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20 questions geneaology resources


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20 questions geneaology resources

  1. 1. 20 QuestionsGenealogy Resources
  2. 2. Resource List• All print and electronic resources referenced in this class are listed here:
  3. 3. Using this software• Microphone • Text chat• Raising your hand • Audio• Green / Red X • Full Screen• Laughing / Clapping • Exiting• Stepping out
  4. 4. Question One• “"I think my great, great uncle was a civil war soldier --where can I find out more?"• Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System•
  5. 5. Question Two• "I think my great, great grandmother Alice died in a fire in Chicago --where can I find her obituary?”• Google News Archive Search•• Internet Public Library, Finding Obits Pathfinder:•
  6. 6. Question Three• “I know that a few members of my family entered the U.S. through Ellis Island. Is there a way I can find out more?”• Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation•
  7. 7. Question Four• “I am interested in finding where several of my relatives might be buried. Is there I place I can look on line? I have an idea where, but I want to verify before I travel there.”• Find-a-Grave••
  8. 8. Question Five• “Can you point me to a good place to get started with finding census records?”• Census Finder•• US GenWeb Census Project•
  9. 9. Question Six• “I am looking for a place to seek out as much information as possible about my relative Nannie Gay Smith. She was born in Alabama in the 1870’s, near a town called Somerville.”• Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints••
  10. 10. Question Seven• “What’s in a name? I’d love to know more about what people with my family name are doing in the genealogy research realm. Can you help?”• RootsWeb•• Surname Resources• Afrigeneas-African-American Surnames Database•• National Surnames Trust, UK•
  11. 11. Question Eight• “I have spent a lot of time doing my own family research. How can I give back and share my records with others who might be interested?”• U.S. GenWeb Project•
  12. 12. Question Nine• “I would like to get involved with a genealogy society or historical society in my area. How can I find them? It would be nice to know have a listing of them so I can get info from around the U.S.”• Society Hill-Historical/genealogical societies listing•• Hall•
  13. 13. Question 10• “I am working with one of my oldest family members to get an oral history. What are some good questions I can ask to make sure I cover everything?”• Genealogy•• “Fifty Questions for Family History Interviews”• view.htm
  14. 14. Question 11• “I have lots of family photos going way back. I wonder if others from my family have a similar collection? Maybe we could help each other identify certain family members in old photos?”• Ancient Faces•
  15. 15. Question 12• “I need a place to see if I can find the historical events, if any, in which family members participated.”• Footnote•• Original documents from national archives (some free, some come with subscription)
  16. 16. Question 13• “Is there a database I can use to search for family members who participated in the American Revolution?”• Daughters of the American Revolution• Patriot Index Lookup Service•• RootsWeb—Also provides a list with some states•
  17. 17. Question 14• “I’m hearing more all the time now about the role of genetics in family history research. Where can I learn more?”• Genebase•• The DNA Ancestry Project
  18. 18. Question 15• “I really like that singer Shania Twain. I heard she was Canadian. Where can I find more about celebrity family histories?”• “famous folks”•
  19. 19. Question 16• “There are so many places out there, I get confused—what are the best, general starting places for online genealogy research?”••••
  20. 20. Question 17• “I need to find marriage records online. Where can I go?”• Genwed•
  21. 21. Question 18• “What about sites that help with genealogy research for people from certain countries or ethnic groups?”• Jewish Family History•• UK/Ireland•• Native American•• African-American••• Italy•
  22. 22. Question 19• “I understand that family Bibles have helped to maintain some fantastic family history information. Is any of that information available online?”• Access Genealogy, Bible Records•
  23. 23. Question 20• “Clearly, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg in this class. I want more! Where can I go?”• Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet•• Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory•• Genealogy Today•
  24. 24. Thank You for Attending! Questions? • Professional Development • 1.800.999.8558 • Web:•e-mail: