 2011Prototype was rebranded to create what you see today.Eclectic content, a vintage hand-made feel, and a strong brandwhich can be applied to range of projects.Since the relaunch of the Prototype brand the magazine hassponsored events, gained sale placements with Vintage andCraft Fayres and developed a new selection of promotionalmaterial.Prototype magazine also now has a new marketing direction,whilst still wishing to remain independent and small theDirector decided the outlet of the magazine to be reviewed,with this came a new website which makes it quick and easyfor customers to purchase, opened a BigCartel online shopwhich is also accessible to our Facebook fans, begun a Twitterpage and is gradually becoming more popular.
  4. 4. The ContributorEach and every contributor to Prototype is provided with aunique and diverse platform to publish their work. With that,each contributor is provided with a free copy of the magazinewhich they submit work to. Contributors are also signed up toour Loyalty List to continue to provide contributors withfurther discounts and offers on the magazine and thoseorganised by small businesses.Prototype also aim to provide support and guidance wherepossible to help the progression of your chosen career ordevelopment in your chosen creative area - i.e. providing net-work contacts, promoting work after your contribution.Submission guidelinesIt is free to submit work to Prototype magazine (this does NOTinclude advertisements for small businesses) The work mayinclude: artwork by flore faucheuxCreative writing, journalistic reviews, photography, music,crafts, graphics, design, illustrationIf your work does not fall under any of these categories, do nothesitate to contact us, you may be something we areMissing! However, if you are looking for advertisingOpportunities please read the advertising guidelines.Work must be submitted to Laura - please do not submit via socialnetworking sites, this will not be considered.To accompany your submission please provide:Your resume, 3x photographed images of your best work, ashort overview why you would like your work to be published.Please note, although Prototype is very open to a selectionof artwork please check if you feel it will appeal to our target Illustration bymarket. jamien marleyIf you would prefer to submit specific work for themagazine there are plenty of competitions and briefs to getinvolved in posted on our website, twitter and facebook pages.You can also sign up to our e-mail list to receive these directly.Work specifications:All work must be electronically submitted unless requestedotherwise by the Editor. All work must be submitted in eitherJpeg. or PDF. format and of high resolution (300ppi or higher).Any offensive or inappropriate material will not be published.If you are submitting a written piece, please ensure that thishas been spell check and is saved in a free reading format.A declaration of originality is required by all agreedcontributors before work is eligible to be published. graphics by ryan waldron
  5. 5. The ReaderEvery reader is important to Prototype magazine and we en-deavor to deliver a publication that our readers are influencedby and enthusiastic about. Prototype wishes to bring our rearsan innovative and unique publication where you can see thefantastic artwork that The Midlands is lucky to have, find outwhat events you can get involved with and keep upto datewith new and emerging talent.Quriky and homegrown work submissions give the magazineits backbone. Warm and welcoming editorials with a gentleapproach to layout and presentation keep the magazine nicelyfamiliar yet ever inviting.All thoughts and feedback is precious to Prototype to ensurewe develop and direct our selves to the evolving target agegroup. We want to know everything from whether your loveor hate the magazine to what you did at the weekend. If weare getting something completely wrong please let us know,equally if we are doing something marvellous please applaudour hard work, either by telling us or recommending us to afriend.The advertiserA creative and passionately developed local magazine whichopenly supports all of its advertisers through blogging andword of mouth whilst actively publishing your advert in a vari-ety of Professional formats for you to chose from:(flier inserts, front and back inside cover, back cover, 3-pageshowcase, half page, quarter page)We are targeting the fresh and emerging talent of today whohave strong interests in art, design, music and events. Themajority of our customers are studying at University living oncampus between the ages of 18-24.Prototype magazine offers advertising at excellent prices toensure we build a trust between those who chose to advertisewith us. Prototype has a strong work ethic and will endeavorto support advertisers outside of the in-magazine content.Annualadvertising contracts are available to ensure space is securedwithin the magazine. Advertising rates are flexible.
  6. 6. Advertising RatesAdvertising CostsFull single page £20Double page spread £30Inside cover (front) £40Inside cover (back) £40Outside back cover £50Campaign showcase (3 pages) £50Insert fliers (200 distributed) £10All advertisements are in full colour and supportedby the magazine.Rates are flexible.If you wish to secure an advertisement withPrototype magazine please contact Laura Allen andprototypemag@gmail.comCalendarNovember 11th FINAL CALL FOR ANY WORK SUB-MISSIONSDecember 1st ISSUE TWO SENT TO PRINTDecember 11th ISSUE TWO ON SALE at Nana’s Vin-tage Fair, FatCats Hanley
  7. 7. Press ReleasePrototype MagazineFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESTAFFORDSHIRE, 2011: Prototype magazine is a new publication for those practicing the creative arts inStaffordshire and the surrounding counties. The magazine began as Laura Allen’s final major project for herFoundation Degree at Staffordshire University, in which she achieved First Class Honours. It was createdthrough passion and hardwork, with the goal to help promote artists for free. It is to be used as a pedestalto help creatively minded individuals promote and publish their work, whilst providing them with a diversepiece for their portfolio.The first issue of Prototype can be purchased online and was highly influenced by the Punk era. However,development of the brand and content, Prototype magazine has been rebranded with an eclectic, vintageand handmade feel. Along with a new brand, Prototype has a new website, new merchandise and a newdirection.Issue two will be on sale to the public at Nana’s Vintage Fair at FatCats, Hanley on Sunday 11th Decemberwhere advice can be sought, subscriptions are available to be purchased and you can sign up to our LoyaltyList to receive unique offers and discounts. Issue two retails at £4 and yearly subscriptions are available for£10 (for limited time only)Following our first Art & Craft fair Prototype hopes to continue to sell at more fairs around the Midlands.It is completely free to contribute to the magazine and guidelines for submission can be found on our Face-book page and our website. There are minimal and flexible fees for advertising for small businesses wishingto have a printed advertisement.Prototype is an independant zine, with a handcrafted, personal feel, revamping Staffordshire’s ‘CreativeCounty’ title.For further information, press enquires or to contribute work please contact:Laura Allen, or visit ‘Prototype magazine’ Twitter: prototype_mag-END-